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Fanfiction ► Fate of A Hero: The Prequel to "The Road to Dawn"

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Dec 30, 2008
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eeeeee I'm so excitedddd its almost over!!! :'D
and yes, it has been a long time.

Day 99

"You know, you weren't supposed to remember."

Akira sighed heavenly, tired. She tried to open her eyes to the sound of this animated voice, but couldn't. She reached to touch her face, but she met contact with silk material around the eye area. She gasped, putting her hand down.

"Akira. Open your eyes."

"I- I can't."

"I see." The voice continued after a pause. "Well, Akira. Remember what I told you last time. You can change your fate. And you can become the hero."

Akira felt her dry mouth open, and she spoke, "What if I've already chosen?" She heaved in a large amount of air, exhausted. "What if I have no choice?!" She shouted, pounding her fist in the ground.

A hand put pressure on her shoulder, a small and smooth hand. The voice spoke. "You have one. And you're not alone. You have help. And there are others. You just need to find them.

"Once you find yourself," He said, "You will no doubtebly find them."

Akira lessened the harsh squeeze of her eyelids. "Others…? Find myself?" She felt her the silk blindfold-thing slipping off. "What do you mean?"

"Find the light, Akira." The voice said shakingly, "It might be the only answer to both your questions and mine."

Akira took in the last sentence, when she quietly asked, "And you…who are you?"

"Call me Mickey."

The blindfold thing disappeared, and she opened her eyes to see the familiar white fluorescence surround her, Vexen's creeping green eyes staring at her and Roxas's tight grasp on her left hand.


"She's back!"

The entire room filled with curious onlookers of the organization, filing their way into the lab. Sure enough, the small girl began to materialize onto a lab table, fuzzing in and out of vision.

Vexen, Xemnas, Zexion, and Roxas made their way around the table, surrounding the girl. She breathed slowly, and when the fuzziness ended, she let out a long breath. Her heaving chest rose, then went down- but it didn't come back up.

"We're losing her," Vexen growled under his teeth as he checked her pulse. Demyx rushed in with medical equipment, stuff Roxas had never seen before, and handed him a machine with two plates, buzzing as he turned the machine on.

"I brought the reviver-thingy like you told me-" Demyx said rushed, "And-"

"Alright, you can go, Demyx." He turned to the others watching in pure curiosity, rubbing the plates together, "All of you- OUT!"

They all ran, leaving the scientist, the bookworm, the leader, the guitarist, and blondie with the girl. Roxas grabbed her left hand, holding it tight. "Wake up, Akira!"

Vexen finished rubbing, placing them on Akira's chest. "Go!" He ordered, and Demyx pushed a button, making Akira jump upwards in reaction. No response. Vexen rubbed the plates again, and repeated the same process. She jumped again, but once again, they gained no response.

"Vexen what in the world-!"

"We lost her."

They hushed. Roxas turned away, his face agape, staring at the girl that had stopped breathing. It was different for humans, their hearts delicate and causes of- of passing more different than a nobody like him. He shook his head slowly, tightening his grip. Xemnas cursed under his breath, and Zexion coughed, pacing. Vexen kept checking for a pulse, shaking his head. Roxas looked down, defeated. Demyx shuffled out of the akward silence, where the rest of the 'fans' waited.


Roxas looked up at Akira, her face souring slowly, wincing in pain by the looks of it, then she gasped loudly, jolting upwards. She coughed violently,gasping for as much air as she could. She fell back, eyes fluttering. Vexen stared at her, and Roxas held his grasp.

She groaned. Quietly, she whimpered. Then she shouted breathingly. "My arm! Gah-!"

Roxas let go quickly, and she clutched it, rolling onto her right side. When she recovered, she rolled once more onto her back, sighing. She slowly rose, applying pressure on the right side.

"This is the part where you ask me all sorts of questions and or test me to see if I'm- I'm- al…right." She stopped, and suddenly, she fell backwards, closing her eyes. They all turned to Vexen.

"She's…unconscious. " He said, confused. Yes, Vexen was confused. He checked her readings on a computer, then returned, shaking his head in disbelief.

"What?" Zexion hastily asked, "What's wrong with it!?"

"It…?" Roxas stared at him angrily. Zexion sighed, rolling his eyes. "Her?!"

"She's- I don't know how- this is impossible-"

"SPIT. IT. OUT." Zexion commanded.

"She's in some sort of…coma. She's….she really out."

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Aug 30, 2009
Ah it's almost over. You done such a a good job writing these! :*) Definitely one of the things that kept me looking forward to on here.

Oh no though! She's in a coma. I really hope nothing worse happens to her. :(


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Day 100


Day 101


Day 102


Day 103

Akira lay in the lab table on a breathing mask, her eyes closed. Her left arm was encased in a million bandages, folding over her wrapped in gauze stomach. Her organization coat was gone, and she wore one of Roxas's old grey shirts and one of Xane's spare shorts. Her right arm may have not been in a cast, but it had many bandages and taped gauze from exposed shoulder to her slender fingers. On her knees were cloth bandages, as now the cuts had faded. many of the smaller bandages that ran around her legs had been removed as now only scars remained.

"…of which of course, all of them were only human injuries. Her heart seems…untouched. It's not responding, virtually, but physically, it is well. Strange, no?" Zexion spoke, rubbing his temples.

Roxas stepped in to the room, Xane towing closely behind. He looked down at the girl on the table as he walked past her, eyes softening, then shaking his head. Haruko stared absently at her.

"I brought her." Roxas stated bluntly, pushing her forward. Xane did not defend herself with a smart comment, only stepping forward with a challenging look. Vexen looked at Zexion with a message in his eyes, and then Zexion came forward.

"You share a gift with Akira." He said knowingly. Xane shrugged. Zexion flicked some hair away from his eyes, grinning a bit.

"Can you do something for us, dear program Nea?" He said mockingly. Xane narrowed her eyes. Roxas cocked his head to the side, confused.

"Don't call me that." She replied through gritted teeth. Zexion sighed.

"What do you want?" She inquired exasperatedly. Vexen stepped forward.

"Will you do us the honors of telling us what's going on…" He turned to the girl on the table, "in there?"

Xane stayed emotionless, and she walked to her table. She stopped at the base, where her head was, and she placed her small hands on both sides of Akira's head, like a headphone set. She then closed her eyes.


Alright princessita, let's see what's up in this chiz, she grumbled in her mind, and when all seemed quiet-

A flash of light entered Xane's mind, and out of Akira's mind Xane went.


"Heartless!" She said in a cursing tone, falling back. She blinked many times, panting.

"What?" Zexion said in a curious tone. Xane looked up at him hysterically.

"She….she totally shut me out!" She shouted. Then she stopped. "Unless…."

"What?" Roxas interjected.

"Unless there is either nothing or everything in there."

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Aug 30, 2009
Aww just when I thought things couldn't get worse for her. :( I do want to know whether it's nothing or everything though, I'm kinda curious. :eek:


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Dec 30, 2008
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Day 104
Something to Talk About.

"Akira, three."

"No, I beg to defer."

"Can it, twin!"

"Don't ever call me twin. Again."

Larxene and Xane sat in the recreation room, alone. The black couch sat uncharacteristically in the far right of the four walls, and Xane and Larxene casually made small talk, seeing as everyone was out on missions ever since Akira came back.

Xane rubbed her shoulder thoughtfully, flipping her braid back as it began to bother her. Larxene sighed.

"So you say you saw it all?" Larxene edged away from Xane, leaning back and resting. Xane stared at the floor and nodded.

"Yes, It was- weird. I couldn't see it then, it was either so blank or so full that I was overwhelmed. And I saw nothing. But now…I have her memories. All of them. And I don't want them."

Larxene yawned. "So what are you going to do?"

"Nothing," Xane quickly answered, "What else is there to do? They'll go away eventually. They always do."

"So you think she's the first?"

Xane nodded. "She's the most important one. She has to be."

Larxene shook her head in defense. "From what you showed me, I don't think she is."

Punching the couch, she spoke under her breath. "Then which one!? There's four, and we've only found two. One is here, the other-she got away! And we don't talk about her."

Larxene smiled. "I remember her,'' She paused, and grinned at her, "She looked a lot like you."

"There's a reason I look like a lot of people," She grumbled. Larxene cocked her head to the side.

"What do you mean-"

"I was engineered to be like them, Larx." She looked at her in the eyes, her hands shaking. Her own eyes were wide.

"Like-like the four?"

Xane sighed. She'd done her research. She wouldn't dare ask Vexen, as it seems he's still undecided.

Larxene narrowed her eyes. "So…"

"I have her small frame. I have her blonde hair. I have his green eyes. And I have his boyish face."

"But…who are they?"

"I don't know…and I don't intend to find out."

"But…why? I thought you'd be all up in this mystery, twin!"

Xane shot a glare at Larxene. Larxene rolled her eyes.

"Alright. Sorry. But why not the interest?"

Xane stood up.

"Because…." Xane undid one of her braids fall loose, her golden curls falling on her shoulder. She did the same with the other.

"Because either I live, or they all disappear."


Either I live…or they all disappear.


Akira groaned. Vexen quickly turned to the now hospital-like bed, hanging on to the rail. He studied the girl who made sudden movement.

Akira's eyes squirmed under her eyelids, then she stopped, immobile once more.



Axel caught up to the rather cold Roxas. Nowadays, he seemed detached from everyone, always with a thoughtful look on his face. Roxas stopped, smiling weakly at him.

"Hey man, what's up with you lately?" Axel asked, honestly concerned for his best friend's well being. When Roxas didn't answer, Axel answered for him.

"You. Me. Clocktower. Tonight. And I don't give a heartless about excuses." He grinned. "Got it memorized?"

Roxas nodded.


"She's completely immobile at this moment."

"No news, Vexen?"

"None, Superior."

Xemnas sighed in contempt. This was not working.

"Sir, she'll fade eventually."

Xemnas looked up at Vexen. Vexen continued.

"Either we get rid of Xane, or get rid of one of the four. It'll hold off for Kingdom Hearts as long as we need it. And if we don't get rid of Xane, the only possible target is-"

"We get rid of Akira."

Xemnas shook his head.


"So what's eating at you man?" Axel inquired, biting into his sea salt ice cream. Roxas sighed.


Axel gave a large nod in understanding. "Ah. I see. But she's okay, buddy."

"That's not the point!" Roxas shouted angrily. Axel cringed cooly, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm sorry." the blonde quickly responded, scratching his head. Axel shrugged, slurping some blue that melted off the stick.

"It's 'kay." Axel answered. Roxas groaned, bending over.

"It's just-"

"You think you can feel and you're just getting utterly confused because Akira makes you all tingly inside, but you know you can't feel so why bother trying?" Axel interjected nonchalantly.

"Exactly! Wait, what?"

" In other words, you want to be human."

Roxas's mouth dropped open. Axel smugly nodded. "That's right. I can be pretty deep."

Roxas laughed, a genuine laugh that hadn't come in such a long while, it stunned him. He shook his head.

"I wish I had a heart." He said after a long silence. Axel smiled.

"If I could give you mine, I would. But as we can both see, it's sorta impossible." They both chuckled, but in all seriousness, Axel added, " If there's anyone who deserves a heart…it'd be you, Roxas."

Roxas turned to him in surprise. "What?"

"If I could get a free heart, I swear to Kingdom Hearts I would give it to you."

It went silent. Roxas cracked a smile, breaking the tension. "You're really something, Ax."

Axel shrugged. "So what are we doing about Akira?"

"Axel," Roxas sighed, "I don't know. The question is, 'Can I feel or can't I?' Answer that, and then I'll figure something out."

"True," Axel huffed. Roxas hunched over, thinking blankly.

Suddenly, Axel began to speak.

"What if…you do feel?"

Roxas turned to him swiftly.


Axel stared at the sunset, a confused look on his face.

"I mean, what if you're like, special? And you have the gift none of us have- what if, somehow, you can feel, even without a heartbeat?"

Roxas cocked his head to the side. "How do we prove that?" He asked, enthused.

"Ah-You lost me."

"Can…can Vexen- tell?"

Axel and Roxas turned quickly, grinning.

"Let's go!"

They quickly rose, wasting no time.


Sep 25, 2010
Reminds me of the scene of Roxas and Axel talking about Roxas having a heart. I wonder who the others are that Larxene and Xane know about and if Akira or Xane will be the one eliminated. Like this chapter but for some odd reason I feel sad about it like things aren't going to get better.. Like in days or kh2 with Roxas leaving. Good job XD

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Aug 30, 2009
Nice nostalgic feeling I got in this chapter, from past KH games. I liked it. :D
Anyways, I am curious as well as to who the others are and if they rather get rid of them, or Akira. Most preferably not Akira. :/


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Day 104

"You should have known this was bound to happen."

Zexion Stood beside Akira's bed, the girl asleep and her chest heaving up and down as she peacefully kept her thoughts inside. He grabbed her hand and examined it, uninterested. He put it back down.

"So a plan backfired, we all make mistakes."

Xemnas sighed behind Zexion. He leaned back against Vexen's freestanding science dock. Vexen wrote furiously into a notepad, looking up every few seconds to see Akira.

"But at this point, we can't make mistakes."

Zexion turned to the other two members in the room, crossing his arms. "The girl is a problem. No longer is she an answer to our plea. I believe she knows too much."

Xemnas shook his head. "If she knew, she would've done something about it."

"That," Zexion interjected, "Is where you are wrong. Sending her on a mission to gain Namine's intelligence risked it all. She would have seen it all. And I believe she did."

"Well we'll know when she wakes up," Vexen shot at the two. He stopped writing, and looked up. "It should be soon."

Vexen neared Akira, checking the now unnecessary IV hooked up to her. He then removed it. As he did this, he spoke.

"Her health has improved, her heart beat is back to normal, the brain waves she gives off are now above par, and her fever has died down from day to day. Her cuts and bruises have begun to fade, and her arm is almost done healing. She'll wake up any day now."

Xemnas and Zexion nodded, and backed away slowly.

"So what else have we got up our sleeve?" Zexion asked.

"I don't have anything." Xemnas answered. He sighed again. "Perhaps, we start planning a funeral?"

He laughed coldly, and Zexion cocked his head to the side and raised an eyebrow, very confused.

"A funeral? What-"

The doorway to the room opened, and in came Roxas and Axel. They slid to a stop.


"Have you ever heard of knocking!?" Zexion shouted. Roxas and Axel cringed.

Axel began, "We're sorry but-"

"We need to speak with Vexen." Roxas ended.


"What do you want?"

Roxas and Axel looked at each other, shrugging. Axel stepped back.

"Vexen-" Roxas began, "We have a question."

Vexen disposed of Akira's last IV bag, and eyed the blonde with a curious feel. "Well ask it, thirteen, don't just stand there!"

"Am I…special?" He blurted out. Axel face palmed.

Vexen raised an eyebrow. Roxas shook his head quickly, rearranging his thoughts. "I mean," He began again,"There's some things we'd like to know."

"Just Roxas," Axel interrupted, pointing at him, "I'm good." He stepped back.

"Vexen, can I trust you with this question? I'm asking you because I believe you'd have the clearest answer."

Vexen nodded intently. He was listening. Gesturing to Roxas, he gave him the floor.

"Well, it's been on my mind lately," Roxas went around, "That for the longest time I believe that I have…feelings. But I know I don't have feelings- I know I don't, I want to believe I don't, mostly. You can tell…can't you?"

Vexen breathed deeply, taking in the question. He looked away from the boy, putting his finger on his chin thoughtfully. Roxas watched him carefully.

After a long while, Vexen spoke. "Thirteen, nobodies are beings with no hearts. Without a heart-"

"I know, I know-"

"Let me finish. Without a heart, feelings cannot be produced. While we can pretend to feel, the ability to feel is a blessing to those with a heart. However, there are instances where a nobody can be born without a heart, but start gaining some sort of hybrid heart.

"A hybrid heart is created in two ways: The first is the trickiest. When a nobody's whole person passes on, a heart is left to be dealt with. But alas, that heart is not, in all essence, yours to claim. The heart chooses its new keeper, and while you may be heartless, the heart of your true person will test your purity and see if you are fit and deserving to a new heart.

"The second way is rare. When a whole person- obviously, not a heartless- is in love, those two were made soulmates and were bound to have found each other one way or another, as ridiculous as it may sound." Vexen took a break from his speech to roll his eyes, then began again. "Yet there are those one-in-a-million chances where a whole hearted person falls in true-not just passive- but TRUE love with a nobody. When this happens, a part of the whole person's heart is held with their opposite, and vice versa. Having no heart to interchange with, the true person stays dependent on the nobody because they hold a part of their heart. Because the nobody holds it, a heart eventually begins to form from the whole person's piece of heart.

"Because of the complexity and long-term effects of the second, the second instance is rare. Also, this is one of the reasons humans and nobodies are separated from each other, respectively."

Roxas nodded slowly, grasping all of this information. "So, which is happening to me?" He asked. Vexen chuckled frigidly, answering.

"Number Thirteen, I never said you were gaining a hybrid heart."

Roxas crossed his arms in frustration. "Then what are you getting at!?" He yelled.

"For me to tell what's going on," Vexen replied, "I'd have to study you intensely for a long while. And Superior will not stand for it if it means loosing his best heart gatherer."

Roxas sighed. "So this 'riveting' speech was for nothing?!"

Vexen eyed him keenly, shaking his head. "Roxas, you're not understanding, are you?"

Axel grinned, leaning against the wall nonchalantly. Roxas cocked his head to the side, shaking his head 'no'. Vexen dusted off his hands, then began for the door.

"Gentlemen," He said, before leaving the room, "I propose you keep a watch on the second possibility. Good luck."

The door clicked behind him, leaving Axel and Roxas alone. Axel sighed.

"Well," He said, breaking the silence. He walked over to Roxas, until he stood before him, grinning like a fool. "That went well. I think." He crossed his arms.

"I'm still having trouble understanding," Roxas confessed, looking away. As he looked around trying to find a focal point, he focused on Akira, and he had altogether forgotten the girl was here. Axel followed his gaze curiously, then grinned even wider.

"You can't really expect me to believe you're not getting this." He stated. Roxas snapped out of his daze, looking back at Axel.

"You mean-"

"Oh, I mean." Axel responded in triumph.

"But-" Roxas stuttered, "How? I mean- when? Is that even possible?!"

"Oh don't act dumb," Axel cut him off, punching him playfully, "She's driving you crazy, brother. And you make her little heart go all fast like in the movies or whatever."

Roxas was still confused, in all honesty. Axel sighed, frustrated, but then grabbed him from the arm, leading him away. "Come on, Roxas. We'll talk about it tomorrow. Sunshine needs her rest."

As the door closed, Roxas caught a glimpse of the sleeping Akira, her chest coming up and down with every deep breath. And for the first time in a long time, he grinned foolishly, a slight blush creeping at his cheeks.


Oct 23, 2007
The realm of Sleep
Quite the sick joke Xemnas, joke again about her like that and its on. *Puts on boxing gloves and waits for bell to ring*

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Sep 4, 2009
Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
An odd possibility, nobody + true love + another heart = the formation of a hybrid heart for that nobody.

So Akira perished? Sad if so.

Max, friendly advice; try to keep your patience on a leash, lest you want the organization to gang-up on you. More than likely Xemnas will get his at some point, be it now or later. For that is the miracle that is karma.
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Aug 30, 2009
I really don't understand, so did Akira really die? Or is she on the brink of death? ;_; I don't know what to think at the moment.


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Day 105
New Beginnings.

Akira lay asleep in her bed, biting her bottom lip hard. Inside her head, her thoughts were fully sorted out, and she just awaited the physical strength needed to wake up. She felt a piece of her hair fall forward towards her nose.

Vexen had left the room briefly, putting Akira in Xane's care. In a very out of character manner she obliged, standing idly by Akira's bed, waiting for Vexen to return. She covered Akira up with her blanket.

"You know, given the circumstances, I would've killed you in your sleep by now." Xane grumbled to her, watching her small hands pull the blanket into a good position. She then stopped, resting her hands on the railing.

"I know some things now. And you do too." She grinned slightly. "I'm not ratting you out. I need to figure all this out, just like you do."

She sighed, leaning her weight onto her left side. "I don't know what side I'm on anymore. If I don't tell, I'm saving you. If I tell, I'm saving myself. I mean, you and I are almost one in the same, no? Or perhaps, maybe we're nothing alike. You got the chance to live…..and I ultimately have to die.

"Sadly, I tell you this now." Xane warningly added, "In the end, it'll be between the rest of you and me. It seems unfair, I think."

She stopped, crossing her arms on her chest, then flipping her right braid back. With a serious face, she ended the one-sided truce with a statement in all reality true. She neared Akira's face, whispering.

"I'm not going to tell Xemnas you're new plans. I need to keep you alive just a little bit longer."

She began to step backwards, when a rustling sound came from Akira's bed. She quickly turned, whipping her hair, and saw Akira stirring. Her eyelids were fluttering.

Xane began walking backwards, a look of horror on her face. picking up speed, she began to run.



Vexen barged in with Xane, and came to a halt as they came to Akira.

Akira's face cringed, waking up after a long sleep. Her hand shakily rose to rub her right eye, then backed it away. Ever so slowly, here eyes began to open, fluttering at first, then opening completely. She cringed again by the bright light, then her eyes focused. She raised her arms to stretch, and she sat up, shaking. She ended the stretching, then turned to Vexen and Xane. Xane gave her a look saying, 'so…?'.

Akira's scratchy voice responded to their internal questions.

"What happened?"

Xane raised a sly eyebrow. Akira met that gaze and smiled a bit. Faking was the way to go.

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Aug 30, 2009
Heh you always update you're stories so late at night. xD

Anyways, thanks for clarifying what really happened to her. Last chapter made it seem like she wasn't gonna make it or something, or that she didn't make it. Well to me anyhow. I'm gonna wait and see what Akira and Xane will ultimately do though. :eek:
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Woowoo! guess who's writing again~

Day 107
Hide and Seek Part 1

"I think she can stand now," Vexen mused aloud.

Akira lay on her bed, only hooked up to a machine that gave her morphine whenever the pain was unbearable. Her arm was mending, but it still lay limp on her stomach. Her eyes were on Vexen, watching him take notes. Zexion was beside him, watching her watch Vexen.

"Are you sure? She looks a bit too drugged."

It could be true. Akira had not really truly slept since she woke up next to Xane. Truth be told, she was having nightmares that seemed so real, she would dare not open her eyes.

"Its the morphine. And the lack of sleep." Vexen eyes Akira accusingly, and Akira gives a weak smile.

"Well, get her off the morphine." Zexion snaps. Akira musters up her weak words.

"I already am. Its just hooked up to my arm for an emergency." She holds up her forearm to show that no liquid is in her system. The arm plops down.

"Well-" Zexion is defeated. He comes towards Akira. She smiles warmly.

"I can do it." She says.

Vexen comes to offer aid. Zexion pushes her up, and Akira does most of the work in sitting straight. Her legs weakly turn over, hanging off the edge of her bed. Vexen and Zexion then practically carried her off the bed, gently putting her on her feet. Akira then carefully started to release her weight on the ground below her, wincing at the realization that walking might hurt. She then took one step, holding on to Vexen tightly. It wasn't that bad. She took another step, loosening her grip on Vexen. Then another. Then another. Finally, she was walking alone.

"See?" Vexen said with gusto, "I told you."

"Alright. Fine. But should we bring in-"

"No." Vexen cut him off. Akira turned around.

"Bring in who?" She asked, confused.

"No one of importance." Vexen urged. He signaled Zexion to step out with him. Akira could easily hear the conversation.

"Roxas has a deal with us. And if she doesn't stay, he won't either. Permanently. "

"I will not have him seeing her. Its too high a risk! Do we want her to go into shock from the heart?!"

Roxas. The mixed feelings she got in her heart were not welcome. He lied to her. But she really liked him.

The two men walked in again, watching as Akira came to a stop at her bedside. She held on as her legs weakly held her up.

"Akira, we-"

"I want to see Roxas." She pleaded.

Vexen shook his head. "Fourteen-"

"Please." She added.

Zexion met eyes with Vexen. Zexion put his head downwards, an I-told-you-so gesture forming.

Vexen sighed. "Fine. Just be careful."


"She what?" Roxas asked. Axel grinned.

"He'll be there!" He said, pushing him forward. Their messenger, Saix, nodded, then curtly exited the room. Roxas then turned to Axel.

"Axel! I don't want to go!" He cried. Axel rolled his eyes.

"We both know that's not true." Axel said. Roxas sighed.

"Axel, I don't think she wants to see me." He insisted.

"What makes you think that?!" Axel shouted. Roxas rubbed his arm.

"The day she almost died…when she woke up, she looked straight at me…and her look practically justifies the saying 'If looks could kill'!"

Axel shook his head. "No. You're going. She asked for you. She misses you."

With that, he pushed Roxas out the door.


Roxas put his hand on the door leading to Akira's room. He hesitated, then pushed it open.

She was up. And alone. They granted them privacy.

She turned to meet his gaze, and the cuts on her face were now less prominent than the hazel in her eyes. Roxas stepped forward.

"You wanted to see me?"

Akira started to walk to him, then broke into a sprint. Roxas watched her with a confused look, then felt something ram into him. Akira crashed into him, hugging him tightly, arms woven behind his neck. Roxas awkwardly stood there.


Akira squeezed him tighter, and then Roxas slowly put his arms around her small frame. Had she gotten thinner? She buried her face in his neck, taking in the moment.

If only this wasn't just for show. If only he really could feel. If only she wasn't using him for her own plans, just as he had with her.

She kissed him gently on the cheek, smiling as genuinely as she could.

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