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Elements of Fate (Sign-ups & OOC Thread)

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.-=Elements of Fate=-.


Long ago, in a time before our world of Nemastra was created, there lived two beings of great power: the Great Goddess and the Dark God. Having existed before the world, they saw no need for names and thus titles was all they bore in the great expanse of emptiness. In time however, the nothingness bored the Great Goddess, so she created our world and us within it. We followed her rule, and the world was a utopia. If dangers befell us, the Great Goddess would protect us with her mystic artifact, the Flingaebolg. A weapon of near limitless power.

However, the Dark God grew envious of the love the Great Goddess showered upon us, and plotted to destroy us with his own hands. One night he went to steal the Flingaebolg, But the Great Goddess had known of his plan and installed a safety measure into the artifact. As soon as the Dark God touched the Flingaebolg it shattered into ten pieces. Nine pieces fell below, scattered across Nemastra, becoming legendary weapons infused with the raw energies of the elements. These relics of nature's fury created islands and expanded our world where they landed, each adding it’s own unique touch to the world.

As for the tenth piece, the core of the Flingaebolg... it began to absorb the Dark God's energies in an attempt to seal him. But the Dark God's will was stronger, and he instead took the core's power for his own. Angered, the Goddess banished him from the heavens to spend eternity wandering Nemastra, and he was never heard from again...

With the exile of the Dark God, the Great Goddess took her leave, believing her people to be safe from any evil. As time passed, these facts became legends, and soon the legends too were forgotten, with only small pieces passed on to those who wanted to know. Even among the knowing no one is certain that these events actually occurred, for there is no proof, the relics of nature's fury remaining lost to the world, and the Dark God having never been seen...

But a time of great change is rapidly approaching, and soon the legends will reveal the truth...

And Nemastra may never be the same...


Nemastra has five major landmasses. Noramer to the north, Soicréma to the south, Aftristala to the east, Woureptias to the west, and the island of Enoctar centered between the four. Following is a brief description of each continent and major settlements and features.

Noramer has vast mountain ranges and reaches the northern edges of Nemastra. There is a small desert on the southern edge and tundra creeps in along the northern crest. The prominent towns are:

- Growlston: Near the eastern edge situated on some foothills that leads to a large mountain range. Due to it’s location, it’s a large mining town, it’s income based primarily on the outsource of minerals and ores. There is also a skilled blacksmith here, famous for his ability.

- Plassville: A city in the center of Noramer where females are revered and men were once treated as game. It is ruled by a queen and rulership passes down the female line. There is a strong emphasis on the arts here.

- Tilocc: A small town east of Plassvile. It’s a quiet, simple existence here, and nothing of note ever really happens.

- Buruna: Located to the north east in the heart of the tundra. There is a large pagoda housing a library of knowledge, and the Bunaru Mines are just outside of town. Rumor has it that ancient ruins can be reached deep within the mine...

- Sacktonesto: To the south of Noramer, A somewhat arid city due to being outside of the Orca Desert. The Orca Desert is below sea level in some parts, so there can be found remnants of beached sea animals who swam in during high tides but were unable to return. Legend has it that there once was a peculiar civilization in this area, but the only evidence to prove this is ruined buildings scattered across the desert...

Soicréma is subtropical and somewhat humid. There is a lot of forestry here, as well as two large mountain ranges; there was a path from Chino to Lyndis City, but the fatality rate is at an all-time high of 150%. Half the people who die there are revived through unkown means, then die again; this creates a need for studying, which only adds to the fatality rate of this pass. There are also rumors of a lost civilization to the east of Lyndis City, hidden in the forests and encircled by a mountain range, though the validity of this claim remains to be seen. A lighthouse stands lonely to the south of here. The main settlements are:

- Chino: Lying to the northeast of Soicréma, it is the longtime home of the disciples of dragons. There is a large tower here where these disciples have lived for centuries. Just south of Chino are the Dragon's Tomb ruins, said to have long ago been a home for the dragons but now crumbled into ruination.

Clampburg: A jovial city along the southeastern edge. It carries a strange obsession with the color red. The city is also known for the unorthdox shapes of it’s buildings, the biggest example of this being a giant mansion with waterfalls pouring out two of the third floor windows in the moat. Yes, the mansion has a moat.

- Lyndis City: lying in the center of the continent, it was founded by a legendary heroine and is easily the largest settlement in all of Nemastra. It bears many shops and even a museum.

- Sennim: It exists upon an an island to the northeast, connected to the rest of Soicréma by a small strip of land. Sennim is a town steeped in mystery. There is a system of caverns lying beneath that lead to a small outcropping of rock outside the town. Much like the Bermuda Triangle of Earth, there are stories of people who pass through Sennim, never to return...

Aftristala is mostly desert, and has very few settlements. It's main settlement is:

- Blitztech Industries: A large factory (and I do mean large) with its own town inside. Blitztech supplies the rest of Nemastra with whatever they need, be it medicine, modes of transportation, ways to cook, lighting, and much, much more.

Woureptias is an archipelago; as such, there aren't many permanent settlements. However, there every now and then you hear tales of people that swear they stumbled across something unexplainable, from inconceivable locations to terrible monsters. But of course, these are simply fairy tales...

Throughout Nemastra there are several suspicious areas that are said to hold the legendary relics, but no one has ever been able to investigate inside due to mystical intervention.


Magic on the world of Nemastra is governed by symbols known as Sigla. Sigla are how one can channel energies to use the nine elements that govern the world (earth, wind, water, fire, ice, thunder, light, darkness, time) for the caster's need. There are many different Sigla, and some incredibly powerful people have been known to create their own, though this is a rare feat in itself and has only been achieved a handful of times. A novice studying the usage of Sigla begins by knowing of ten symbols, as follows:


Gaia - The Basic Earth Sigla
Used for rudimentary control of the earth


Torna - The Basic Wind Sigla
Used for rudimentary control of the wind and air


Aquadro - The Basic Water Sigla
Used for rudimentary control of liquids


Pyre - The Basic Fire Sigla
Used for rudimentary control of fire


Frijin - The Basic Ice Sigla
Used for rudimentary control of ice


Lectri - The Basic Thunder Sigla
Used for rudimentary control of electricity


Sacre - The Basic Light Sigla
Used for rudimentary control of holy energies


Shado - The Basic Darkness Sigla
Used for rudimentary control of unholy energies


Techni - The Technical Sigla
One of two basic, non-elemental Sigla. It is used for special attacks, and channels one's internal energies


Heali - The Restorative Sigla
The second of two basic, non-elemental Sigla. It is used for restorative techniques.

Though there are many more Sigla, these ten are the basis of any studies into their use. Keep in mind that only those aligned with the requisite element can control it, and no one has ever been able to use every Sigla. In addition, though they all have names, it isn't necessary to say them when using them. Blitztech Industries has created Sigla-driven technology that anyone can use, and many of their inventions are used to power life in the cites. It is, however, still extremely expensive for private use.


No cheap tricks: This include time skips, incredible speed, superhuman strength that a character lacked before... just keep it simple and if it sounds far-fetched it's probably better to leave it be. You can always check with me or Mirby to see if it'll fly though

Respect: We're all in this together, and there's no need for internal bickering. If you have negative feelings towards another RP’er, channel it into a post for an attack! Just don't make personal attacks. If for some reason you seriously have a problem with someone, then private message Mirby or I, and we’ll see what can be done.

Keep it clean!: No need to pummel your enemies into mush on the ground; when a foe is down, they're down. That said, please try to avoid character death. We understand that you have creative control over your own characters, but we’d like to avoid absolute death as much as possible. If you feel like this is unavoidable, then then let Mirby or I know, and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Stick to your element!: Someone with control over the thunder element should not be able to control water, and vice versa. If you’re confused as to whether a certain ability is following this rule, then.. Well, you can imagine what you should do ;D.

This is a joint effort by Mirby and I to bring you an original, interesting, and most of all fun roleplay. As such, we are both in charge.


Name: What should we call your character?

Age: How long have they walked Nemastra?

Gender: Lady or Gentleman?

Appearance: How is your character perceived to mortal eyes?

Persona: Tell me how your character acts. Remember, detail is most welcomed.

Weapon: What does your character fight with?

Abilites: How far has your character come with their element? How do they use their element?

Bio: What moments have defined your characters life to this point?

Other: Is there anything unique about your character that wouldn’t fit anywhere else? A personal object with which they never part? An animal companion that walks beside them? Include that here.​


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Re: Elements of Fate

Name: Taylor Lyndis, or Talyn for short

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Element: Light

Appearance: 5'5", 195 pounds, a little chubby, extremely curly strawberry-blonde hair, hazel eyes, small build (small hands, feet, etc), wears a pair of dark sandals, black pants, a white short-sleeved shirt with stains, and a purple beret-like hat. She carries a satchel to her side at all times, and it's filled with writing utensils and notebooks. Her walking stick hides a blade.

Personality: She's happy-go-lucky and enjoys making jokes about the situation at hand; however she'll do a 180 and become rather protective and serious when her friends are in danger. Talyn is also remarkably bright thanks to her curiosity about everything she encounters, and her tendency to tinker with said things. Which isn't always the best idea... She's also a bit nerdy due to her love of myths and fantastical stories. Lastly, she's also a bit of a pyromaniac, something that seems to have arisen when she first learned of her powers.

Weapon: She carries a walking stick everywhere, and can hit a hidden switch to reveal the blade within. She can also use the stick as a staff, and is somewhat skilled with axes and lances as well.

Abilites: She can create a small ball of light energy to attack her foes, but it doesn't go that far before dissipating, and she is working on using it to enhance her physical attacks. That's not going so well, which helps her healing abilities when it, quite literally, explodes in her face. She prefers Techni over Sacre because that one doesn't explode as often, and because that's how she unveils the blade hidden within her stick.

Bio: Taylor Lyn was always interested in weapons. Hailing from the foothill town of Growlston, she always visited the local smithy to watch the tools of battle being forged. The blacksmith took interest in the young girl, and taught her the ways of smithing, something she could never quite get the hang of. He did let her play with the swords he created in practice, though only under strict supervision. During this training, she became aware of her ability with the Light element; she wasn't able to do much with it, but the skill was definitely there. She also was able to heal with some degree of skill, necessary for the nicks and cuts she gave herself while practicing. Her parents died when she was 16 due to a disease that swept the area, and this hit Taylor hard. She tried to heal them, but nothing she did worked. No matter how many times she traced the Sigla, nothing happened. She felt useless, and she decided to wander the world alone, in penance for her failure. Along the way, she wound up at Blitztech in Aftristala after stowing away in a cargo ship headed there.

The folks at Blitztech weren't happy to see her, and forced her to work there in penance. However, they quickly saw her intelligence and brought her into the research division. Before long, she had made a name for herself, and had adopted a satchel that she wore everywhere along with a purple hat she found discarded in a hallway. She also managed to get quite a few friends who worked in the weapons development sector. She began to train with them, mastering the usage of a sword after a few years, and the usage of a staff as well. It was then that she discussed her idea for combining the two weapons; her friends were surprised at first, but upon further explanation saw it was quite feasible. The work had to be done in secret, and things were going well until the day it was finished. Her superiors saw her taking the walking stick from a division she wasn't a part of, and suspended her employment until the truth of the matter could be found out.

Taylor was worried; she was 21 by this point and had poured five years of her life into this place, and now all that was on the line. After reviewing the facts, her bosses let her keep the stick. However, she was put on a short leash, so to speak, and was told that if she meddled in other departments again she'd be fired. She thanked them and waited for them to leave; once they were gone, she went back to her home to relax. Taylor then picked out a few books and began to study, something she'd been meaning to do for some time but was too busy with research to actually get around to doing. Over the next two years, her studies continued, and she began to dabble a bit with the Sacre Sigla again... She had improved with age, but she still preferred her physical weapons to it. She also began to use the Techni Sigla, one she enjoyed using because it suited her style (and because that was the Sigla that revealed the blade hidden within her stick); her healing was still mediocre though. She also spent this time thinking about her life, and realized that she couldn't stay with Blitztech forever; she had to leave somehow. But she couldn't abandon her team either...

Then the announcement for the tournament came. Blitztech would be holding a grand tournament for warriors from all over Nemastra in a grand coliseum built on Enoctar. She was thrilled at the idea, and immediately entered. Satchel to her side and stick in hand, she prepared to show off her skills. Little did she know how vital her skills would become...

Other: The shoulder strap for her satchel has a sheathe built in to carry her walking stick when she needs to use both hands for something. She also has a small pin on her hat with the symbol of a skull on it; there's no significance to this. She just liked how it looked.
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