Empowering the powerless: Givivng the average joe a jackhammer KH edition



May 14, 2017
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Throughout the series we have been to many worlds ravaged by the darkness, in the form of dream eaters, nobodies and the heartless. While some of the inhabitants can fight back and hold their own, others not so much. Just look at twilight town, a world that has it's own cluster of final fantasy characters, and not one of them owns a weapon that's able to leave a mark on a nobody. While I can understand WHY this is, given a narrative standpoint in it being just a sleepy little town that differs from Hollow Bastion, which takes an active role in eradicating the heartless, it still irks me that it's so close to the darkness on the world map, which usually means stronger foes compared to the rest. So the reason why i made this thread is to share what weaponry the characters of the worlds would have that don't already have one IF you could give them one.

*Side note, the answer of "Just give everyone a keyblade" is not a valid answer, yeah yeah we all joke about it because that weapon went from rare and elusive to having 8 people wielding their own variant of it, but here isn't the place to put that. The organization for example, has 13 members, 12 of which have varied weaponry from spears, knives and a shield that are proven effective in fighting the dark forces. So realistically any weapon BESIDES the keyblade is fair game.

I'll start:
Hayner Pence and Olette are just pathetic, they rush into danger and get beat by a couple of dusks. I get that they're average school children but even then look at seifer, who was still conscious after getting beat by the same enemy type. If they were to recieve weapons, I would give Hayner a sword, Pence a shield and Olette magic simply based on their characters. Hayner participates in struggle tournaments, so he would naturally take to physical combat. Pence isn't seen doing much excercise, so maybe he'd be the team's wall of sorts? And of course, Olette sticks to the sidelines, so maybe give her the standard mage treatment. It could be a nice way to change up their boring lives in between the SATS and taxes, cause we all know that they've been given the short hand compared to everyone else.


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Jun 23, 2017
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I guess I'll bite:

I would have liked to see something, anything, out of Fuu and Rai. They were featured in several battles in FF 8 and it would have been interesting to see them pull something out to throwback to that. We see them stand ground, but they don't pull out any weapons. And since Squall exists (I will not call him Leon) then we can assume that Seifer could become obsessed with him to the point he wants to rival him. Then, like young Lea, Fuu's chakram could be a frisbee until she grows up and Rai just used a staff so he could have a pole similar to Tidus' until he gets older.


Sep 5, 2015
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Scrouge McDuck is so freaking pathetic compared to his truest form. I want to see Scrouge look Saix deep in the eyes and make him winch. I want Scrouge to make Xion stop being so lame and crying all the freaking time god I hate her.