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Fanfiction ► Fidelis.

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Nov 17, 2005
Before anyone reads this, I'd like to say that I'm not very confident in posting this story, but I'm doing it anyway. I'm not very good in action/adventure genre of stories, but this is my first, so I'll just give it a go. Even though I don't really want to hear any criticism, I'll take any criticism that anyone says. So please...um...enjoy...?

Chapter 1

Five digital screens could be seen in the room and the lights were bright. In the centre of the room, there was a long table fit for 8 people, most probably used for discussing certain…situations.

A lady enters the room. Her face is elegant, but her brown eyes showed nonchalance, and she wore spectacles. Her long black hair was tied up in a high ponytail, but a fringe complimented her face. She quietly took a seat on the right side of the table and sat with her leg over her other. She closed her eyes for a while.

Two more people entered this time, one a man and the other still a boy. The man took his seat on the front of the table. He had short brown hair but his eyes were covered by shades, and he sat in the front of the table. The boy, with short black hair and crimson eyes, looked 18 years of age. He took a seat next to the lady and nodded at her as a greeting.

The lady had nodded back to him. The room was silent and cold. Another woman walked into the room, and she took a seat at the end of the table. She flipped her long blonde hair back, and looked at the early three people with her blue eyes. She muttered a greeting as the other three nodded at her.

Three men entered soon after, two of the three having a dark shade of brown hair of medium length, but one had blue eyes, while the other had black eyes. The third man had short black hair with olive eyes. The three men took their seats on the left side of the table. Only one seat was left empty which was supposed to be occupied by a girl of the same age as the boy.

Without waiting, the meeting commenced. The blonde haired woman at the end of the table stood up. She spoke in a soft voice. “We, Atrox Lumen, have been called here to discuss an important problem…but it seems one of us have yet to come.” She said, looking at the empty chair.

“It will be fine, Domina. We can start without her.” The man who sat at the front of the table said, taking of his shades. He is called Libertas. He had violet eyes and he smirked. The man with black eyes and brown hair smirked as well. This man was called Sentio.

The missing girl had never been late. If anyone, she would be the earliest person to arrive here. The young boy, named Munio, was concerned aboyt her and was restless but suppressed it. He clenched his right fist on the table. Libertas placed his hand on top of Munio’s fist. “She is fine, Munio. What makes you think anything has happened to her?” He asked, amused.

Munio looked away. “No, it's nothing sir.” He replied. “It is just unusual for her to be late.” He said, embarrassed. The olive eyed man, named Vir, grinned and chuckled. A tint of red appeared on Munio’s face. He tried to hide his face. This made Libertas chuckle.

“Pardon me, everyone.” A voice was heard from the entrance of the room. Munio looked up to see Fidelis, the missing girl who was of the same age as him. Fidelis had neck length black hair and her eyes were green. She sat next to the long black haired woman, named Vita. Vita cleared her throat as she closer to the table. Fidelis and Munio could see each other as they leaned into the chair.

In the next moment, a gunshot was heard and Munio sat in his chair, surprised. Red fluid spilled out of his head and his mouth. It dripped onto his clothes and his eyes slowly faded away, showing no sign of life. Everyone around him was unfazed by what has happened. A clap was heard from the entrance of the room, by a boy with crimson eyes and short black hair.

“Well done, Fidelis, as expected.” The boy said, walking over to the dead body in the chair. “It’s a shame he was so different.” He said, pushing the chair to the corner of the room, and taking a new chair. He sat on the chair, leaning back into it, and stretched lazily. “They’re idiots to think that a spy can actually imitate me.” He said.

“Imagine the real Munio blushing.” Libertas said sarcastically. “Wouldn’t it be pleasant to see him falling for Fidelis?” He added. Fidelis kept her gun back into its holster on the right side of her leg.

“Must you all leave everything to me?” Fidelis asked, irritated. Vir laughed. “I’m sure Munio must have liked it that way.” Vir said sarcastically. Munio chuckled. “I liked it very much and so, I thank you, Fidelis.” He said.

“You are not welcome.” Fidelis said, glaring at Munio. “I wish it was really you over there in that chair.” She said somewhat sarcastically.

“That is sad, Fidelis, very sad. Be careful what you wish for though, or it may come true.” Munio said, laughing.

Atrox Lumen was an organization of people who kill others for their own good intentions. There are eight members in this group. The two founders, one a man with short brown hair and violet eyes is called Libertas. The other, a woman, with long blonde hair and blue eyes is called Domina.

The man with short dark brown hair and blue eyes is called Amicus. The other man with the same hair but with black eyes was called Sentio. They are both brothers who joined the organization just after it was created. Another man with olive eyes and short black hair is called Vir. He joined a year after the organization was formed. Vita, the woman with long black hair which was tied back and had brown eyes joined just after Vir joined. She had a special power, which was the power of healing.

The last two who joined the organization were of the same age and the were the youngest people to have joined. The boy with crimson eyes and short black hair is called Munio, while the girl, with neck length black hair and green eyes, and is called Fidelis. They are both 18 years of age.

Munio had joined the organization when his parents were killed by Inferus Terra, another organization with the same intention of Atrox Lumen, only they had strong contempt for Atrox Lumen. Even though Munio knew Atrox Lumen may just be the same as Inferus Terra, he wanted revenge and didn’t care about anything else.

Fidelis was picked up by Libertas when she was 17, but she had no memory of her past. She had the power as a fighter, she was smart, and everyone was suspicious of her, but she had really proved that she had no memory of her past.

“Continuing with our mission…” Domina started, looking at everyone. “…We’re infiltrating Inferus Terra on how they sent a spy into our base, and what they want from us.” Domina said, looking at Fidelis.

“Fidelis, you will be on this mission with Amicus.” Domina said clearly, knowing someone would not agree with it.

“Boring…” Munio said, disappointed. “What’s wrong, Munio? Jealous?” Amicus asked, teasing him.
Fidelis glared at them. “Shut up or I’ll shoot the both of you.” She said venomously.
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Nov 17, 2005
Chapter 2

“They will use her!” Domina shouted at Libertas. He laughed, amused at how Domina was reacting. “She has to find out the truth, does she not?” He asked her. “It is better for her to know her relations rather than living with the enemy.” He said, putting on his shades.

Domina looked away. “She thinks of you as her father. What more does she need? The world is cruel, and her relations are the worst.” Domina said softly. “They don’t need her…I know you do.” She said, finishing her sentence softly.

Libertas turned his back away from her. “She doesn’t need me, and you, Domina, should know that she deserves better.” He said, clenching his fist.

“She deserves us, not her family, and if she cannot have us, then she’s better off free.” Domina said, angry. “You treated her just as if she was your daughter. Can’t it stay that way?” She asked.

“Maybe she’s better off free.” Libertas said, and turned to see Domina. He took off his shades, and Domina could see the sadness in his eyes. “Libertas…” She whispered.

The sunlight is so bright outside. Why can’t it be the same in here? Fidelis thought, looking out the window. She wondered when she would be able to go out.

I’d want to watch that forever… She thought, thinking about when she would come back from work. Work… She thought sadly. Work is something she can never take a break from. Work is something she takes more than a day to finish, and in work, she always stayed in enemy territory.

“What are you staring at?” A playful voice said from behind her. She turned around to see Munio, leaning on her doorway.

“That is none of your business so get out.” Fidelis said turning to look at him. Her eyes were blank and she was frowning.

“Loosen up, why do you always frown at me?” Munio said, walking towards her. He caressed her face with the back of his hand. “I’d rather see you smile than frown. Smile for me.” He said bringing his face closer to hers and smirking.

Fidelis slapped his hand away. “Is that supposed to be some catch line?” She asked, her voice tinted with sarcasm. Her face didn’t show it though.

“And you are trying to crack a joke?” He asked while his face is just inches away from hers. Fidelis stared into his crimson eyes. Munio chuckled. “Getting mesmerized by my beautiful eyes?” He asked sarcastically.

Fidelis looked away and pushed Munio away from her. “Leave me alone. I need to get ready.” She said, looking over the papers that were given to her by Domina. She knew that this mission may take more than 1 hour to finish. At the same time, Munio could see the contents of the paper.

“1st base of Inferus Terra, huh…must be a tough one.” He commented. Fidelis put the papers on her table and stood up. Munio expected something bad to happen, but she didn’t do anything. Munio sighed, and walked out of the room but not before saying, “Be careful.” softly.

Fidelis was a slightly surprised and she turned to look back, but he was gone by then. She got ready to bring the right equipment for the mission. When she was done, she headed down the marble stairs of the big mansion to meet Amicus in the living room.

Amicus sat on an armchair, sipping a cup of coffee. Fidelis had appeared by the time he finished and so he stood up, checked everything he had for one last time and asked her, “Ready?”

Fidelis nodded. “Yes. Let’s go.” She said. The two of them walked out of the mansion, and walked towards a black car. The doors opened automatically and Amicus took the front seat while Fidelis sat behind. As they were about to go, she looked out the window and saw Munio, who was waving to her. Slightly surprised, she watched him as she left, and never took her eyes off until he looked like he was gone.

She sat back properly, sighing softly. Her mind flashed back to Munio. She felt awkward to think about him. She never did before. Amicus chuckled. Fidelis wanted to ask what was funny, but she dismissed the question. She shouldn’t think about anything else but the mission anyway.

In a few hours, they arrived at Base 1 of Inferus Terra. Fidelis immediately stepped out of the car and Amicus tapped her shoulder. She turned to look at him. “First one to get the information and come back here is the winner!” He said, grinning.

Fidelis shrugged. “I wouldn’t want to lose to you.” She said, walking ahead. Amicus laughed and ran to the building. There was an opening in the building that Fidelis and Amicus went into, even though they thought the opening was unexpected.
There were two different paths and Fidelis took the right, leaving Amicus with the left. He muttered incoherent words as he walked silently to the left. Fidelis took out her gun from the holster and walked to the right, heading towards the nearest room she could find. As she walked through the corridor, she saw a door on the right of the corridor but the door wouldn’t open. Kicking or breaking the door open would make a lot of noise and the security around might start up, so she decided to leave it.

She walked on through the corridor again, alert for anything suspicious or dangerous. Then she found another door, one which could be opened. The door slid open automatically at the presence of a person, so Fidelis stepped in and looked around. No cameras, no sensors, nothing but a large computer screen and a large sleeping pod. Fidelis was suspicious of the room. What do these people do in here?

She looked at the computer screen and switched on the computer. A blue background showed up with status reports. Fidelis read it carefully. What she saw made her confused but somehow upset. It was a report on a girl named Filia. She was only 12.

What? Fidelis thought, looking at the short report. Had Inferus Terra been testing things on children? What is their motive? What do they want? She stared at the computer screen, distracted. She had to copy this onto her CD. She took out a black CD from her small pouch and inserted the CD into the drive. While data was being inputted, she searched for more information.

When all data had been inputted into the CD, Fidelis was suddenly assaulted from behind. A man knocked her out by punching her hard on the stomach. She fell into his arms, unconscious. The man who caught her chuckled, thinking of the delight that his master would have.

As he carried her to his master’s office, he had passed a brunette maiden with green eyes who immediately became suspicious of the young girl in his arms. “Who is that?” She asked, concerned. The brunette maiden knew that the teen in the man’s arms was someone close to her. “Novo, let her go immediately.” She ordered.

The man named Novo looked at the maiden. His eyes softened but he did not falter. “I cannot do so.” He said, his brown eyes looking away from her. He walked ahead, towards his master’s office.

The brunette maiden could not stop Novo from going to his master’s office. She silently wept as she walked towards her own room.

Novo knocked on his master’s door. The door opened and Novo went in. “Sir, someone you know is here.” He spoke to his master.

Novo’s master, named Ruo, had black hair and blue eyes. He smiled, recognizing the girl in Novo’s arms immediately. “You know what to do.” He said, dismissing Novo. “Has Laetitia seen the girl?” He asked.

Novo nodded feeling a little upset by it. “She demanded for the girl to be sent back to where she came from.” He said. Ruo shook his head sadly. “It must be better than here, I suppose. Very well, I do not want to upset Laetitia; therefore you will send her back to where she came from, Novo. Be discreet.” Ruo said.

“Do you still wish for her memories to be erased?” Novo asked. He felt he had to keep Fidelis safe for the sake of Laetitia, but he did not want to disobey Ruo either. “Oh yes, please do what you have to do. After that’s done, send her back.” Ruo said.

“Very well.” Novo said, and walked towards the room where the sleeping pod was. When he got there, he placed Fidelis into the sleeping pod and proceeded to take out her memories. Starting from her oldest memories, the machine made its way to taking away her memories.

By the time half of Fidelis’ memories were taken, she suddenly woke up, and Novo was caught by surprise. Fidelis bashed open the pod and was about to attack him, when Laetitia came to the area and Novo had to protect her. Fidelis jumped away from them, glaring at them.

“Run! Run away and go back to where you came from!” Laetitia yelled. Novo stood in front of Laetitia, protecting her. “Spare us now and come back later.” He said.

Fidelis shook her head, feeling dizzy and feeling that something was missing in her mind, but she ran back to the car anyway. When she got out of the building, she met up with Amicus, who was glad to see her.

“Oh, there you are! I’ve been waiting for almost an hour. Did something happen?” He asked Fidelis. She stared at him, trying to recall his name, but she could not. She knew him, he was someone she could trust, but she did not remember his name.

“Let’s go.” She said hastily, getting into the car. Amicus was confused, but got into the car as well, and they went back to the mansion.

All the while, Fidelis was trying to remember who Amicus was. She couldn’t even figure out where they were going even though she felt familiar with the road and the big mansion that was soon getting closer.

Amicus and Fidelis stepped out of the car, and Munio came to greet them back. “Hey! Welcome back. How was it…?” Munio asked, but hesitated when he saw the expression on Fidelis’ face. “What’s the matter?” He asked.

Fidelis had a look which showed that she wasn’t really familiar with the place. She looked at Munio and blurted out, “Who are you?” She asked innocently. This made Munio shocked and confused. “W-What do you mean? You know me!” He said.

Fidelis shook her head. “My apologies.” She muttered. Amicus sensed the shock and sadness overwhelming Munio. “Let’s go meet Libertas.” Amicus said to Fidelis. She nodded, and walked pass a shocked Munio. He turned to watch her go and felt tears forming in his eyes. He shook his head as to stop his tears from flowing and sneakily followed Amicus and Fidelis to Libertas’ office.

“It seems she lost her memories, Libertas.” Amicus said and Fidelis just looked at Libertas. “I do not remember your names, but I do remember your faces.” She said quietly.

Munio was eavesdropping outside, but the more he heard about Fidelis and her lost memory, the angrier he became. No! Not again! He thought. He stormed off, heading to his room.

After a talk with Libertas, Fidelis went to her room and sat on her chair, trying to remember every memory she lost, which sometimes caused her a headache. Why can’t I remember? She thought. Munio had appeared through the doorway, watching her silently. He was sad to see this…again.

Fidelis sensed Munio behind her so she turned to see him. She just looked at him, hoping she would remember his name. She could not. It just would not appear in her mind. Munio clenched his fists and turned to leave but Fidelis stopped him.

“Wait…do not leave yet. I don’t really know what to do.” She told him. She didn’t know why she cannot remember anything. “I know I can remember if I try hard.” She said to him but it sounded more like she was convincing herself.

“I won’t go anywhere…I’ll be right by your side.” Munio said, muttering the last part of the sentence quietly. He walked away from her room, wanting to hit something or destroy it. Domina walked towards him and placed her hand on his shoulder. “How are you related to her?” She asked.

“I was her childhood friend before her memories were first erased. Now…her memories are erased again!” He shouted, upset.

“And you are running away?” Libertas asked, appearing near Munio and Domina. “If you are going to waste time destroying things, what more can you do if you act childishly?” He said.

Munio calmed down his emotions when he heard what Libertas had said. “I think I’ll be more mature by the time I’m 20.” He said as he walked to Fidelis’ room, making Libertas and Domina chuckle.

“You have seen her, Laetitia? She looks very different.” Ruo said to Laetitia. “She looks…almost like you.”

Laetitia looked away from Ruo. “She looks like the both of us.” She said softly. “It must be expected, mustn’t it?” She asked. She looked outside the window, remembering Fidelis’ face.

“Yes…it must. I have sent her back to where she came from for your sake. Now tell me why you want her to go back?” Ruo asked Laetitia, walking towards her. Laetitia closed her eyes sadly.

“It is better for her to be there. She does not know us. She would not have any trouble if she was to see us.” Laetitia said in her soft voice. Ruo sighed, giving Laetitia a light hug. “I apologize greatly for so much sadness tainted in your heart.” He said as his hug was tighter.

“I do not blame you for anything Ruo. You have always acted and thought about me. I apologize for making you carry such a burden.” She said, receiving the hug and hugged him back lightly. “Filia has grown beautifully.” She said.

“For that, I am glad.” Ruo said. From afar, Novo watched the couple. He clenched his fist. He was envious of Ruo but he had no right to take Laetitia’s happiness away.

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May 17, 2007
New readers?! I just found this and I REALLY like it! It always makes me feel better to see this good quality after having to write some essay... The chapters are very interesting. Also, they are long! Long is very good! Maybe, after this post, people will read this more! I really hope so... It's a shame that such a good story is not being posted on... If it helps, I'll get my friends to read it. I WILL GET THEM! Please continue to post and I promise to read more. Bisbald! (and I'm not usually this serious)


Mar 27, 2007
I can't believe I haven't seen this sooner, great job so far on all of the chapters.


Nov 17, 2005
Wow...more reviewers, thank you everyone! I'm hoping to update soon~


Nov 17, 2005
Hehehe...I just wanted to use Latin names for this fanfic...but I do like Latin. It sounds nice...


Nov 17, 2005
Hey everyone, well...um...ok, sorry for not updating any sooner, but I was halfway through chapter 3 when I read it again and felt that it wasn't nice, so I started writing chapter 3 all over again...so...be a little bit more patient please?


Nov 17, 2005
Chapter 3

“Haven’t you had enough?” Vita asked Amicus. He stuck out his tongue at her, acting immature. She sighed, and punched his face. He coughed in pain and laughed weakly.

“I was just having some fun.” He said, rubbing his arm. He annoyed Vita by telling her nonsense and she had slapped his arms hard, and since he didn’t stop, she simply had to punch his face. “I’m not going to treat the bruise that’s going to appear on that ugly face of yours.” She said.

Amicus grumbled in response. He glared at a laughing Munio…but Amicus was glad that Munio hasn’t changed from what had happened to Fidelis. He looked at Fidelis, who almost choked at her tea when she heard Munio laugh loudly. She placed her cup down and wiped her mouth with a napkin. She stood up and walked away. Munio’s laughter died down as he watched her go.

Munio looked at Amicus and Vita. “Did my laugh scare her off?” He asked, confused. Amicus and Vita shrugged. “Maybe…she’s scared of you entirely?” Amicus suggested, earning a slap from Munio as he walked off to look for Fidelis.

Munio walked up the stairs to look for Fidelis, but stopped halfway when he saw Fidelis talking with Libertas. He tried to eavesdrop in the conversation. He felt as if he had a right to know what is happening. No one knew how important Fidelis was to him. Yet he can’t think selfishly because he knew he shouldn’t always try and protect Fidelis for the consequences may only end in casualties.

“Not every single moment has to be remembered immediately. Don’t rush, and take your time. It’ll all come back to you.” Libertas assured Fidelis, placing his hand on her shoulder. Fidelis looked at the ground, feeling a bit helpless.

“I feel guilty for not remembering everyone here.” She said softly. She shook her head. “I believe someone has taken the problem badly.” She said, talking about Munio, remembering the stricken look on his face.

Libertas chuckled. “Don’t worry about him; he’ll wait for you to remember him.” He said, smiling in amusement.
Munio frowned. They were talking about him! Well, it’s nice to know Fidelis thinks of him sometimes.

“That’s nice to hear. I felt sort of disappointed in myself when I saw the look on his face.” She said, looking unsure about her disappointment. “I can’t seem to find the answer, but he seems familiar from somewhere.” She said. “Maybe because I’ve seen him a lot since I joined?” She asked Libertas.

“Maybe…I’m afraid I don’t have the answer to that, but I’m sure you’ll get the answer soon. Perhaps if you asked him that question, he might answer it.” Libertas said, smiling at her. Fidelis shrugged. “I suppose so.” She said and bowed her head as a goodbye to Libertas and walked to her room.

This left Munio unsatisfied. He sighed, walked back down the stairs but stopped when he heard Libertas laughing behind him. “Eavesdropping? I thought you were better than that.” He said.

Munio shrugged. “I do what I can to know more about her.” Munio said. He grumbled under his breath and Libertas could see Munio’s dissatisfaction.

“So you heard everything?” Libertas asked Munio as he walked further down the stairs. “I suppose you wanted to know how she feels about you. I advise you not to rush on that, she recently lost half her memories.” Libertas told Munio, chuckling.

“Hmph. I know that.” Munio sulked as if he was still a small boy. After feeling a hesitant, he said, “Well…uh…I have to thank you for telling her to take things easy.” He said, feeling a bit embarrassed so he did not look directly at Libertas and said it.

Libertas laughed. “Yes, well you are very welcome.” He said. Munio and Libertas were about to walk down the stairs when they heard gunshots from what seemed to be coming from Fidelis’ room. Munio looked at Libertas and they both ran up to her room. Munio readied his hand gun and prepared for danger. Libertas stood behind Munio, though he was holding a gun and ready to fire, he seemed less attentive than Munio since he felt this was something Munio could take care of himself.

As soon as Munio kicked open the door, Libertas and Munio saw a man pointing his gun at Fidelis and her arm bleeding, while she too was pointing her gun at him. Before the man could shoot anyone, Munio instantly shot the man at the head and watched him fall.

Libertas sighed and checked Fidelis’ wound. “Are you okay?” He asked her. Fidelis stood up slowly, even though she was in pain and nodded. “I apologize for taking your time to…save me. I could have dealt with this before you two had come. I was careless.” She said.

Munio frowned. He knew that Fidelis hadn’t changed and he was happy about that. But he didn’t like the fact that she’s implying that she didn’t really need any help in defeating the man. “Whatever, just take care of that wound.” He said, sounding aggravated. He left the room abruptly even though he was concerned about her injury. He decided not to care, yet when he saw Amicus and Vita rushing up the stairs, he walked towards Vita and looked at her with concerned eyes and said, “Take care of Fidelis.”

Amicus looked at Munio and asked, “Are you angry?”
“No, I’m not.” Munio said as he walked down the stairs.

“I hope you were happy to see her again.” Ruo said kindly while he sat at the edge of the bed, where Laetitia sat and was just woken up. She smiled pleasantly as she remembered her daughter. “Yes, I am. I am only sad that she was not raised like a normal girl. I have deepest regret for that.” She smiled albeit a little sad.

Ruo said nothing as he stood up. He faced Laetitia and gave a gentle kiss on her forehead, and then hugged her. He walked out of the room, looked at Laetitia again, and walked to his office. As he walked to his office, he passed by Novo. “I leave her in your hands as always.” He muttered to Novo. Novo nodded to Ruo. He waited for Laetitia to get ready and come outside, and once she was, he asked, “Where to?”

Laetitia smiled. She had a mischievous look on her face. She whispered to Novo, whose eyes widened in response. “What? But…” He stammered. She shook her head, and said, “I’m going to look for her today. I hope you will not tell anyone of this. Not even Ruo.” She whispered.

Novo looked unsure of her plan, but nodded. “If you wish so.” He said. She walked ahead of him a few steps and stopped. She turned around and looked at him sternly.

“Promise that you will not tell anyone of this.” She said and walked out of the mansion.
Novo shrugged. “I promise.” He muttered, walking back to his room. He hardly stays in his room as he always stays beside Laetitia, protecting her. No one will suspect of him being in his room if they wanted to know where he was.

“Are you alright now?” Vita asked Fidelis when she had finished healing her wound. “You should rest a bit now. I don’t think you had a proper rest after your last mission, since you have a few problems you have to sort out now…” She said, talking about Fidelis’ amnesia.

Fidelis nodded. “Later.” She said, getting up and walking out of her room. She stopped just by her door and looked back. “No one touches anything in my room.” She said and walked off.

Libertas leaned on the doorway, chuckling. “She’s going to see Munio.” He said.
“She likes him? I thought she was always irritated of him.” Amicus said, looking slightly surprised. “What about you? Did you know this?” He asked Vita.

“Well…maybe. I don’t really pay attention to all these things though.” She walked out. “I’ll be downstairs now.” She said.

Libertas nodded. “I cannot tell if she has those kinds of feelings for him, but I know that she enjoys his company.” He said.

“Oh…I see.” Amicus said. “Well…it’s not hard to get used to Munio. He’s friendly and slightly annoying but he’s a nice person.” He said, remembering the first time he met Munio.

Fidelis stood outside Munio’s door, contemplating of whether she should talk to him and leave him alone. She sighed and decided to knock on his door. There was no reply. She knocked again, but there wasn’t any reply.

She turned to walk back to her room, but stopped when she saw Munio standing next to her. Fidelis wasn’t too surprised, but she held in her breath when she looked up at him.

“Are you confused by any chance?” He asked her without an expression on his face. He looked serious at the most, but it was strange to see him serious. It was rare for her to see him in a serious expression.

Fidelis looked down. “I’m not sure. I remembered something that happened long time ago. And it involved you.” She said, remembering what had happened. “It was so nostalgic that I had to ask you about it. I never knew I had a memory such as this.” She said.

Munio looked at her in slight surprise. “What did you remember? Did you remember my name?” He asked her hopefully.

“Yes.” She said softly. “And I remember every single person in Atrox Lumen.” She said. She shook her head after a moment. “I also remember the first time we met.” She said.

“Wow…our first meeting, that’s…not really long. Maybe a year ago.” He said. “Since I remember us joining last year…”

“That’s not the meeting I meant. I mean…the first time we met when we were 10.” She said, closing her eyes and recalled the scene. “It was winter, and I walked around the park near my house. I was bored and I wanted to play but there was no one to play with.” She started.

Munio looked at her without breaking contact, and listened to her. That was…true. He thought.

“There was a small lake in the park that was frozen. When I looked closely at the lake, I saw someone skating on it. That was the first time I learnt how to skate.” She said and opened her eyes. Strange…I feel that this memory is important. She thought, confused.

“That…was me.” Munio said, holding her arm gently. “You remember that that person was me?” He asked. “Do you remember that I was the one who taught you how to skate?” He asked her. He was close to shaking her arm and holding it tight because he was happy and he wanted her to remember more.

“Yes, I know it was you. I know that you were the one who taught me to skate…without skates.” She said, chuckling softly. “I felt I could remember more, but…that was when the unknown man broke through my window and shot me.” She said. “But I’ll try to remember more.” She looked up at him and smiled reassuringly.

Munio backed away from her. He saw more of the old Fidelis from her. The way she smiled and the way she acted was similar to the way she was before he met her in this organization. He placed his hand over his face. “I’m…glad you remember.” He said with his back showing Fidelis.

Fidelis nodded. She walked towards him. “Munio…I hope you will help me.” She said softly, and walked away. “I’m going to tell everyone that most of memories have returned.” She said as she walked downstairs.

Munio watched her go and walked into his room. He closed the door and sighed. He started laughing softly, and then it changed into an eruption of laughter. He fell back on his bed and his laughter stopped. He placed his arm over his head and sighed. “I need a nap.” He muttered as he fell asleep.

The first person Fidelis wanted to see was Libertas. She was walking to his office when she saw a woman appearing in front of the mansion door. Fidelis looked at her from inside. She immediately remembered who the woman was. The woman who asked me to run away on my last mission.

Fidelis frowned. Her spies must have told her about the mansion. She placed her hand over her gun in the holster on her waist. She didn’t really know what to do. Should she answer the door or leave her waiting?

The woman rang the doorbell. At first, Fidelis just stood, doing nothing. But as the lady rang the doorbell over and over, Vir appeared. “Why don’t you just open the door?” He asked. “If she’s someone dangerous, hit the button right there.” He said, pointing to the button on the wall which was a little far from the door. “I don’t think you’ll have any problems in reaching the button.” He said.

Fidelis nodded. “Thank you, and…I apologize for interrupting you in whatever you were doing.” She said.
He shook his head. “Just sleeping.” He said, walking back into his room and closing the door.
She walked up to the door and opened it. “Yes?” She asked politely. “How may I help you?”

The woman smiled at her. “Well…I’d like to talk with you.” She said with a gentle tone. “May I?” She asked. “If you don’t want to talk inside, then I don’t mind talking with you outside.” She said.

Fidelis thought of it for a few seconds, but she allowed the woman to come in. “Please, it’s quite hot outside, so come in.” She said.

“Thank you.” The woman said and gave Fidelis a warm smile. She walked into the mansion, and watched Fidelis close the door. “I apologize to bother you during this time of day.” She said politely.

Fidelis shook her head. “It’s no bother to me.” She showed the woman to the living room where they both sat and Fidelis made the woman a cup of tea. “You are…”

“You can call me…June.” She said, sipping her tea and smiling at Fidelis. It is my real name after all. She thought.

“Oh…” Fidelis said, hesitating to tell June her name. Is her name really June? She wondered.
“Well…you know where I came from, yes?” She asked while her smile was still on her face. “Don’t worry. I’m not here to cause a scene. I came here only to talk to you, honestly.” She said, putting a hand on Fidelis’.

Fidelis almost jerked her hand away, but held the feeling back in and just looked at her hand. “Then you must know who I am.” She said, looking at June.

June nodded. “Yes, I do.” She took her hand back and placed it on her own lap. “I’m sorry; you must feel awkward, don’t you?” She asked Fidelis.

Fidelis said nothing and looked down at the table. “So…what did you want to say?” She asked. “If you’re not here to cause a scene…what is there to come here for?” She asked.

June laughed softly. She shook her head. “Just wanted to see how you’re doing. I’m sorry for all that’s happened that day.” She said, talking about the mission that Fidelis was assigned to. “I suppose we’ve talked a lot now, haven’t we?” She asked, standing up.

Fidelis stood up and said nothing. What could she say? Why is this woman asking so much about her and thinking about her? How is she related to this woman?

“I know you might have a lot of things on your mind and I must have added more into your mind and I’m sorry. I hope you don’t think too much on this or me.” June said, and walked out. “I won’t tell anyone of what had happened today.” She said, smiling and walking back into her car.

Fidelis watched her go, and decided to do what June had told her. She won’t dwell on it. She returned to what she was going to do: Meet Libertas.

“Who was that?” Libertas asked behind her. Fidelis turned around to look at Libertas. She shook her head.

“A woman named June. She wanted to talk to me.” Fidelis said. “She didn’t really say anything important.” She said, shaking her head. “Don’t worry.”

Libertas nodded. “If you say so.” He said. “Something seems different about you. What happened?” He asked.

Fidelis had an urge to smile but held it back. “I remember everything.” She said. “It all came back to me.”

Libertas smiled. “That’s great. Shall I announce it to everyone?” He asked her.

Fidelis smiled back and shrugged. “If it’s important.” She said meekly. “But I already told Munio.” She said.

“Oh…I think it’s important for everyone to know.” Libertas said. “Why don’t you tell them then, it’ll sound a bit better than announcing it.” He said.

She nodded. “Maybe that’s better. But I just wanted to let you know that most of my memories returned.” She said, politely nodding and walked upstairs.

Fidelis walked up the stairs feeling a bit at ease now that she remembered everything. Only now she thinks a lot about her old memories and how she could have known Munio before she met him in the organization. She also wanted to know what the woman named June was related to her, but that, she thought, could be figured out later.

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