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Fanfiction ► Ever Lasting Love

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May 13, 2007
Over There
Hey so whats up with the chapter is it going good?Also im not trying to rush you im just wondering how far you are with it.


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Mar 31, 2007
Chapter 15 – No Comment.​

There, staring back at the gang with big grins on their faces was Sora and Roxas. It was their School photo from the year before, how did the Police get their hands on that?

“What...The hell?!” Roxas Yelled, him and his brothers faces were on Wanted Posters, How could he not be freaked out!

“There must be a mistake; you two have never harassed someone!” Namine said taking another glance at what the two brothers were accused of.

Sora – Still shocked – thought for a moment, who would tell the police they had done something like this?
“Tai and Jon.” Sora said with a growl, “They did this, I know it...”

Kairi looked at Sora, “You guys know who Tai and Jon are?! But they live in Radiant Garden, how could you know who they are?”

“Well, they kind of came out and found us,” Namine said nervously, “And well, they were the cause of your coma...They were trying to kill All of us.”

“WHAT!?” Kairi screamed, Most of the people around them stopped and stared, but she didn’t care, how could Jon and Tai be here?! None of the less to try and KILL everyone.

“HEY! WHAT YOU KIDS DOING OVER THERE?” A sudden voice shouted out, the group turned around to see the Security Guard walking towards them, they couldn’t take the chance, the security guard might recognise them off the poster, they had to get away quickly.

“Uhh...Nothing! We were just leaving now!” Kairi quickly replied and started walking towards the doors signalling the other three to follow so they wouldn’t get in trouble.

Soon enough they were safe outside the Mall, and ready to find out what the hell was up.

“So, what are we going to do?” Roxas said playing with his fingers, “We can’t just leave it how it is, or soon me and Sora will be in Prison.

“Well, we got to do something; I mean we can’t exactly run from the Police, can we? They’ll always find us in the end!” Sora said waving his hands about.

“Well then, We will just have to confront the Police and tell them what really happened and that you two aren’t to blame.”Namine said in a bored voice, “I thought you would of got that idea in the first place.”

“Hey guys! Why the long faces? We leave you for 5 minutes and something’s already up! What have you guys done now?” Hayner said with a grin, the rest of the group followed him.

“Should we tell him or not?” Roxas whispered over to his brother, cupping his hands so no one else could hear.

Sora Shook his head, “No, It will take too long to explain; we will let him find out his own way.” Sora answered quickly before they got to everyone.

“Ah ha! Nothing!” Roxas said playfully slapping Hayner on the shoulder, “Just because we misbehave every now and then, doesn’t mean we’re always up to something!”

“Sure, like that’s true, dude.” Hayner said laughing.

“Guys, should we go home now, or do you want to hang out a bit longer?” Olette said with a sweet smile.

The four gave each other a look, if they stayed out to late, someone might recognise them, they needed to sort all this out.

“Nah, I think we’re going to go home now, Kairi, Namine, You two want lifts home?” Roxas said looking at the two girls.

“That’s fine with me, I’ll just have to text my mum to tell her that I’ll be at your house.” Kairi said grabbing her phone and looking through the phonebook, finally finding her mother’s number she quickly wrote a message.

‘Going 2 Sora ‘n Roxas house, I’ll call u wen I wanna be picked up.’

She pressed send and returned her phone to the safety of her bag and looked up at the others, Namine had done the same as her and texted her mum.

“So, we better get going. Do any of you guys need a lift home?” Roxas asked the rest of the group.

“Actually, my mum was meant to take me and Riku home but it seems that she has to work late tonight, so we need to get home somehow....” Hayner said with an annoyed look, “So, could you like, give us one?”

Roxas nodded and smiled, “Come on then, we parked over here. I’ll see you guys later.” Roxas said waving at the others.

Sora, Kairi, Namine, Hayner and Riku followed Roxas over to their car; Roxas then pulled out some keys and unlocked it.

“So, who’s driving?” Riku asked, you see, The two twins both liked driving, but as you can guess, two people can’t drive at once...

Roxas and Sora looked at each other, then back at Riku “Me.” They both said at the same time, they looked back at each other they said “No! I’m driving!”.

Riku sighed, “Guys, lets sort this out before you two end up wrestling,” Riku said, The twins looked at each other and stopped fighting, “How about I drive?”

Riku had been driving for a year now, seeing as he was 17 and all he had a lot of driving experience. But, he still hadn’t got his own car yet. His Parents did offer to get him a car but he wanted to buy it with his own money. This was the reason for his job at the Local Supermarket.

The two brothers sighed, “Fine...” They both said.

They handed Riku the keys and sat in the back of the car, Namine and Kairi also sat in the back, just about fitting in. Riku then got in the driving seat and Hayner, in the Passenger seat.

They all put their seat belts on, then Riku started up the car, and drove out the car park, keeping his eyes on the road.

They sat in silence for a few minutes, then Roxas sighed, “Can we do something, please? This is so boring....”.

Hayner then turned the radio on; Music started playing out the Station. It was ‘From Yesterday’ by 30 Seconds to Mars.

“This is really random, but who wants to play I spy?” Namine said looking round at everyone in the car.

Riku laughed then replied with “Sure, I haven’t played that game in years though.” He said still keeping his eyes on the road.

They all mumbled with a Sure and Yes, so, because Namine thought up the idea she got to go first, “Okay.

I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with....C.” She said looking around.

The other though for a second, “Hmm....Car?”Hayner asked.

Namine shook her head “Nope!”

“Got it! Clouds!” Sora said pointing up at the sky from the side window.

“Yep! You got it! Your turn now, Sora.” Namine said smiling at her friend.

“Hmm...I spy with my little eye, something beginning with...Hmm...What could I do...?” Sora paused for a second, thinking of what to say, “How about...H?”

The rest of them sat in silence, thinking for a moment. “Houses?” His brother asked the Brunette.

Sora shook his head, “How about Hair?” Kairi said pointing at her Crimson coloured hair.

Sora laughed, but shook his head, “Do you three want to guess?” He said Namine, Riku and Hayner.

“Nah, I can’t think of anything...” Hayner said, looking around.

“It was ‘Hobo’! We passed one earlier!” Sora said laughing.

From Yesterday had finished by now, and a new song was playing “Kiss Me” by New Found Glory. Roxas and Sora decided to sing along, Soon Riku and Hayner were also singing it.

After a while Kairi and Namine got hang of the lyrics and also joined in.

‘Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Lead me out on the moonlit floor
Lift your open hand
Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance
Silver moon sparkling
So kiss me’

By now the whole Car was singing along to it, Roxas then looked at Namine and smiled, she smiled back and gave a quick kiss on the lips, Roxas then blushing leaned over and kissed her back.

Kairi giggled as she watched her two friends kiss, Namine was so lucky to have a guy like Roxas.

Sora watched Kairi as she smiled at the other couple kissing, he wanted to hold her in his arms and kiss her himself so badly by now, but knew that she would be freaked out about it, so he took a chance and lifted his arm, putting it round her shoulders.

Kairi was bit shocked by this but didn’t push him away, Sora seemed like a nice guy, and he must of been quite close with her before the coma, only Kairi had no that they used to date...

“We’re here.” Riku said indicating into Roxas and Sora’s driveway, and parking it up perfectly.

“Hey, by the way, do you two want to stay over tonight? We need to sort out the dance tonight, anyway.” Sora said leaning over the seat placing it next to Riku’s.

“Sure. I love staying over your place anyway; you have the most awesome house!” Hayner said grinning.

Soon enough, Riku stopped the car and everyone began getting out, after everyone had got out he locked the Car and threw the keys to Sora, who caught them and put them in his left pocket.

As they walked into the house, Namine and Kairi stared in wonder, Sora and Roxas’ house was beautiful!

As they gazed in wonder, Sora and Roxas stared at them confused, then Roxas realised.

“Oh yeah! You two have never been in our house before, have you?” He said clasping his hands together, grinning.

The two nodded. They knew the two brothers were rich and all, but WHOA! This house was amazing!

There were Priceless pieces of Furniture and Paintings everywhere! It was like a Museum, apart from two teenage Boys lived there.

As they walked down the hallway, they passed the bathroom which Sora had spent when he had his breakdown. Roxas shivered as he thought about what happened that day, the Garden, the scars, the Kiss...

“Where you guys want to go first then?” Sora suddenly said, Snapping Roxas back into reality, “We would go to the Kids room, hang out in the Lounge, go outside in the garden...”

Riku Chuckled, “Sora, Its the end of November! It’s freezing outside!” He said poking him on the shoulder.

Sora then smiled himself, “But it’s always nice to go outside when its cold!” he said pushing Riku back, playfully.

“We could go up to the bedrooms and sort out the Winter Dance because if we don’t soon, Sir will Kill us...” Roxas said pointing towards the stairs.

They all agreed and raced to the top. No, I mean it literally, they had a RACE to the top, Riku coming first and Hayner being last because half way up he tripped and ended up rolling back down again.

Finally, they came to a room that had ‘Roxas’ Decorated all over the door, with small little signs on the door saying things like ‘Warning! Please do not enter unless you like being hit round the face with a skateboard.” Which Roxas had made himself.

Roxas quickly opened the door to revile a Large room with White walls and Black fluffy Carpet, Decorated on he walls were small doodles and messages friends had written about Roxas on there.

Inside was a Double bed with a Black and white chequered design, a Dark Brown Wooden Wardrobe, a

Black and white Chest of Drawers that held pictures of people on top and a Desk that had a Giant

Computer on top and a Phone beside it.

Apart from those main things there were many beanbags scattered across the room, of which everyone pulled up into the middle of the room.

As everyone sat down Kairi suddenly knew her bladder was full, she quickly turned to the group and asked “Umm, Where is the Bathroom?”

“Well, my bathroom is ‘Out of order’ right now, so you’ll have to use the one down the hall to the left.”

Roxas replied pointing at his door.

Kairi nodded and stood up, she walked swiftly out the room and down the hallway like Roxas had said, after finding the Bathroom and doing her ‘Business’ she noticed a Door opposite with the word ‘Sora’ in big bold Colourful letters on it.

She knew it was wrong, but she couldn’t help it, her curiosity got the best of her. She walked slowly towards the door, making sure no one was watching her. Noticing no one was around she quickly opened the door and closed it behind her, leaning against the door she took a big sigh.

She then looked up to see Dark blue walls and a Burning black floor. Around the room was basically everything that was in Roxas’ apart from that scattered everywhere were pictures.

Kairi slowly walked up towards the desk looking at some of them, One was of Roxas and Sora both with giant grins on their faces holding a huge fish in their hands. Another was of Sora, Roxas and two adults, of whom Kairi assumed was their Parents, standing on a beautiful beach that had white sand and calming blue waters.

Noticing pictures even on the wall she took a look, there was one of Riku giving Sora a noogie and one of Him, Roxas, Hayner and Riku standing in a group while Hayner was giving Roxas bunny ears, Riku was giving the Rock sign, Roxas waving and Sora sticking his tongue out.

Kairi smiled, she continued walking and found herself over to his bed, he had a small side table on each side, one was a picture of Sora, Roxas, Namine and Kairi all in a group in the Mall posing. But the other one was shock when Kairi looked at it, there in the picture was Sora, his arms round Kairi’s waist and Kairi’s arms round his neck kissing Passionately.

“What are you doing in here?” Said a voce coldly behind her.

Kairi quickly snapped out of trance and spun round and standing at the door with a Death Glare plastered on his Face was Sora.

“I, Uh, Well, I was your room when I was coming out the bathroom and thought I’d take a quick look...”

Kairi said staring at her shoes sadly.

“Did I give you Permission to come into my room?!” Sora said marching towards her.

“...No...” Kairi said quietly, now twiddling with her fingers.

“Would you like it if I went into YOUR room without Permission?!” Sora said yelling at her.

Kairi could feel cold, wet, tears forming in her eyes, “No...” She said quietly.

“EXACTLY! I have Private things in here that just MAYBE I don’t want people seeing!” He Yelled at her waving his hands around.

Suddenly she couldn’t hold it in anymore. Kairi fell to her knee’s and let the tears fall from her eyes, why she had cracked so easily, even she didn’t know, maybe it was just everything bad that had happened so far had just built up and this was the result.

Then, all of a sudden the door burst open are the other four were standing there looking extremely worried. Namine then saw Kairi on the floor crying and ran over to her and began to comfort her.

Roxas ran over to Sora, and glaring at him yelled “What did you do!?”.

“She was in my room without permission, looking at my stuff!” Sora shouted back at his brother.

“Well I’m sure she didn’t mean to do it! There was no need to Yell at her!” Roxas screamed back pushing his brothers shoulder.

Sora frowned at stared at his feet, not being able to take it anymore, he ran out the room slamming the door behind him.

Kairi looked up as she heard the door slam. They were together, that’s why he would always stare at her, because he loved her, but she never remembered...It must of hurt him so much...

“Where would he of gone?” Kairi said wiping her tears away and standing up, Staring at Roxas she asked this.

Roxas looked confused, “Um, he might of gone to our Garden, the one only me and him know about...” He said.

Kairi nodded, “Could you show me where it is?”

Roxas looked shocked, but nodded in agreement; he then walked out the room, with Kairi following behind. They walked down the stairs and went out the door. They were now in the Garden; Roxas led her over to the end of the Garden by the bush and pointed at a whole in the bush, “Go in there, and walk around a bit, you’ll come to a Maze, Its quite easy, so You get your way through, he should be there...”

Kairi nodded and got onto her knees, she climbed through the bush pushing Branches out of the way, finally, she was through. She took a look around, it was like another world. While in the real world, it would be boiling hot, even though it was winter, in here, the Flowers where covered with a thin layer of Snow that sparkled.

She got up and wiped the dirt off her clothes, she walked down the pathway and then got to the maze Roxas was talking about, she silently walked through, Roxas was right, and it was easy to get through. Soon enough she was in the centre of the maze, she quickened her pace and walked forwards.
Sitting on a pair of swings was Sora, his head was down and he was sitting completely still, she walked over and was soon in front of him.

Clutching her head, Images flashed through Kairi’s head, Sora and herself walking down the Hallway, Hand in Hand, Them sitting under the Willow Tree in school, Sora as he ran into the group of boys to save Kairi...

She removed her hand from her head and stared at Sora, he must of been in his own world because he still hadn’t noticed her standing there.

She lifted her hand up to Sora’s chin, gently and slowly upwards. She smiled at Sora’s Surprised face.

Suddenly she leaned in and quickly said “I’m sorry for going in your room...” and then pushed her mouth towards his and passionately kissed him.


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Same, but I think he wants to be a 'Mature' adult, and buy his own.

Also, It would be fun to drive around in someone elses car and play I Spy!
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