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Evolve (new IP from the creators of Left 4 Dead for PS4, Xbox One, and PC)

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Roronoa Zoro

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Jan 8, 2010
Don't really see why you should care but I might b
Game is in development for three years
Turtle Rock has around 75 employers
Very lush and large outdoor enviroments
Lots of AI wildlife
Monster evolves by eating the wildlife
Share's a portion of the story, says it isn't the focus
Only shows hunt mode
Monster wins if incapacitates or kills all 4 players at the same time / Hunters wins by killing the monster
Incapacitated hunters can be revived for a short amount of time
Dead hunters are brought back after 2 minutes by a dropship
Dropship also brings any player that dies in the 2 minutes interval
The monster can also win by completing an objective after getting to final form
The objective on the level shown was destroying an barrier and killing some civilians
Weapons have unlimited ammo, balanced by magazine sizes/cooldown
Automatically runs if not shooting
Four classes of hunters Medic, Assault, Support and Trapper
Assault focus is to deal damage, also have a personal shield
Medic has an area of effect health burst
Support role is to improve the ability of other classes
Trapper has an mobile arena that can trap the monster
Medic is called Val, has an medgun that heals and revives players
Also have a tranquilizer gun that highlight and slow the monster
For offensive the medic has an sniper rifle, that double the damage where it hits
Assault called Markov, comes with proximity mines and two weapons
Assault rifle for long range and lightning rifle for close combat
Support is named Hank, has an laser canon for calling orbital barrages, which limitates the monster moviments
Also has an shield projector to use on other players
Trapper called Griffin, has an harpoon gun that stops the monster going forward
Also has a submachine gun and sound spikes
Trapper is the most advanced class
All classes have an jetpack
Double tapping the jetpack button performs an dodge
Turtle Rock says that there will be more kinds of each class, with different equipment
Trapper with harpoon mine used as example
Monster is called Goliath, hybrid of ape, snake and xenomorph
At the final stage is over 30 feet tall, and is a lot more powerfull
At the start can use basic punch attack, leap long distances and climb walls
Has 4 special abilities, can choose 2 at level 1, gets one more at each level
Charge Attack, Leap Attack, Rock Throw, Fire Breath
Some wildlife are as big and dangerous as Goliath
Can gain armor and evolves by eating other animals
Enters an cocoon to evolve, is vulnerable in this stage
Running leaves footprints behind, carcasses attracts birds, leaping causes lots of noise and scares the wildlife
Can also move slowly for stealth
Plenty of other monsters, Goliath is the most basic one
Players can loot perks by killing the special wildlife
Matches by GameInformer took around 15-10 min each

As big as Goliath, only attacks when provoked

Trap Jaws
Kinda like an Dog x Dinosaur, is weak alone but can be dangerous in a pack

Emits sounds if you get close, usefull for hunters

Carnivorous Plants
Devours anything close, if an hunter is caught by it will need help to escape

There's also some artwork, one is an ice cave, other is the rock bridge with some larvas that is on the GI video, and the last one seemed to be an factory like place.


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Jun 19, 2013
Im rather excited for this game, games like these always sound like there gonna be great fun with a group of friends to just mess around in. Not to mention i feel as if left 4 dead really brought out that kind of co-op gameplay and made it become a popular genre today. So its nice to see that the team who started it will be making this style of game.
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