Ever notice?

May 8, 2007
You ever have a case where you've watched a movie or heard of piece of music many times, to where eventually you take notice to the little odd details that flew past your head the first few times? Or in this case, played a game and you always just kind of rolled with whatever the game threw at you without questioning anything until you revisit it later?
These are all just little things of course, but I figure it'd be a fun silly thread for random thoughts.

Which is to say, to start with...

I NEVER noticed until recently how during the revisit to Land of Dragons in KH2, Mushu doesn't show up at all! He's not even mentioned! He really had nothing to say during the whole business with the black-hooded intruder, or the giant Heartless dragon? I mean, I never liked the character, so I guess I didn't miss him, but still! Odd, isn't it?

Until recently, I never questioned Donald saying "I'm sorry about the ice cream!" while mourning Goofy's 'death'. Why? Because up until my last revisit of KH2, my memory completely mixed it up with the scene where the trio are in the darkness after being 'saved' (so to speak) by Maleficent, where they discover a photo and some ice cream which Donald eats. For some reason, for years, my memory got the order mixed up so I thought that business happened BEFORE Goofy's supposedly-fatal bonk on the head. So I thought that was Donald apologizing for eating the ice cream bar they found without sharing! Which now I know makes no sense since that doesn't come until later! Just something I've found a riot upon realization.

Quinton Flynn not only voices Axel, but has voiced Timon the meerkat in several cases when Nathan Lane's unavailable (Broadway actors are particularly busy)...yet he didn't voice Timon in KH2. Why is that? Wouldn't it have saved money and time by getting Quinton to do the character for the few dialogue he gets in Pride Lands, since he's already present doing another character in the game? Bizarre, especially since Timon's voice in KH2 is pretty off.
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