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Explaining Ansem-the-wise's "Deus Ex Machina" KH encoder

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Some guy

May 10, 2014
So, as I played through that part, I noticed a parallel that could explain what happened better than "he did say anything could happen"

-First, how Riku regained his normal form:
The encoder's purpose was to "absorb" Xemnas' KH in the form of data; however, AtW miscalculated and KH couldn't be contained.
But still, some part of that KH was absorbed into the encoder (as we see afterwards, there's a big chunk missing in the KH)
When it exploded, that part was released and the light contained in those countless hearts purged Riku of XH (remember how he was destroyed in a similar fashion in KH1?). If you watch that scene again, you'll notice there are two "shockwaves": one from the explosion, and one in the form of light. Riku took the blunt of both as he was protecting everyone (or at least he tried), which explains why he was the only one affected). And even if there was some darkness leaking out of those hearts at the same time, it wouldn't have much effect on Riku or XH.

-Then, how AtW ended in the RoD:
Hearts released from emblems rise up, and then disappear in what appears to be corridors of darkness (this could be due to the organization's doing however, in which case this theory falls apart) to: reunite with the body if it's available, go into a sleeping state if the body is up and around (nodody), or be assimilated by KH in the RoD (that last one is pure speculation).
So hearts are capable of travelling the realms and space (and time too, but that's not relevant here) if they are on their own. My guess is, while most of the hearts (once freed) turned into heartless once again after the burst of light (even after being purified by the keyblade before, maybe because TWTNW is too close to the RoD?), some of the hearts that were absorbed into the encoder opened corridors to go "somewhere" and AtW was just caught up into one of those, becoming amnesiac on the way because of the initial explosion.

The parallel I mentioned earlier is how both XH (KH1) and Riku? (KH2) are engulfed by a bright light tied to a fake KH, which results in XH's demise.
Feel free to discuss, etc.


Mar 9, 2008
So basically Ansem the Wise gets dragged to the dark realm with a few stray hearts?
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