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FAQ: Magic and Summons

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Apr 20, 2006
This guide will teach you where to find, or obtain, all the 'elements' used in upgrading your spells. Most are obtained through the storyline, but you may miss some by bypassing certain areas. It will also give you a great rundown on the summons and where to obtain each.

Fire -
1) Defend the gate at Hollow Bastion with Leon.
2) Defeat Scar in the Pride Lands.
3) Defeat Genie Jafar in Agrabah (2nd visit).

Blizzard -
1) Obtained in Merlin's House.
2) Defeat Demx in Hollow Bastoin.
3) Complete the Atlantica world.

Thunder -

1) Defeat Hydra in Olympus Coliseum.
2) Defeat Storm Rider in Land of Dragons (2nd visit).
3) Defeat the Groundshaker in Pride Lands (2nd visit).

Cure -

1) Complete Beast's Castle (1sr visit).
2) Get back together with Goofy after he gets knocked ont he head in Hollow Bastion (2nd visit).
3) Complete the Starry Hill in the 100 Acre Wood.

Magnet -

1) Defeat Oogie Boogie in Halloween Town.
2) Defeat the Grim Reaper in Port Royal (2nd visit).
3) Beat Xigbar in the World That Never Was.

Reflect -

1) Defeat Pete in the Timeless River.
2) Defeat Xaldin in Beast's Castle (2nd visit).
3) Defeat the MCP in Space Paranoids (2nd visit).

Name Development

Square Enix has always done a great job with naming their spells, and this little trivia right here may be helpful to lots of people. It explains how the spells name differs as it levels up:

Fire - Fira - Firaga
Blizzard - Blizzara - Blizzaga
Thunder - Thundara - Thundaga
Cure - Cura - Curaga
Magnet - Magnera - Magnega
Reflect - Reflera - Reflega


Chicken Little

Obtained: Merlin's House

Limit: FPS Mode - Sora and Chicken Little will go into the style of a first person shooter game and launch baseballs into the faces of the enemies. He also blocks enemies attacks.


Obtained: Defeat Blizzard and Volcano Lords in Agrabah.

Limits: Sonic Rave - This is Genie's 'Valor Form' on which he will start bashing the enemies with his fists.

Strike Raid - Genie's 'Wisdom Form', he shoots tons of magic bullets at enemies.

Final Arcana - Genie's 'Master Form' hits all enemies in a circle around Sora.

Infinity - Sora and Genie gain a huge Keyblade and spin enemies into the air.


Obtained: Treasure Chest in Ansem's Study.

Limit: Ohana! - Using different moves, you can attack or have a little dance where enemies are damaged but only if they are on the screen.

Peter Pan

Obtained: Chest in the Ship Graveyard, Interceptor Hold in Port Royal.

Limit: Never Land - In this limit you can fly, capturing enemies and doing damage to them. Tinkerbell will also heal you.

I hope I could help people find Peter Pan or get that last Spell Upgrade with this.
If moderators think it's really good, they can sticky this, as it took lots of hard work and patience to do.
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