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Nov 4, 2012
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I suppose this topic would go here instead of the KH3 section? If I'm wrong, a moderator can move this there. :) Anyway, one of the little things I love about the KH series are the world icons--even if they're a mixed bag. I was interested in what everyone's favorites are?

Here's my list:

1. Arendelle ~ I think in general the world icons that feature castles or tall figures end up being the most distinctive? And this one has one on either side, lol.
2. Agrabah (KH1) ~ The first game's icon is so pretty, partly because Agrabah itself is so pretty. They ruined it by trying to turn the center into a lamp for KH2.
3. Atlantica (KH1) ~ I liked how all the environments are represented (the sunken ship, Ursula's lair, Triton's palace). I wish the KH2 icon had been similar to Arendelle's, with Triton's palace on the bottom half and Eric's castle on the top.
4. Corona - The tower and lanterns really pop in-game against the black backdrop.
5. Traverse Town (KH1)
6. Hollow Bastion (KH1)
7. Castle of Dreams ~ I love how they included the carriage.
8. Neverland (KH1)
9. End of the World
10. Wonderland ~ They capture the feel of the film really well.
11. Halloween Town (KH1)
12. Disney Castle
13. The World That Never Was (KH2)
14. Enchanted Dominion
15. Neverland (BbS) ~ I like the KH1 version more because of the clocktower, but this is nice, too, because it looks just like in the film.

In general, I prefer when they keep it simple rather than an overload of different images spliced together. I like most all of the KH1/KH3 world icons, except for The Caribbean's. A skull was a good idea, but the hat and the tentacles... No. Am I the only one who has a hard time telling the world icons for Toy Box and Monstropolis apart when I'm not paying close attention? I think it's because both have so much going on and they're multi-colored.

I wish 3D's world icons had been in the same vein as the rest of the series. Sadly, none of the iterations of Olympus really stand out, although I like how the top half of its icon in KH3 almost looks like a chess piece (like something off the table Hades would plan with). The icon for Beast's Castle is probably the most disappointing one of the series for me considering it doesn't really capture the feel of the film at all, imo. I wish Dwarf Woodlands included the Queen's castle on the bottom half.

Maybe in the future someone else can make a thread for the world logos, too. :p So what are your favorite world icons?


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Feb 15, 2012
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A good original topic, and one that nobody's responded to yet, for some reason.

The KH3 worlds start off being shown from the back on the world map, so they looked odd to me at first.

Monstropolis is very nice. The best KH3 one in my opinion.

Toy Box has the "T" and "S" letter blocks that presumably stand for "Toy Story", same as in the logo. RC is also on the icon, despite not being in the actual world.

Port Royal had a major overhaul. The skull with the map chart pattern is original and cool looking. I think the hat on it is a bit too big, though.

The Land of Dragons has that interesting block shape with the glowing characters comprising the "planetoid". On the bottom, there's the shrine from Mulan's house, but you don't see it in the actual world.

Was dissapointed about the DDD icons not being planetoids or platforms, but the bubbles DO fit the "Sleeping realm" style. The Grid looks perfect. I think it should have looked like that even in a non-DDD game.

2. Agrabah (KH1) ~ The first game's icon is so pretty, partly because Agrabah itself is so pretty. They ruined it by trying to turn the center into a lamp for KH2.
Concept art shown in 2015 revealed (the same batch that had the Toy Story Pizza Planet rocket world art) that they thought about using a lamp shape since KH1, but decided to wait until KH2.