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Who the hell do you think I am!?
Mar 30, 2005
Up on the surface! Fighting Gunmen!
In a world of immense magic, there are two sides. Those sides are good and evil. This has been known to us for hundreds and thousands of years. Some may relate the element light towards the good, and some may declare the darkness as supreme evil. In this time, we fight for the good, or even for the evil.

Late in the Night of this war.....

Some had thought that the line between these two forces were well put out. But, we were all deceived. Evil can cross over to good, and the ones we were to know as pure could become the essence of darkness itself. Some have been betrayed, some even the cause of these betrayls.

A Shadow Arises.....

Why do we choose a side between this eternal war? Is it to conquer everyone and everything in this universe we call home? Or, is it just out of greed and obsession? And.....why do the good fight? Is it for freedom? Or, for justice? Maybe, even glory itself? These questions seem to not have been answered for many of years.

Only to be confronted by the mightiest Light.....

And, why do we fight, exactly? Why don't we all give up, and come up to a simple agreement? No.....impossible. The corrupted minds of men do not give into a surrender. Fighting for what we want or believe in is our sole purpose. We are stubborn, the most vile things on this Earth. We are Humans.

The then clash, like the sun and the moon colliding.....

Were we destined to this horrible and undescriable fate? Since the beginning of time, was it that our creation was only for us to be destroyed? We were born sinners of this world, and will die sinners amongst the people.

They fight, creating an everlasting war......

If this is true, then we will not accept this. We will create our own destinies, and fight for whatever it is that keeps us alive. A Hero will arise, bringing the good to their feet once more, and fighting in this eternal war, giving into every hope to let them win.

The Heavens have began to darken......

The Evil will be lead by the most deadly of villians, doing everything in their power to bring the good to their demise. The darkness has overwhelmed this world, ruling over many of lands, and gaining armies three times the size of the opposing side. Are they to end this war?

And Hell has seemed to break free......

Or, is it that the good is only planning a way to prevent this turmoil and chaos across the many lands? Or maybe.....they are losing hope...? Are they accepting their fate as being defeated?

Many parts of Earth are in ruin, brought about by this conflict.....

We can only question the outcome of this war, and see to it that our side will win over Earth, and make it how it once was as a holy life-giving planet. All we need is more time......To gain strength....more time....to gain hope.

Will this be the cruel fate of our planet? Or, will a hero arise in time to help?

.No God-Modding
.No Powerplaying
.Be literate
.Post atleast six lines in each post
.Put 'Hope' Above your template if you are on the side of good
.Put 'Destroyer' Above your template if you're the side of evil
.PM me if you want a role
.You must have atleast 600 posts to join. If not, then pm me your template
.Have fun ^^

The 'Hero':
The 'Vilian':
The God/Goddess of Light:

Swordsman- A warrior who has trained with a blade for many years of his life. Their defense is usually high, their attack is immense, and their agilty is fair.
Samuri- A noblemen who follows his will. He is highly skilled with using light and swift katanas, being able to fight easily. Their defense is good, their attacks are great, and their agilty is pretty high.
Archer- A warrior who has very clever insights. Most of them have gorwn around forests and wildlife. They use a bow and arrow, their aim precise as they hit their target. Thier defense is fair, their attacks are pretty good, and their agilty is excellent.
Alchemist- One who has learned well through the process of science. Some have elemental talents, ehile others specialize in other things. Their defense is very high, their attacks are poor, and their agilty is pretty good.
Mage- A person who has studied magic and properties in order for attacking. There are many forms of mages, having to deal with Black Magic, White Magic, Red Magic, and Grey Magic. Overall, their defense is poor, their attacks are very powerful, and their agilty isn't very good.
Ninja- ONe who uses the shadows as an advantage. They are sly, and use anything around them to an aid. Their defense is fair, their attacks are prety good, and their agilty is unhuman.
Sorcerer- A wise and clever wizard. They specialize in the dark arts, minaly on the side of evil. They can manipulate reality, and use many types of dark magic. Their defense is kind of poor, their attacks are outstanding, and their agilty is poor.


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