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[Fan Game] Kingdom Hearts - TLC (The Lost Chapters) [Teaser Trailer]


God Emperor

New member
Jul 20, 2016
I have good news for everyone ! The last 8 months or so I returned to developing the fan game I announced on this site 2 years ago (time sure flies fast). I'm happy to announce that the game is 95% complete !!!

I uploaded the first teaser trailer on YouTube hoping to get everybody hyped up for the upcoming release which is in the VERY near future ! A full trailer is coming soon when I get some personal stuff out of the way.


I really hope you all enjoy this. I welcome all types of constructive criticism.

The player gets to see what happened inside Sora's mind while Namine was re arranging his memories. This includes fighting heartless, disney bad guys, organization 13 members in order to fully send away the darkness and wake up before the Organization gets control.

You get to visit 9 worlds, obtain over 40 abiilities and finishers, many keyblades and much more. Each world has its personal little story and each little story is tied up to a bigger one like in the original titles.

Stay tuned for more updates !!


New member
May 19, 2018
Everything's looking great so far and now's definitely the time to promote it my friend.

Are you using Unity or Unreal Engine? You should definitely be able to get a less choppy camera, that little touch would make it 10 times better I guarantee.

I would also consider getting someone to help out with making some good promotional vids so you can stay focused on the game mainly. :eek: