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Favorite Moments from Kingdom Hearts III?

Feb 10, 2018
Hi everyone. A couple days ago I did something I feel bad about, and I wanted to apologize for it today while also spreading some more positivity in a better way.

A couple days ago, I commented on someone else’s thread in a way that wasn’t very nice of me, and I did so because I let my anger take over me. I wanted to apologize for this. I’m very sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings.

I also would like to try to move on from this, however. As such, I’m going to try to stay off of topics on the forums that I find negative. This is mostly because I deal with chronic depression and some other mental difficulties too. I don’t want to take part in things that might make my depression worse. Of course, I realize now that there’s nothing wrong with criticizing or having more negative opinions. That’s perfectly fine, and I hope those people can have their voices heard so that today’s flaws can turn into the future’s strengths. I just don’t want to worsen my mental health right now, so I’m going to try to stay away from such topics for the time being for personal reasons.

I personally loved Kingdom Hearts III, and I thought it was absolutely amazing in almost every way. At the same time, I know not everyone shares that same opinion, and I realize now that other people have a right to those opinions.

However, I think it can be safely said that most people found at least some things in Kingdom Hearts III that were enjoyable, even if they don’t like the game overall. As such, I just wanted to ask this:

What are some of your favorite moments from Kingdom Hearts III?

I’m asking this to spread positivity in a better way than I attempted before. Usually I’m a very kind and compassionate individual, but I let my anger get the better of me a couple days ago, and I made a mistake. I’m very sorry for that.

I’ll start with listing four of my favorite moments from Kingdom Hearts III.

1. The opening intro, where “Face My Fears” by Utada Hikaru played. I thought that was a beautiful and amazing intro.

2. The first scene in the Secret Forest, where Kairi and Lea began their training. In my opinion, it’s one of the most beautiful moments in the game.

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Spoiler Spoiler Show

Face My Fears

She's not an "it"!
Apr 9, 2007
Xion and Roxas' return

Seeing Sora, Donald, and Goofy gearing up to go on an adventure together

Aqua laying in the sand not realizing that she is in the realm of light, then when she finds out

All the characters that were seeking atonement (even Master Xehanort's reveal of trying to reset the worlds)

The Disney worlds in general

The Disney/Organization moments (like Woody/Xehanort)

Vanitas/Sora in Monstropolis (I love that scene so much)

Sora's reaction to "Let It Go"

Sora/Baymax fist bump

The list goes on and on. I loved so much of KH3 :D


Be Wiser Than the Serpent
Nov 4, 2012
First 10 that came to mind (and then I thought of a few more and had to stop myself):

- SDG knocking the Rock Titan down the mountain.
- Sora’s “I GIVE UP!” after being knocked down Arendelle’s mountain by Marshmallow.
- Larxene’s “UGH” reaction when Xemnas appears.
- Isa admitting his jealousy, then RAX’s group hug.
- Isa on the clocktower in the ending scene.
- Donald’s Zettaflare.
- Aqua crying on Destiny Islands.
- Sora: “You…computer…that.” (to Ienzo)
- Yensid intervening at the KG.
- Donald & Goofy’s voices coming out of the controller in the final battle.


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Dec 20, 2018
Favorite KH3 moments. In no particular order

RAX reunion. (Oh you know this was going to be on here. Look at my avatar)
TAV reunion.
All Organization XIII death scenes. Especially Ansem, Xemnas, Saix and Luxord's.
Donald's face after Sora asks him to magic up a coat.
Twilight Town photo with the first Lucky Emblem.
Sora being super meta asking how anyone could hate the Caribbean world of pirates. (Play KH2 for your answer Sora)
Sully vs Vanitas.
Vexen and Demyx in Radiant Garden.
Aqua at Destiny Islands.
Riku taking Repliku inside his heart.
Lingering Will showing up outta nowhere with a voice.
All gummi calls with Ienzo.
Baymax in general.
Every scene with a Org member interacting with one another. Hope ReMind adds even more.
Hayner, Pence and Olette's rescue of Ansem.
SDG's interactions with the people of Olympus. Even Hades felt like a old friend, in a grumpy "Get off my lawn" kinda way XD
The Disney characters all feeling very interactive with Sora and friends in every world.
Sora and Riku doing that awesome tag team move on the Demon Tower.

There are too many moments to name, but basically any moment with Sora, Donald, and Goofy having a adventure with a Disney cast was amazing in this game. I found it a big step up from KH2's Disney banter.


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Jun 28, 2017
The ending of the game where Sora disappears.
The moment where Riku and Sora trigger a joint keyblade.
All the moments from the world of Toy Story and Tangled.
How Lea breaks the fourth wall.
Rescue Aqua.
Interactions between Vexen and Demyx.
The moment where Hayner wanted to kick Ansem.
Final world.
Sora riding on a host of keyblades.
The epic advent of Roxas, Terra, Yen Sid.
Saix was dying in the arms of Lea.
Death of Vanitas.
Eragus and Xehanort go to Kingdom hearts together.
Xigbar and possibly MoM are the new villain saga.
The appearance of Gula and other foretellers.


New member
Jul 2, 2019
Just to mention a few:
- The opening, especially Roxas and Axel's fight in the rain
- Swimming in the Caribbean (so gorgeous!)
- Axel's reaction to Jiminy
- Lingering Will and his Keyblade transformation
- Donald's Zettaflare
- Sora surfing on a Keyblade
- Yen Sid joining the battle
- Terra's return
- Donald and Goofy calling for Sora from the controller
- RAX finally going to the beach

Deleted member 252753

I really love this game and it has also helped me cope with mental health problems and problems in life and still going back to it to watch cutscenes makes me feel happier. Some of my favourite moments were:

- Every scene with Young Xehanort but especially his bit in San Fransokyo. I like how you can see Sora getting rattled by his words. Most menacing villain of the series in my view.
- Buzz's anxiety in Toy Box leading to his being taken over. It's kind of a bit dark and I actually like how strange the whole world is.
- Scene during Saïx battle. Watching it back, I really like how when Roxas talks about who helped him return and points his keyblade at Xemas, how Saïx is pointedly in the shot.
- All organisation deaths but especially Xemnas's. It seemed a natural ending for his character and it spoke to me on a personal level which surprised me.
- When Don't Think Twice starts to play before the credits. I think it's an incredible song and suits the sad ending really well.
- Ansem SoD making Ansem the Wise feel guilty for using children. SoD's new personality is interesting and I also found it really funny how he tries to shoo the Twilight Town kids away instead of attacking them.
- Aqua choosing to take on Vanitas to protect Ventus.
- Master Xehanort's explanation of his plan after the final battle. I thought Rutger Hauer was really good there.
- Finally I actually love how mysterious lots of the game is. I do think there is more going on the plot than meets the eye à la Sleeping Realm Theory. I have enjoyed rewatching cutscenes from throughout the game to hear one or two strange bits of dialogue again and see if I notice anything else. I particularly think stuff YX says in Toy Box is really ominous and, on researching several times, the scenes around Kairi saving Sora are super bizarre and thinking about them has kept me entertained, at least.

Oracle Spockanort

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Jul 13, 2008
- Sora saving Riku in the Realm of Darkness
- Gayblade
- Riku's sacrifice
- The Final World's everything
- Terra's reunion with Aqua and Ven (but like damn that suave line he uses on Aqua had me swooning)
- Light from the Past because of Ephemer 😭
- Xehanort choosing to lose and going to the afterlife with Eraqus like shit that's love
- Xemnas and SoD's ends
- Hayner trying to do a flying kick on SoD
- Sora and Rapunzel's interactions
- Sora dancing
- Donald and Goofy calling for Sora ;A;


Oct 14, 2013
-TAV reunion (TAV > RAX; don't @ me)
-Master Eraqus reunion with TAV (THE FEELS)
-Riku's sacrifice in Keyblade Graveyard
-Vanitas getting yeeted out of existence
-Aqua's return to the Realm of Light
-Aqua's fight with Ansem SOD (it was pretty badass despite her not using a keyblade)
-Anti-Aqua's monologue to Mickey ("You abandoned me. THAT'S WHAT." Like okay, period.)
-Reunion at the Mysterious Tower
-Xemnas' final goodbye.


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Jul 7, 2019
-Pretty much all of the Tangled world. I liked Sora's interaction with Rapunzel and the dancing minigame
-Ventus waking up
-Roxas' return and basically soloing Saix
-The light of the past scene