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Falling Together

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Pie Equals Friendship in YO FACE!
Jul 3, 2009
“Ivory? You okay?” asked Xavier

Ivory crawled weakly to his own spot in the small space. His friends looked at him but that didn’t matter, no one could barley see each other anyway.

“Guys we have a problem” Ivory finally said
“He speaks!” Jeeth joked
“What’s wrong?” asked KoJo
“They’re going to blow this place up”

Everyone’s eyes widen and jaws dropped.

“We got to get out of here!” yelled Xavier
“Where are we anyway?” asked Jeeth

KoJo stood up slowly. KoJo was a tall young man, Six foot six. As he stood there was only two feet above him. KoJo lifted his arm and felt his surroundings and the ceiling.

“Damn KoJo I never noticed how dark you are. I can barley see you” Jeeth said
“You know I take that offensively” KoJo smiled back
“Oh I see that smiled though”

KoJo shook his head and walked around a little. The other boys sat and suddenly a light flickered on. Everyone turned in shock towards the light.

“Look what I jacked” Jeeth said smiling

Everyone smacked their heads and looked down.

“Where did you get that?” asked Ivory
“I took it from King Kong back there”
“How? You know what, I don’t want to know” Xavier said
“Hey let me see that” KoJo said.

Jeeth handed the lighter to KoJo. KoJo held the light to the ceiling. It was all dirt just like he thought. The door itself though was metal. KoJo knocked on the dirt ceiling and smiled.

“I hope you took a shovel too Jeeth” KoJo said
“Nah, I’m not that good”
“Okay for us to escape we got to break through this” KoJo said pointing up the ceiling

The other three looked at each other and nodded. They all got up slowly, still sore from their beatings.

“Will we be able to escape?” Ivory asked
“Yes, its hallow here and they didn’t build this underground that much. I’m guessing there’s three more feet to open land” KoJo explained
“Alright brothers lets get digging” Jeeth said rubbing his hands.

KoJo swung the light around again. In all corners of the room. Something sparkled and caught his eye. He bent his long body and picked up a metal pick.

“So that’s what stabbed me in the butt” Xavier said
“This can help a lot” KoJo said
“Okay lets hurry guys, the bomb they set is on a timer” Ivory said panicky

KoJo nodded. He took the lighter and started to heat up the dirt ceiling. He then got the metal pick and jabbed it. Dirt started to crumble. The other boys reached up and started digging.

“I see the light!” Jeeth shouted
“Okay we got a hard part now” said KoJo
“Someone boost me up and I’ll dig the rest of the way” Xavier said

Ivory and Jeeth boosted up Xavier up the small hole that they dug up already. Xavier jabbed the pick so many times that dirt was going in his face. He coughed and started again looking away this time.

Finally he broke threw something. They all shouted excitedly. Xavier dug around to make it big enough so everyone can get through.

“Yo ‘X’ crawl out and pull us up” Jeeth said
“’X’?” Xavier said to himself. He used all his strength and got out of the hole. It was dark outside and chilly.

As he got out he reached back down to help the others. Jeeth boosted Ivory up to Xavier. Ivory got out with success.

“I’ll boost you up” KoJo said
“What about you? Asked Jeeth
“I’ll get out don’t worry”

Jeeth nodded. KoJo boosted him up and Jeeth got out no problem. KoJo then stepped back as far as he can in the small room. He sprinted three feet and jumped up the hole. KoJo’s movements were so fast, he crawled up the hole with such speed. He was out in a moment.

The other three were all wide eyed. ”Damn KoJo you’re a beast!” Jeeth said aloud.

“um guys remember the bomb” Ivory reminded them

Then they heard a loud crash sound. They all got up and ran towards the forest. The ground exploded and it rained dirt. The impact reached the boys and made them fall.

They all lay on the ground covered in dirt.


Pie Equals Friendship in YO FACE!
Jul 3, 2009
Ivory sat up and looked around. It was morning and the sun was barley making its way up the horizon. Ivory’s exposed body was covered with morning dew. He stood up slowly, he was sore and limped a little.

“KoJo, Jeeth, ‘X’ wake up” Ivory said with no volume at all

He cleared his throat. Xavier then groaned and sat up slowly. KoJo and Jeeth repeated the same action.

“Fuck, it feels like I been hit by a train” Jeeth said feeling bruises he obtained
“You did. By King Kong” KoJo shot back at him

Ivory looked down at them and reached his hand out. Xavier reached for it and got up. KoJo bent his long legs and made his way up. Jeeth lay for a moment and finally got up.

“So what now?” asked Xavier

Everyone looked at Ivory. Ivory didn’t like the stares.

“Why are you guys looking at me?”
“Because you’re the Leader of this group, Hello?” Jeeth said
“No, I’m not. I failed to lead you guys, this is all my fault”
“It’s no ones fault Ivory. Stuff like his happens all the time” KoJo said with comfort.
“Yeah and if its anyone’s fault its Jeeth’s” Xavier said

Jeeth shot Xavier a dirty look. “You are so lucky I got the shit beat out of me or I would beat your ass”
Ivory looked down and sighed. “Come on guys lets looked around”

The four walked towards the bomb sight. Every where was scattered with cloth, metal and shattered glass.

“I hope we find some clothes. I’m tired of seeing KoJo’s ass” Xavier said

KoJo looked up and laughed. “Hey stop looking”

Everyone started laughing.

“I don’t swing that way, besides I got a girl back home” Xavier said blushing
“Oh really ‘X’” said Jeeth smacking him in the back
“Yes, really”
“What’s her name?” asked Ivory
“Oh sounds like a hot name” Jeeth said

Everyone shook their head and started to look around. Everything was blown to bits and scraps were everywhere. Xavier jumped in a hole and looked around. As he walked something caught his eye. He bent down and picked up a piece of paper.

“Autumn” he said softly. Xavier’s eyes started to water. His girlfriend's picture was destroyed by the explosion. All that was left of her picture was the left side of her face. Showing her smile and soft eyes.

“’X’? you okay?” asked KoJo
“Yeah, I’m fine”
“Hey I found my pants!” shouted Jeeth.
“You mean one pant leg” Ivory said
“Well everything is gone” KoJo said

The four looked around in defeat.

“I guess we can go co-mando now” Jeeth joked
“Eh no, I want to save my eyes thank you” Xavier said

Then a cooing sound started to join the conversation. They all looked around with wonder.

“Did you hear that?” asked Ivory
“Yeah, it sounds like…a pigeon?” KoJo said
“But where is it?” added Jeeth

They all looked around hearing the bird but not seeing a thing. Xavier’s face expression suddenly changed.

“Guys I think its on my head” he said
“Get it off!” Xavier said trying to stay still

KoJo laughed and reached his long arms to the top of Xavier’s head. As he touched a soft feathery body it appeared. It was a carrier pigeon.
KoJo held the bird as it cooed softly. Ivory reached for the letter attached to the pigeon.

“So what does it say?” Jeeth asked
“Crap!” Ivory responded
“What!?” KoJo and Xavier said at the same time
“Well first off they’re leaving us here and expecting us to find our own way back. Second they’re heading straight for the Vicens trap”


Pie Equals Friendship in YO FACE!
Jul 3, 2009
“What idiots!” Jeeth yelled
“Wait how do you know where the Vicens are headed?” asked Xavier
“Well when they were talking to me last night they pretty much told me everything” Ivory answered
“Ah, they probably told you because they knew we would die from the explosion” KoJo said

“Well we’re alive bitches!” Jeeth shouted
“Not for long. We have no supplies, clothes, communication” Ivory said
“We got the pigeon” Xavier joked

They looked at the pigeon that KoJo was still holding. Ivory shook his head and looked at the letter again.

“Hey there’s something on the back!”
“Read it!” they all shouted

Ivory read the small print and his face expression changed.

“What is it!” Xavier and Jeeth asked
“It says that a special agent from the Rose Army is tracking down the pigeon they sent and is going to help us!” Ivory said in one breath.

“Really? What a relief” KoJo said
“Just don’t let go of that bird” Jeeth said
“I won’t” KoJo said flashing his white smile
“So we wait here then?” asked Xavier
“Yeah. It shouldn’t take that long. I hope”

The four boys waited for twenty minutes. They sat in the morning sun getting darker from the rays. KoJo still held the pigeon but it soon didn’t care anymore. KoJo got up and moved into the shade.

“I don’t need to get any darker” KoJo said as he sat by the forest entrance.

The others laughed.

“The sun feels good when your half naked” Jeeth said stretching

They all laughed now.

“So where are you guys from again?” asked Ivory
“I’m from the east” Jeeth answered
“South” KoJo said
“West” Xavier said
“North” Ivory answered last

“Wow we’re all really far from each other” Jeeth said
“Yet we came together because of a war” KoJo said
“Maybe it was supposed to happen” Xavier said
“Yeah, that’s what I think” Ivory said

“Oh don’t talk about this destiny and fate crap. Whatever happens, happens” Jeeth said
“Well we all believe in different things” Xavier said
“I know its just I don’t believe that”
“Me either” KoJo said

As they were talking someone stepped out of the forest twenty feet away from them. They didn’t notice but person observed from the distance. It was a girl.

She was wearing a dark red out fit with lots of pockets. Her hair was pulled into a pony tail with bangs hanging on the side. She carried four different backpacks.

“Hey!” she shouted

The boys faces changed and they looked towards her direction.

“Who is that!?”
“Is that a girl!?”
“O’ my gosh it is!”
“Is this a mirage?”

The girl certainly heard their reaction and laughed. She started to run towards them.
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