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Everything We Know About XIV/Xion So Far

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Everything We Know About DBABHGTIITOBMOMNBAN So Far

[size=+3]-SO FAR-[/size]


That's right. I am back - again. So, due to the S-E Party Event blowing our heads off with new information, I decided it was hightime for me to include DBABHGTIITOBMOMNBAN into the "Everything We Know" family =] Everyone treat 'er kindly please. And I hope you like the thread, I expect it to be updated frequently as more XIV info is released.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is not the ? Thread. That one is still under wraps =] So, discuss! i'll just repeat what I have said in previous threads right now:

I made this thread to help new members, as well as old, touch up on the facts about what we know concerning XIV/Xion. I was tired of seeing so many people clueless about the three games so I made the 358 thread, the BBS thread, and the Coded thread - and now, I'm bringing you a thread all about our favourite mystery Nobody for the same reasons. I hope many members find something of value in this thread, and if not, I hope you all can at least appreciate the work that I have put in for your - the members' - benefit. So, enjoy! ^__________________^

DISCLAIMER: Please note, the content and writing of this thread technically belongs to me. I put in a lot of work on these pages and they are not allowed to be copied, distributed or posted, in part or of its entirety, on any site other than KHInsider. Thank you, and I hope you can understand why.

The XIVth Member is a new member of the Organization that will be introduced in 358/2 Days. She was introduced without a name at the time, all we knew about her was that she wasn't in KHII, a game that takes place after 358/2 Days, and that there was a specific reason to why that was. Along with that, Nomura has stated that even with the XIVth member, the Organization was still called Organization XIII, and, likewise, the specific reason for that will be told during he course of 358/2 Days. Her appearance has yet to be seen but it is believed to have been revealed at the DKΣ3713 Party Event, images should be soon to surface. Later, trailer impressions began to surface detailing that DBABHGTIITOBMOMNBAN's hair could be seen in one scene and that she had dark blue hair, similar to Aqua's, but her face has still not been seen.

At the DKΣ3713 Party Event, there was a brand new trailer for 358/2 Days that ended with the revelation of the XIVth Member's name, spoken by Naminé in the line "I wanted to meet you, Xion". This is the first time her name has ever been revealed to the public. Just who is this new character Xion?

However, due to an on-going debate on her name (Xion or Shion) highly intelligent fans have decided to call her DBABHGTIITOBMOMNBAN, bringing back the old feeling of Pre-KH2 where anagrams such as BHK and RHG ruled the forums!
DBABHGTIITOBMOMNBAN stands for Dark Blue, Almost Black Haired Girl That Is In The Organization But May Or May Not Be a Nobody. Spread it around!

Another surprise revealed at the DKΣ3713 Party Event was the revelation of XIV's, or Xion's, weapon. It was none other than a Keyblade! We don't know all of the details on this Keyblade, but in the trailer impressions Riku is said to tell her that her Keyblade is a fake, to which Xion says "Don't tell me that! You're deceiving too!". At first we didn't know much about the Keyblade she was wielding, but slowly more details came pouring in and it was revealed that she was wielding the Kingdom Key.

When asked if the XIVth member was a character we have seen before, Nomura answered, smiling, that it was a secret and that, while the XIVth Member does appear in this game, she is not the reason for the game, but that her "point" was that she was a key character. He also went onto to say that the reason why she has no pillar and why she didn't appear in Kingdom Hearts II will all be explained. It has also been stated that the XIVth Member has had great influence on Roxas' future actions.

[size=+1]-TOKYO GAME SHOW-[/size]
The trailer starts from the scene where re:COM ended, afterwards the words "The other side attached to Sora still sleeps" and "The mind comes back whenever they touch." The scene then moves to Twilight Town, where Roxas, and Axel are sitting on the edge, as seen in KH2FM+.

Soon the trailer switches to Roxas being invited to the Organization XIII, and introduced to them, which soon cuts out to another scene of Roxas joining the Organization for the first time. Soon the scene then switches to the King talking about Axel, and Saix with Roxas pulling out his keyblade, moving into gameplay.

The gameplay features Roxas fighting with other Organization Members in a multiplayer game. This one confirms the allowance of being able to play as Roxas, Axel, Saix and Xigbar.

The scene then switches to Xemnas talking towards other Organization members. Xemnas explains that a 14th member has joined the Organization, and the 14th member appears to be a female, wearing a black hood. Soon the title comes up as "Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days"

You can then hear Roxas in the background saying "I will disappear from this world in 151 days"

[size=+1]-JUMP FESTA-[/size]
Several Organization XIII members walk in front of Roxas
Xigbar: "Whoops."
Saix stands before Roxas.
In front, you can see a corridor of darkness.

Saix: "Be careful."

Stepping into the corridor, Roxas seemingly warps to Twilight Town.
The mission "Defeat Clock Tower's Darkside!" starts.
A mission is given to defeat 4 bodies of Heartless on the way.

Roxas & Co. defeat the Dark Side
Axel: "Roxas, go on."
Roxas: "Axel..."

Suddenly Heartless attack Roxas from behind.
The 14th member of the Organization attacks the Heartless and wipes them out. The 14th member smiles.
Axel and Roxas both look perplexed.
The 14th member begins to take off their hood..

[size=+1]-DKΣ3713 PARTY-[/size]
BG MUSIC: The Other Promise
The trailer begins with these lines.
"I can't remember, something important."

Axel: "Do you know why the setting sun is red?"

Twilight Town's clock tower.
Two finished sea salt ice cream sticks are placed.
Axel: "It's because among the countless colors comprising light, red travels the greatest distance."
Roxas: "You're just showing off, Axel!"

In front of Sora's pod in room inside the Twilight Town mansion
Namine: "Regardless of how I assemble the memories, they begin to flow out... If another memory is connected, it can't return to it's original source."

The white room where Organization members gather.
Xemnas: "Ladies and gentleman, today is a day that should be commemorated."
Xemnas: "A new member has joined us."
Xemnas: "...It is the 14th."
The 14th member moves to the center and smiles.
She wears a black hood, but from what can be seen. her face is that of a girl.

In a forest.
The King meets a black hooded man in the forest.
He looks mysterious, he's also wearing a black hood.
For a moment the man removes his hood, the King looks surprised and takes out his keyblade.

Gameplay scene.
Battle scenes from singleplay mode and multiplay mode are shown.
The multiplay result scene is shown where the players (2~4)
are shown in Organization XIII chairs.

In front of Sora's pod in room inside the Twilight Town mansion
Diz: "If he is lacking a few memories, will he have a problem waking?
Namine: "In his case, it is an important key if he's going to wake up."
Diz: "Namine, what do you foresee?"
Namine: "If its connected to another memory, surely she can't endure it."
Diz: "She...?"

Front Gate of the Beast's Castle
(This might be after Riku and the 14th fight.)
The 14th collapses in pain, she is holding the Kingdom Key.
Riku closes in on her and lifts her hood, she resists.
He lifts one eye of the blindfold to see her face.
Riku's expression changes to surprise.
Riku: "Who are you? Why do you have the keyblade?"
14th: "Why are you dressed like a member of the Organization?"
Riku walks away from her, towards the castle.
Riku: "So no one interferes with Sora's sleep."
Her keyblade is sticking out of the ground.
Riku picks it up and hurls it toward her.
Riku: "What you have... That keyblade must be a fake."
14th: "Don't tell me that! You're deceiving too!"
Riku: "Indeed, maybe I'm the one who doesn't exist."

Xion flees. Riku does not look like Ansem yet.

In front of the Twilight Town mansion.
The 14th member's keyblade is shown for a second.
Her hood is obstructed, her hair color is dark blue.
It looks like the hair of Aqua.
Axel: "You're kidding me! I'm not gonna take that."
The 14th member turns to yell at Axel.
Appearing in his hands are his chakrams covered in fire.
Axel and the 14th are confronting one another.
Axel: "I've decided. No matter how many times you escape, I will bring you back."

In Twilight Town mansion's white room
The 14th comes to Namine's side.
Namine: "I wanted to meet you, Xion."

The trailer ends as the 14th is about to remove her hood.

[size=+2]-RELATED MEDIA-[/size]
Scan Collection Relating to XIV

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Xemnas: A new member has joined us...
Xemnas: It is the 14th.
Axel: No matter how many times you escape, I will bring you back.

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Scans - Additional Scans courtesy of KHI
Images - Images courtesy of KHI
Translations - All Translations courtesy of bittermeat.

Discuss away!

-Updated Trailer Impressions
-Updated General Info
-Updated Weapon
-Updated Sources

So guys, I'm getting reports of some people stealing the content I have written for these threads, and using it elsewhere without permission. If you guys hear about anything like this, or see this thread on any site other than KHInsider can you please let me know? It's very important, thanks.
Just a note though, due to the fact that the threads are going to make up the BBS/358/Coded/XIV/Unbirth pages on the main site, these threads are not allowed to be posted anywhere else, even if they do say "credit to R-K". So keep that in mind =]
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Jun 28, 2008
Great work filling the info out. Thanks for the hard work. Oh and, it's my first post in one of your "WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT ***" thread. *coughnoyaycough*.

Charlie K

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Aug 23, 2007
It's true R-K, I'm very impressed, but I'm sure you don't care for MY Opinion.

Lol, nice work, once again.
Jul 7, 2007
More of these things?
I read it *surprisingly*. It was shorter than Coded.
And I actually didn't see one of the trailer impressions, so, thanks for the recap.

Quick sticking.


XD It isn't as good because we don't have as much info on the chicka.
But, as always, if there is any info you think i'm missing or should add, don't hesitate to tell me!


Dec 22, 2007
Aww man, this isn't the ? thread? Still looks great! I hope spelling her name as Xion is correct... We'll know for sure after some scans pop up. :D


Noope the ? Thread is still under wraps :p
I expect it to be the longest one yet though... maybe... most likely.... possibly...
We shall see =].


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May 13, 2008
The one time I participate in the XIV thread it gets closed lol.
Every time I come back here there is something new from you RK. Keep up the good work.

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Aug 23, 2007
I was thinking that the name could be like pronounced Shion, or Zeon..i have no clue tho...


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Mar 22, 2005
Great job. I actually found out some new stuff.


I'm waitiing for more confirmation such as Famitsu before going into details on the pronunciation =/
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