Event Confusion(Possibly Heavy Spoilers)



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Sep 28, 2017
Okay so I've been playing DDD for the past couple weeks and something has been mind-boggling to me.

Does Riku actually do anything?

I'm aware that Riku is trapped in Sora's dreams, and that the versions of the worlds Riku shows up in are just Sora's dream interpretation and occasionally Riku's. But Sora is still somehow dreaming? This pulls up a very concerning question.

Does Riku actually a accomplish anything? Does anything really matter?

Other than Traverse Town where it's explicitly stated that the real Traverse Town(Sora's version) and the dream Traverse Town(Riku's version) have some kind of connection with the World Ends with You characters going back and forth between both versions, I've only seen one confirmed instance of Riku affecting Sora's world with the Country of Musketeers with those crates.

A concern I'm having is what about all the other events Riku experiences? In most worlds, Riku is the one that follows the main plot of the films they visit. The Grid is a very big example. Riku goes along with the plot of the movie and Sora just ends up faffing about for the most part. Does that mean the interactions Riku had never happened? This bothers me since from a story perspective the events of Sora's version and Riku's version seem to be happening at the same time and it feels like Riku is the only one acomplishing anything.

A perfect example is the Hunchback world. Sora meets with Phebous who explains he was kicked from his job. In Riku's version, you see him being kicked from his job because he defied Frollo. Does this event still happen in Sora's version just without Riku? What about the boss of that world. The Wargoyle. In Riku's version of the fight, he's the first one and ends up damaging the Wargoyle's wings. When Sora fights the boss, it falls out of the sky without wings and Sora finishes it off. Yet I didn't see any indication of a transition, also what caused it to fall out of the sky? This also confuses me with the ending. In Riku's version, he's the one who teaches Quasi a lesson. In Sora's version, it's like he learned it himself.

I'm sorry if this post seemed long. I just wanted to share the most confusing examples. If anyone has an explanation, I'd be very grateful.


Sep 16, 2013
He unlocked 7 sleeping keyholes so he did accomplished something that mattered. The two realities were connected but only when it was convenient for the plot. There are various instances of Sora affecting Riku's world and vice versa. Riku is within Sora's dream so it stands to reason that they can interfere with each other.The Wargoyle, Musketeers, Symphony of Sorcery and the crab Dream Eater are instances of interference.

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Jul 29, 2017
Well outside of the Disney worlds he saved Sora twice (once from becoming a vessel and another to awaken him from his sleep), and that power of waking up a sleeping heart would surely be useful for helping Ven out with his current situation.


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Jan 11, 2016
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I would liken Riku's Journey to a simulation of sorts while Sora for the most part dealt with the real thing. However, simulation or not, Riku did swat down a bunch of Dream eaters and gained a ton of experience. Riku demonstrated he could do the same things Sora did if things were the other way around, and then some.


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Jun 4, 2010
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I think it's important to note that one sequence of events was just as "real" as the other - since Sora was still dealing with dream versions of the worlds and not the real people and places. Sora was diving in the worlds' dreams, and Riku was diving into the dreams that Sora had of those experiences. It's still a simulation, no matter which way you slice it.