Eye Color and other Union X questions



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Aug 11, 2017
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I apologize if this has already been discussed somewhere, but I need some clarification.

The yellow eyes, are they a trait of Xehanort or a sign that you are possessed by darkness? In that case, someone explain Skuld's eyes. Are they a sign of darkness or even Luxu for that matter? (Possible Spoiler?)

I can't foresee how the story of Union Cross will pan out, and who among the 5 inherited Luxu's keyblade, although my money is on Skuld or Ephemer. After the latest update, I am going to say that Brain is Eraqus's ancestor from the Land of Fairy Tales.

As to who killed Strelitzia? Unless someone has a better theory, anybody think that possibly it could be player? We know that player has a nightmare chirithy, and was last scene in Enchanted Dominion. A shadowy figure calling themselves "darkness" appears to Malificent. Could the player themselves be the Master of Masters? Ironic that he disappears and then the player is revealed.

This is just random thoughts I've put out there for people to speculate on. I know I am rambling, hope someone can help sort me out. Thanks folks.