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Existance on a Fragile Chain

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Aug 26, 2007
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Ok, this story is 100% mine. It's even been published in the town newspaper, though that was a bad version of it. And please, no crap about vampires, this is not Twilight, no one sparkles. If you like them, great, if not, you don't have to read it. That being said, if you choose to continue reading, thank you and hopefully you'll like it. It's a short story, so no chapters, but I would like to know what you think(Please don't be rude=^_^=).

Existence on a Fragile Chain​

Hiding half your life is harder than it sounds. It became harder the longer I hid what I was. Even school was hard for me. I’d have to run away many times at the smallest of things. On that climactic day, I was sitting in class, reading a book, when my teacher gasped. The slice in her finger seeped a sweet smelling scarlet liquid. Less than a drop, but it was enough. It called me to it, it longed for me, just as I longed for it. It caught all of my focus until my will got its hold and I bolted out of the building. On my way out, the 2nd period teacher called, “Karen, where are you going?”

I only knew one person I could tell everything-even this-to, and she was Erin, my mentor and very best friend. Only she and one other person-if you could even call him that-knew what I was, as he is the one who changed us. Adonis’s glowing red eyes sent chills down my spine, even a month after he ruined my life by turning me into one of his kind: a vampire.

Dana jumped on my bed and mewed, pushing her head under my hand and breaking my trance. I petted her soft, black, medium length fur as she purred loudly and paced under my hand like she always did. I looked at the clock and realized I’d been laying on my bed, unmoving, for over 15 hours. The bathroom window let the full moon’s light into my bedroom. I saw a silhouette of a person passed through the beam.

“Hey there Erin…” I spoke softly.

“You are getting harder and harder to scare, Karen.” She bounced lightly on the bed next to me. “Want me to grab you a drink? You look like you had a hard day.”

“Yeah, don’t want to talk about it though. It’s in the fridge.” I said sittng up. “You need one too, your cheeks are hollowing.”

“That’s what happens,” She opened the refrigerator next to the bed and tossed me a bottle of the scarlet liquid I called “soda” around my dad. Then, she gulped one down like she was dying of thirst, which wasn’t likely too far from the truth, “when you’re over 100 years young.”

And young she was. She had the appearance of a typical Emo 17 year old girl in Salem: black, purple, and red were the main colors of her wardrobe, green neon streaks in her hair, and a few piercings. Very similar to myself. No one would suspect that there were vampires here, much less ones that studied magic like Erin did.

“You know,” I said, “there is one thing I like about being a vampire.”

“There is? Do tell, because I hate it.” Erin sat on the bed with her second bottle.

“My dad doesn’t bother me every waking hour anymore.” I said. “But that’s because I don’t sleep anymore. God, I hate him…”

“Yeah, I don’t like him either. If he was my dad, I’d be glad for the change too.”

“We still need to change back though. I miss my old life.” I sighed.

When Erin settled down, Dana jumped on her lap and demanded pets. “Love you too Dana!!” She picked the cat up and hugged her tight.

“How’s the necklace working out for you?” she asked.

“Great. I only sunburn if I have exposed skin in the sun, like I did this morning.” I replied. “It’s gone now.”

“I’ll have to strengthen the spell later.” Erin smirked. “It’s better than burning up and turning to ash. I hated that.” She rubbed her hand where the sun had shone on her 50 years earlier. It was still cracked and red. “I don’t think I’ll ever heal from that one.”

“Have you found anything about where he’s hiding?”

“Adonis is in a tomb in the cemetery.” Erin whispered. “I have the stake, but you’ll have to kill him. He’ll underestimate you.”

“I’m afraid you’ll die when he does…” I said. “You’re like my sister.”

“Don’t worry about that. Even if I die because of my age, we’ll both be cured and we’ll always be soul sisters. I promise you that.” She patted my shoulder.

“I know…but it won’t be the same…” I hugged her and started to cry. “You’re the closest thing I have to a real family.”
She wrapped her arms around me. “Then, as your older sister, I have authority over you, right?” I nodded. “Then I demand you pierce Adonis’s black heart with this stake! He’s long overdue to become dust.” Dana mewed in agreement.

“Tonight?” I asked.


I grabbed my hoodie out of habit and we then headed out silently and quickly into the night.
It didn’t take long for us to reach the cemetery. The crispness of the October night didn’t bother us, nor did the darkness created by the shadows of the trees and golden leaves overhead. The seemingly ancient headstones guarded each grave, giving each one a name and personality all of its own.

Erin paused to look at one that had a rose engraved into it, from a century ago. The last name had been scratched off with what looked like fingernails.

“If I die again, would you put me here?” She asked. “Seems only fitting I be put into my own grave…”

“Yeah, I can do that for all you’ve done for me.” I walked closer to her. “But let’s not think about that now. Where is Adonis’s hiding place?”

“See the tomb under that tree? That’s it.” She pointed to a tree about fifteen feet away. It was gnarled and already barren of leaves. Remnants of ropes from hangings of criminals long ago still dangled from the limbs, as a permanent reminder of just how cruel Salem could be. The tomb contained the bodies of those criminals.

“How fitting…” I said, another chill running down my spine.

Erin grabbed me and pulled me closer to her. “Look!” She whispered urgently. “The door’s open!” She pointed at the tomb, and then to the trees above us. “Let’s hide in the trees and wait for him to come back from hunting.” She said, already half way up one.

I followed her example and went up another tree closer to the tomb. It was much too late when I realized that I didn’t have the wooden stake. Erin did.

The wind rustled the golden autumn’s leaves and the tree limbs groaned under the swaying. A shadow passed so quickly on the ground that I thought it was my imagination. I closed my eyes and shook my head, thinking at most it was an owl in the moon light.

I opened my eyes again, and only saw the eternally haunting, glowing red eyes that terrified me into waking nightmares, that I saw so vividly bright as the monster drained my normal life away, as well as my blood.

I was so frozen in fear that I couldn’t speak, couldn’t breath, just stare at those demonic eyes and feel the sting of my puncture wounds from his fangs in my neck flare up.

“Hello Karen. Remember me?” His mouth didn’t seem to move as he spoke. The wind blew and a lock of his long, silvery, moonlit hair passed over his eyes, distracting me from them long enough to focus on the rest of his beautiful face. He was a demon masquerading as an angel.

“How could I forget the one who destroyed me?” I barely managed a whisper. “Why did you attack me?”

“I didn’t attack you.” He smirked.

“Then what would you call what you did to me?!” My voice was gaining strength as anger flooded my body.

“I turned you. And the reason is that I fell in love with you.”

I blinked at him. “What…?”

His gaze met mine, his red eyes flashing with a clear intent. “A Vampire Lord needs a Queen by his side. I chose you.”

My body was no longer rigid and I could move again. I smacked him across the face, thankful that my voice was not the only part of me with strength. “If it were love, you would have given me a choice!!”

Adonis rubbed his cheek. “For a young Vampire Queen, you have become very strong.” He reached for my face the way a man would to kiss his wife.

“No!” I pushed him away and jumped down to the ground. “Don’t you dare touch me!”

“And why not?” He followed, gliding gracefully down from the tree. “I changed you into my queen. You belong to me now.”

“Liar!” I growled and lunged at him like a wild animal. An unseen force knocked me on my back, temporarily blinding me. When I regained vision, I saw Erin’s face, wet with tears, hovering over me.

“Erin… what are you doing?” I gasped.

“I own everyone I’ve changed. Isn’t that right, Guardian?” Adonis hissed so quietly that I almost couldn’t hear him.

“It’s true… No matter how much I wish it weren’t, I have to do what he says.” Erin cried. “I’m his protector, that’s why I can’t hurt him. You have to.” She still pinned me down, but I could see the clear apology in her blood shot eyes.

“In a few more weeks, you will become my obedient slave.” Adonis pulled Erin off me, throwing her to the ground. He then pulled me up and turned me to face him. “And you will love me.” He commanded as he stared into my eyes, and I into his, trapped once again by his gaze. His eyes seemed to become less threatening, more kind and gentle.

But a nagging sensation in the back of my head told me of danger. My mind ordered me to get away, but my body refused to respond, as if it wanted to stay close to him. I just stared into those eyes more closely. Staring for an eternity.

“Karen!!” Erin’s voice barely registered with me. Then a bolt of lightening struck me, starting at my neck and transferred to the rest of my body. I felt my fingers and toes go numb. I noticed I wasn’t seeing Adonis’s eyes anymore, but rather his hair in my face.

“Get off!” I screamed, ripping my body away from his. My flesh tore as we separated, blood pouring from the wound. Pain flooded my head and my vision became red, then darker and I could barely see as I fell to the ground and looked up toward him.

“Keep this up and your life will end prematurely.” He wiped his lips with the sleeve of his low cut shirt, his fangs still crimson with my blood. “My queen shall not suffer that fate.” Adonis let a hint of anger into his voice.

“I won’t die…” I stood, shakily. I took the stake from Erin’s belt as she laid on the ground next to me. I then turned to face him. “But it’s past time for you to!” I lunged again, aiming for his evil, black heart with every ounce of strength I had left.

Erin was in front of me before I could get to him, causing me to swerve and trip. Still dizzy, I couldn’t catch myself and fell, the stake imbedding itself into the ground so deeply that it’d be a lost cause to try to use it.

“Behave yourself, my queen. I don’t want to hurt you.” Adonis said, lifting onto my feet. He held me so close that I could hear the blood running through his veins. He whispered into my ear with the most gentle, yet threatening voice I’d ever
heard. “There’s no point in fighting me. You’ll only get yourself hurt.”

I felt like giving up, like he was right. “You said I will love you because you own me… I guess I don’t have a choice…” I started to cry.

Adonis stepped back, his gaze searching for ill intent. Finding that I was truthful, he smiled. He reached his fingers just under the collar of my shirt and pulled the necklace chain out. “With this you can see the sun one last time. This is your last chance before I take it away. Would you like to?”

I nodded slowly. My neck had become stiff and sore from the wound and dried blood that covered me from the side to the center of my throat and down my chest.

“Erin, come here. You’ll help me keep her here.” Adonis commanded.

“Coming…” She sniffed. She’d been crying too.

Then I noticed the smell of blood that wasn’t my own. I looked toward her and scanned her body with my eyes, until I found the ribbons of blood coming from her wrists. I then saw an old dagger on the ground where she’d lain. Adonis and I’d been so focused on each other that we hadn’t noticed her. She lightly coughed and my eyes shot to her face. “His necklace.” She mouthed. “Get it off of him.”

I looked away and up at Adonis’s handsome face, which had softened somewhat. “When is sunrise today?” I asked.

“In a few minutes.” He took my hand and pulled me along the grass to the tomb. Lifting me into his arms, he jumped on top of it as naturally as breathing. When we landed, his necklace flew out of his shirt. A giant onyx pendent hanging from a thin chain bounced off his chest and glistened.

Erin followed us to the top of the tomb and almost fell. She’d lost too much blood. “Why’d she cut herself?” I barely said aloud.

We faced the horizon, which had lightened already into shades of lavender and rose. A few minutes later, the sun peaked over the edge of the mountains.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Adonis breathed as the sun crept up higher and higher. Soon we were engulfed in its light. His necklace shimmered as the sun hit it.

I’d gathered my courage. I slowly reached for the necklace. Adonis noticed and grabbed my hand.

“Exactly what are you doing?” He demanded in a half playful tone.

“I want to touch your beautiful face.” I said, trying to sound innocent, but not too much so.

“I’m sure.” He said, pressing his thumb into my hand so I cried out. “I’m not that stupid.” I swatted at his chest, trying to get his necklace with my other hand, but he caught it too.

Erin moved to interfere, but she dizzily fell off the top of the tomb and landed squarely on her butt. That’d been her plan when she bled herself, she couldn’t stop me, couldn’t protect him. If she’d been human, she’d have already died from blood loss.

Adonis looked down at her. “YOU STUPID GIRL!!” he yelled , his voice booming through the cemetery.

With him distracted, I jerked my hand free and swung at his chest again. When I felt a scorching heat I knew that I’d done it. I jumped off the tomb, not realizing he still held my other hand until I felt a shocking pain as bones splintered within it, accompanied by what I thought was the most horrid scream mankind had been witness to. That is, until it was drowned out by a scream of such pure agony that the Lord of Terror himself would run in fear of its source.

Within minutes, the flames consuming Adonis had reduced him to ashes. I thanked the wind that silently blew the remnants away. I finally looked down toward my hand and saw small bones poking through my flesh. Glad I couldn’t feel it, I wrapped the hoodie I’d been wearing around the shattered hand.

I suddenly knew I’d forgotten something. Erin’s still body lay on the ground.

“No!!” I gasped and ran to her, pulling her into a more upright position. “Please, wake up!” I listened closely, hoping to at least hear her heartbeat, like I could for so long. Nothing for reached my ears. “You can’t be gone! You can’t!” I sobbed.

Not wanting to keep living, I grasped the chain around my neck, then threw it and the onyx pendent into the grass.
I felt a comforting, not harsh and painful heat. Confused at why I hadn’t started to burn, I looked at the sky to see if clouds had covered the sun. It was a completely clear day.

“Now why would you go and do that when I spent so much time and energy making that for you?” A low voice whispered close to my ear.

“Erin!!” I hugged her tight. “I couldn’t hear your heartbeat.”

“Ouch!” She squeaked. “No duh. You can’t hear it. Human hearing is terrible compared to a vampire’s.” She smirked. “And guess what you are?”

Realization struck me just then. I was cured. I was human again!!

“Does that mean you are too?” I asked hopefully.

“I don’t know.” She reached behind her neck. “If not, I’ve had a good long run. I think 117 qualifies me as the oldest living woman on the planet, don’t you?”

“Wait!” She plopped the necklace on the ground next to the two I’d thrown. And we waited. And waited. Nothing happened.

“You are…” I whispered.

“Seems so…” She replied.

“We’re human!!” We cried simultaneously.

“You’re living with me, even if I have to move out of Dad’s place.” I announced.

“Ok, I won’t argue with you. I’m too tired.” Erin yawned.

“Let’s get home.” I had no idea it’d be so refreshing to be exhausted. I helped Erin off the ground.

“You know, Dana’s probably going to be mad that we left her alone all night again.” She smiled.

“It looks like she’s not going to be able to get mad at us for that anymore.” I sighed happily.

We were human, and we were both alive. Those red eyes and silver hair of the beautiful demon were only a memory. We walked silently, calmly into what was left of the sunrise. Starting a new day, a new life, and leaving the cemetery, the tomb, the terrible night, and its Vampire Lord behind us.
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