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Fantasy of the imagination.

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Jul 29, 2005
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Heaven A.K.A. cereal land
Okay, This rp is about the sweet fruits of all you can think of. There is no set to your race or gender. Be whatever you want, demon, human, hedgehog, alien, saiyan, whatever you desire. Meet who you want, dante, jin kazama, cloud strife, sora, sonic, goku, goku(of saiyuki) edward or alphonse alrich,whoever you can think of. Make your occupation, warrior, a rorouni, ninja, whatever.there are many worlds to explore, in many galaxies. However, here is the story, An evil force has been taking the galaxy's greatest warrior's and stealing their souls for a devious plot of the domination of all living things. Set of people must stop this fiasco before the galaxies greatest pretectors are wiped out from existince. First goes name then age, then weight, then height, then personality, then race then weapons, then special moves then fighting style, then appearence and then bio(if you have one)
here's mine...

name:cecil Kozeshiwa
personality:cecil is a knucklehead and is headstrong, as well as arrogant.he always wants to fullfill his dream, which is to be respected throughout the city, as he is only known as a hardheaded punk and because of his motivation of will and his rebelious way gives him a power that everyone fears, so they stay away from him, thinking he's an outcast.
race:human with a pinch of hyrulian, giving him the ability to cast flame magic.
weapon:He uses hand-to-hand.
signature moves move:blazing fist,nova, pheonix hand.
fighting style: he uses a fighting style thats mixed with a mugen type fighting style, with a hint of goku, a dash of kazuma(sc-ry-ed)and has been soaked many many many years.....in naruto.
appearance:he has beige type hair, sorta blonde that is as long as that of link, and a little longer, has semi link-like ears a long sleeved button up shirt thats bluish black, has a red t-shirt under that(both in which goes a little below the waste, like kazuma)black fingerless gloves,black jeans that are rolled from the bottom to the middle of his shin's and black megaman zero/kingdom hearts like shoes.
bio:cecil wasn't raised by his parents, he was thrown on to the streets and forgotten when his parents were killed by the japanese mafia. he was grown to defend himself and he was grown to be a hardheaded knucklehead, but still seems to keep an semi positive attitude, leaving the rest of him to be shut out from the rest of the world.
da rulez:no power playing, no killin' of teh otha' playa's onless the playa's want to die. and players can die from an action of the story, but make it dramatic, will ya'? two character controlling per person, NO SOOP FOR YOO!!!( just kidding) and have fun peoples.
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Mika Kisaragi

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Dec 24, 2005
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Saving your sorry behind. >.>;

Name: Kairi Frendra
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 115lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown

Weapons: Kairi Wields two Daggers made of solid steel they are gold in colour. They are wielded in the fashion of circular saws in the fact that they are easily rotated in the hand without dropping them. Kairi Also has a spare set located on her right and left ankle but these are of a smaller variety.

Magic (if any): Kairi Is a natural Water mage and therefore has an affinity to water spells she has a constant Water ward Causing any water damage to her to be cut in half.
Cure: Cures injured allies.
Life: Brings fallen allies to life.
Water: Minor Water Damage incurred
Watera: Mediocre Water Damage incurred
Waterga: Major Water Damage incurred
Water Shield: Protects against all ranged missiles and halves close combat damage.
Slow: Causes the Slow effect on one opposition
Slowga: Causes the Slow effect on all opponents.
Geyser: A small geyser is formed underneath the target sending water up the hole and sending the target into the air. When the target lands they fall with such force they injure themselves quite badly.
Healing Rain: Small droplets of rain start to fall from the sky healing all allies under its influence. Equivalent to casting Regen on all allies. Lasts for 15 minutes after casting.
Mirror image: Kairi suddenly starts running around her opponents, so quickly that instead of there being one of her there are in fact four one in front one behind one to the enemies left and one to their right. On Queue all four images dash at the enemy slashing in one way or another causing severe Physical damage to the enemy.
Tsunami: Kairi lifts her hands into the air and brings them down full circle in opposite directions until they are crossed with arms fully extended whilst crossing over She Charges into the enemy and does a cross slash with her two blades. As she reaches the far side of fiend or opponent, the scenery changes and they are standing on a small island. Both Kairi and her party disappear leaving the foes on the beach. Suddenly waves crashed down on top of the enemies leaving them stunned and with severe physical and water damage.

Armor (if any): Kairi wears a short skirt or Black Cotton. Along with A pair of long Black leather boots, reaching the height of her knees. Her arms are covered by a pair of leather gloves reaching the base of her elbow. They flare out with a sharp point at the elbow. Her arms are covered in a pair of arm bracers to protect from incoming attacks.

Occupation: Thief
Alignment: Neutral

Personality: Cheeky, arrogrant and selfish. She mostly tends to do things for her sake rather than others. She's laid-back and doesn't seem to let anything bother her.

Bio: Kairi was born on a small town on the outskirts of a large forested region. She was 10 when she first ventured out into the wide forested region. Her curiosity was her worst trait She was always curious about something or other. One time she was so curious as to fire that she jumped in a roaring furnace never do that again. Ever since she has had a fear of the Flame. Water on the other hand she loved water she used to go swimming all the time. When ever her family went to the seaside she would cry when they left. It was once when they went swimming was it that she learnt of her affinity with the wave. She could control it bend it to her will pick small amounts out of the sea and then move it around with mere thoughts. And thus she lived her days out in peace and tranquility. Two days after her 21 birthday. She noticed a small wif of smoke rising from the village. She was out camping but when she returned she saw to her horror the town was in flames. She froze there was nothing she could do her body wouldn’t react at all it wouldn’t run it would help them she was frozen. She watched as the fire died out. Everyone she had ever known was dead her family her friends. All that she had was a clue to the assassins or the bandits or the people/monsters who did it a small purple dragon on the side of a sleeve.

This okay? ^^; Bio sponsored by a friend of mine.
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