Everybody Has Dreams



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Nov 2, 2011
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"Everybody has dreams...dreams are what makes and breaks us. Some dreams are more valiant than others, I suppose. But, what of my dream? Is it really worth fighting for?"

"The keyblade, the key to all worlds and all realms," the boy spoke in a rather ominous tone as he gawked up towards the blue-tinted, heart-shaped moon that cascades above the ruins of what had once been a populated, massive city.

His cold amber eyes widened in satisfaction and his devious grin stretched more across his face, it almost seemed like the smile would tear his face. "Kingdom Hearts..." the boy gasped in exhilaration.

He pointed his light-colored, heart-shaped blade above his head. "Please, fill me with your light..." the heart-shaped blade glowed with a sinister, crimson glow. "So, that I shall have my wish granted." The crimson glow became a large bubble and later formed into what seemed to be a humanoid shape, with dove-like wings.

"Viento, stop!" Xia, a silver-haired, olive-skinned maiden yelled as she ran towards her possessed friend.

"Xia, don't!" Suello, an ebony skinned boy with black dreadlocks wailed as he caught the girl by her shoulder.

"Why...?" Xia demanded with a voice that seemed choked up with bottled up tears. "He's our friend!"

"Xia..." Suello paused as he tried to come up with the right words, but all he could say in the strongest voice he could muster, even though it still seemed kind of monotone and shaken, "...he's far gone!"

Xia pulled her shoulder away from Suello and glared daggers at the fourteen-year-old African boy. Gold irises locked with moss green irises and there was a brief silence for a while. "I...can't...believe...you!" she said in one deep puff as the emotion of extreme anger overcame her, there was no point in reasoning with her now. She was doomed to fall.

"Xia!" Suello shrieked as he ran in what seemed like slow motion to the thirteen-year-old girl. She had raised her keyblade towards the possessed brunette and tried talking rationality into his insane mind. The crimson angel-like being towered over her and Viento.

Viento cackled madly, "Viento...is in the dark where you cannot reach him! He's eternally lost, idiot!"

Xia tried striking the possessed boy down with Tsubaki, her pinwheel and rose themed keyblade, but Viento wouldn't have it. He winked at the red angel-like shape and with a silent command, Xia had a bolt of shimmering, white light shot at her. She collapsed right in front of Suello's eyes, he was only an arm's length from her.

Suello cradled the fallen, female keyblade wielder. "I'm...sorry! I'm...so...sorry!" Suello kept saying as his choked-back tears kept flooding to the surface, he was completely heartbroken.

"Hahahaha, serves the twerp for meddling," Viento cackled and Suello glanced up, giving the demon a deep, death glare.

"You-how could you?" Suello demanded in his still shaken voice.

"She was in the way," Viento stated quite coolly.

"But, that's still...no reason to. Vi, I really want to believe that you're still in there!" Suello said as he felt a tug on his gray, long-sleeved shirt. Suello glanced down and his jaw nearly detached from his oval-shaped face.

Gold met with moss-green this time, Suello was awed. "Xia?"

"You...have...to...stop...him!" the silver-haired maiden said before she shattered like broken glass in the African boy's lap and hands. Suello was completely angry now and it was at that moment that he had lost complete faith in Viento, because the demon had just destroyed their best friend.

Suello forced himself to stand and summoned a keyblade to his side, it looked like a mix of craters and trees. 'Earth-Tearer' is what Suello had called it in his mind. Viento just smiled slyly, not bothering to put up his Graviga. The crimson angel fired up a humongous Firaga, or in this case what appeared to be a large meteor. It hurled straight towards Suello and collided head on with the teen.

"How could I?" Viento gasped as he felt like he had finally let out a deep, deep breath for nearly a decade.