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Final Fantasy Characters


Fantasy Fight Of The Week: Who do u think will win?

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Jun 3, 2008
In a land of make believe, where u don't believe i
Hey people whats up!?!?! This Is RoronoaZolo1134 A.K.A. "The Ninja Of Black Flames"!!! So I made This Thread For all of Us Final Fantasy Fans out there!!! So in this Forum u Can Discuss anything Final Fantasy, Which Characters from any FF game u Thought Should be in future games or should've been in past games and Why not say Y, or u can talk about which characters u think shouldn't have been in a game and Why, and who u think should replace and Why, or maybe u created ur own FF character(Which if u did ur one of three things 1. A Huge FF or Square-Enix Geek, 2. Have way to much time on ur hands and should get a life(Just Kidding[or maybe u should use more of that extra time on KH or listening to Linkin Park or Papa Roach]) or 3. Are a crazy awsome artist with inspiration or maybe ur a game designer) which if u did thats like way cool( refer to stuff back in the Parentheses if u didn't read it), and if u did u should post a pic of the character and the stats and name. But as u can see u can talk about anything FF!![/
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