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Ending cards help

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Jul 16, 2008
Tucson, AZ
How do I get all the ending cards in CO? I have all three for Destiny Islands, I have the first and last one for Traverse Town, the first one for Wonderland, the last one for Olympus Coliseum, the last one for Agrabah, and the first one for Hollow Bastion.


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May 2, 2007
Yeah this is what I've gotten so far:
Travis Town- You need to go Huey, Louie then Dewey to get the 2nd ending
Alice in Wonderland- you need to do everything right for the a card, then answer everything wrong and give up on the Chesire cat's puzzel, and for the 2nd give up on the puzzel but do everything else eight
I'm about to attempt the others I'll see how it goes and report my findings


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May 10, 2009
Each world in Castle Oblivion has three different endings, either the Normal
Ending, Alternate Ending, or Extra Ending. Return to the world until you get
all three endings in each of them for a special reward!

Head through the door and use the Destiny Islands card. Talk to Selphie and
destroy the Bug Blocks. Talk to Wakka and jump up top to the Rare Prize Block
with [HP +8]. Fight Tidus then talk to the Cloaked Man to receive the [W1 NORMAL
CARD]. Sora gains cards to the rest of the worlds, return to Destiny Islands.
In the top right corner is a Rare Prize Block with [STRENGTH +4]. Destroy the
Bug Blocks near here to reveal a green star, defeat the shadows and move to the
next star. Defeat more Shadows and after some events you gain the [W1 EXTRA
CARD]. Return to Destiny Islands once more and choose the bottom option when
talking to Selphie. Destroy all the blocks and talk to Wakka then choose the
bottom option. Tidus appears trapped in Bug Blocks, destroy them to receive the

Head to Traverse town this time. Jump up to the northern end and break the
Rare Prize Block for a [DEFENSE +4]. At the southern end match up the Pair
Blocks and break it for a [MAGIC +3]. In the top right corner is a Heartless,
defeat the group and talk to Huey. Head to the west side and talk to Dewey and
send him back to Cid. Jump up in the middle and bust down the Bug Blocks to
reveal Louie and send him back to Cid. Head back towards Cid and defeat the
Heartless. Talk to Cid to receive the [W2 NORMAL CARD]. Return to Traverse Town
and save the ducklings in the order Huey, Louie, then Dewey to receive the [W2
ALTERNATE CARD]. Go back once more and save the ducklings in the order Louie,
Dewey, then Huey to get the [W2 EXTRA CARD].

Next up is Wonderland. Destroy the Bug Block in the corner behind Alice to
and examine the corner to find the Cheshire Cat. The answer to his riddle is
the letter "D." Talk to Alice and tell her what her name is, either "Alice" or
"The Queen of Hearts". In the next room talk to the Heart on the left and
deliver the Potion to the Spade or alternatively give it to the other Heart.
Speak with the White Rabbit and he will take off dropping his watch, either
run in to the green star or avoid it and talk to the White Rabbit again. If
you did everything correctly, ie; solved the riddle, told Alice her real name,
made the delivery properly, and didn't touch the watch you get the [W3 ALTERNATE
CARD]. If you did everything wrong, ie; gave up on the riddle, lied to Alice,
gave the delivery to the other Heart, and picked up the watch you get the [W3
EXTRA CARD]. If you did one to three things wrong then you get the [W3 NORMAL
CARD], return to the world and get each card. Don't miss the Rare Prize Block
in a corner for the [THUNDER RESISTANCE +4].

The next world is Olympus Coliseum. Break the Rare Prize Block in the bottom
left corner for a [THUNDER +4], the one in the top right nets [AERO +4]. Talk
with Hercules to battle a bunch of Heartless. Next, speak with Cloud and beat
the Heartless that he asks you to defeat. Then defeat the Heartless that moves
first in the second trial or you will take a 7 second time penalty. After this
round talk to Hades and beat the Heartless as fast as possible. If you get more
than 20 on Hercules' challenge, pass the challenge from Cloud, but fail to
defeat the Heartless in Hades round in under one minute you get the [W4 NORMAL
CARD]. If you fail the first two challenges you get the [W4 ALTERNATE CARD]. If
you pass all three you get the [W4 EXTRA CARD].

Head off to Agrabah next. Iago is hidden in one of the Prize Blocks and you
have 90 seconds in which to find him. Two of the Prize Blocks are actually Rare
Prize Blocks with a [MAGIC +4] and [DEFENSE +3]. If you catch Iago with more
than one minute left on the clock you get the [W5 EXTRA CARD]. If you break all
the blocks and still catch Iago you get the [W5 ALTERNATE CARD]. If you catch
Iago with less than a minute to go you get the [W5 NORMAL CARD].

The last world to go to is Hollow Bastion. Hit the switch in the top left
then the one in the bottom right to open the door. Do the same thing in the
next room except you have to defeat the Heartless in order to reach the second
switch. The next room is much the same, destroy the blocks that heed your path
in order to make the timer. The next room is a boss fight with Pete. The final
room is a challenge with Maleficent to reach the other side as fast as possible.
The first Rare Prize Block holds a [MAGNEGA] and the second a [SHOCK FALL]. If
you beat Pete in under 30 seconds and reach Maleficent in under one minute you
receive the [W6 EXTRA CARD]. If you take longer than the times on one but not
the other you receive the [W6 NORMAL CARD]. If you take longer than one minute
on Pete and longer than two minutes to reach Maleficent you reach the [W6
ALTERNATE CARD]. Upon reaching the door after collecting every card Leon and
Yuffie will give you a [DEBUG DEVICE: Y] and a [HEAT SINK BELT].

straight out of gamefaqs
credit to the guy who made it :D


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Apr 9, 2008
LOL when I beat the Super Darkside I thought the game was over and I was like yay!!!
And then I get to CO and i literally said that ^^^
Me too!!!

and on the cards, I'm missing one from Agrabah, one from Olympus Coliseum, and two from Hollow Bastion


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Jun 13, 2008
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fluffin hollow bastion cards are hard to get imo, i cant reach pete and maleficent quick enough


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Aug 23, 2008
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Shouldnt this be put in spoilers? lol, ive got all traverse town, wonderland, and currently working on OC


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Oct 14, 2009
i dont get the yellow card for agrabah.. i habe broken up all of the prize bloks, and i still had iago.. but no card?
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