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Cartoon/TV ► Ducktales ending



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Dec 5, 2009
I'm really disappointed to learn it's ending after just three seasons. I really like how the show handled the lore of the Duck family and was tying in so many different disney afternoon properties. I also like how it introduced a wider audience to Della Duck, who has always been more a niche background character.
Also I was kind of hoping for us to get a Webby season, there seemed to be a mystery brewing up around her background.


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Feb 10, 2018
Meh, it was kinda getting overloaded with characters anyway: Gummi Bears-, Chip'n Dale-, TaleSpin-, Goof Troop-, Darkwing Duck-, Bonkers-, old DuckTales-, New DuckTales-, and European Duck-comic-characters. Way to many characters, way to many plotlines, way to many of everything. This is an issue a lot of modern shadows have, cramming in way too much to the point where some plotlines will not be even finished. I have heard, that the Negaduck-plot will not be continued. This is strange because I see no point why they even bother bringing him back and building him up if he has no role in the story.


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Feb 19, 2008
Q: Did you ever consider doing a season 4?

A: When we were lucky enough to get the order for Season 3, we immediately went into “wrap things up” mode. We weren’t naive; we knew the likelihood of more than three seasons on broadcast TV these days is incredibly slim, especially for a 22-minute serialized adventure cartoon. And I’d had the experience on “Wander Over Yonder” where we never got to finish out the big story we had planned. There were a couple of big story threads we had from the beginning that we wanted to be sure we delivered on, so even before we had an inkling it was over, we wanted to build to the end of those stories. Which is why you can divide the three season of DuckTales into Past (the kids discovering that they’re part of this epic family history and uncovering secrets), Present (Della and Louie trying to figure out where she belongs in the middle of this functioning adventure family), and Future (the first word of Season 3 is literally “Legacy,” and so many of the stories have focused on who these characters want to be going forward; hence the introduction of Daisy for Donald, Launchpad finding his place in St. Canard, Lena becoming a defender of magic, etc.). Whenever we talk about the possibility of revisiting the Duck Family down the line, it’s always with the understanding that this giant chapter in their lives is done, and we’d want to figure out a new status quo.
Q: So what was with the Negaduck cliffhanger? It was clear he was going to come back but you said he wasn't going to appear in Season 3, and this is the FINAL season. Why?

A: I’ve said it before, Negaduck is a huge, fantastic character, one of my favorite Disney villains and his presence tends to suck the air from all other stories. It becomes all about him and dealing with him. For various reasons I won’t get into, there was no way we could properly address a Negaduck story in Season 3 without either doing a disservice to him or to the story of the episode. Ultimately we determined that we would rather leave him out there as a lingering threat than do a disservice to his character.
Q: Did the sudden cancellation/end of the show affect anything major about Season 3's writing and finale or were things open-ended enough? Excluding the whole thing about any cliffhangers written with a 4th season in mind.

A: Season 3 was always planned as a payoff to the big story we’d been telling since the beginning. Anything beyond that would, by necessity, be something new.

Some information from the Ducktales showrunner. I included the Negaduck quote for @Swing


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Feb 20, 2021
David Tennant? That's a award winning British actor..He was in Doctor Who.

Wonder what he'll sound like as Scrooge? I bet that he'll end up in KH eventually too if this takes off.
I imagine a suspicious amount of saying of Allons-y and wearing long coats in a suit.