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Eternal Creation



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Apr 26, 2006
Across the Universe

Falucena use to be a big and wonderful place. Till the sky became dark and it started to rain nonstop. Then one day an ordinary group of people started to have weird consequences like having unusual dreams or hearing voices. Then the king of Falucena (another world) found out his world was in danger. The only problem is that he does not no one of his advisors is corrupt and is trying to over thrown him. He has sent some of his guardians to each try and get one of the kids. Each one of the kids has been given one of the god’s items to help. The only problem is the god thinks that they have stolen the items from him. So will the kids be able to get the items back in time and help stop the world from being in danger. So who will win the king of Falucena or the advisor? The advisor had promised that he would give the kids power if they help him. The king now fears that they will turn against him and help the advisor.

Some Info​
You can choose to be the Good Kids, Bad Kids, The King of Falucena, People in The Kingdom, and The Advisor/Bad guy King. When the kids enter the world they can become older or become a orc and also a mage. You cannot kill anyone with asking and if there is no room in anymore spots ask me. Also only post how your character looks in the world.

The Classes

Dragon rider
Tech expert
Spell caster
(Any other things you can think of)


(And anything else you can think of)​

Feel 100% free to have romance in this Role Play (that's perfectly fine) but please don't get too intense. Keep in mind that we are in a forum open to "all" ages after all. Absolutely NO spamming or side/chat that has NOTHING to do with the RP in progress will be tolerated. This RP WILL have moments/portions where it isn't completely focusing on what's at hand. However I ask you to NOT venture into striking up a random conversation. You WILL be allowed to have your own personal comment on whatever post/action/etc will be displayed in front of you. Yet understand that we have a helpful & friendly ((( PM ))) -system for that, alright?
No god modding will be allowed. I understand that doing otherwise is going to be very tempting at times. Yet know that if you "value" your role/story in this RP and the respect/patience of the other characters here that you don't. If you start to spam you can't RP ok. And also you can't kill in surprise and then stab them and say I got you unless you ask please. If you have any other questions about the RP just ask please. Try not to have a lot of grammar problems. And Swearing is allowed just don't do it to much. Please try to be on daily and if you are leaving tell me please. No flaming or machine gun posting please.
Just to see if you read the rules write what you are going to be on top of you template. As a example Good Kid or Bad Kid etc.

Age:(does not matter if you are creature)
Gender:( You can only be a male or a female if you are a human)
Bio:( please try to at least type something that isn't to short)
Appearance:( You can give a link or tell doesn't matter)
Race/Spieces:( You can also make your own up remember but detail it or give me a link of what you are going to be if it is not one of the ones I wrote)
Type: (I told you what you can be but I am telling again the king, Shadow Lord, stuff like that ok you know if you read it)
Class/Job: ( Like hunter and stuff like that mage and etc. or swordsman so you guys get the point).
Extra Info: (if you want to add anymore you can)
God Item( What item of the god did you get like sword bow etc.)
Hope you enjoy.
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