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The Jesus

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Mar 26, 2006
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An old sun descended into dust, as glistening rain drops poured from it's abandoned throne. The sky. The very thing that Sora was named after; his guardian angel. It was always watching him, always crying on him, even as he felled the Heartless with his majestic blade of light. When the sky wasn't crying, it was smiling rays of sunshine upon him. Light....the very thing that Sora seeks.

Sora, the boy whom has no perrogative. He follows his heart, dispite the fact it may lead him into trouble. Or is it his heart? His quest has taught him that every heart belongs to "the door". Sora, the boy with no fear. Only a fear of losing his friends; a great weakness, but great strength as well. Sora, a true hero. Sora, a positive factor to balance out the negative:Roxas. Sora is no mere child, as his journey has made him a saint-like deity. He has surpassed the title of "mortal". He deserves that much.

It is still a tranquil night as milky moonlight penetrates the fog's deep facade. Sora sits down to sleep, in the sand. He leans his head on Riku's shoulder, than drifts into a deep, magical sleep. He sees no more of his world, untill morning. When morning did come, however, his quest began once more. In the form of a letter in a bottle. The King's crimson seal, dampened by the salty sea water, was tightly glued onto the brownish parchment. Let's take a look... Thought Sora.

Velvet, silken, hearts of children. Do we not have a right to shed tears too? Is hope too much of a burden on your soul, angel? May I so kindly remove it? Love cannot exist without dissapointment. Dissapointment cannot exist without love. Fight for my rights, and I shall kindly end your's. Death is a gateway to eternal happiness. Steal my breath with your mercy, and I shall bless you from heaven. I deserve that much. Is that too much to ask....angel of death?

Hope you guys enjoyed my story and poem. Yes, they are both written by me. Yes, I am emo. Yes, please comment.
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