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Dreamers (An Original Rp)

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Dreams, they comfort you at times, scare you when everything isn't right.
What would you do in a world where even your dreams cannot be trusted to be your own?


Immortal, beloved by all, our keeper of dreams known only to the highest of beings as Life. What would happen to our dreamers if she left? Her priestesses offer many sacrifices to appease her, Life whom they worship. Lately something seems to be disrupting the temple. The sacrifices are no longer being accepted. Worshippers begin arriving to question the wisdom of the dreams they've been receiving, "Why are they all identical?" "Why do they all contain the same people murdering the king?" "What kind of treason is this?" Men, Woman and children all alike flock to the temples, some of them fearful, others angry, some even blinded by their faith wondering if this was all a test. Time passes, still the priestesses have no reply for their followers.

The king is alerted of the dreams, acting on fear more than anger he proclaims that all temples of Life must be burned down and the religion erased from his kingdom. The priestesses leave, but not willingly, forced from their homes. All of those who bore the mark of Life would be erased, that along with the dreams that showed his demise. The dreams cease and the kingdom is at peace once again.

Decades pass and now only the old speak of the Dream Keeper, telling their children stories under starlight. The king is dead now, his son taking to the throne. Many people whisper about his startling resemblance to his father and how one would never be able to tell the difference. The new king Alastor is harsh in his ruling, his idealistic views of justice scare many away but other kingdoms refuse to have them, having signed a treaty with the king that none shall cross the borders of his kingdom without a pass.

Many people still wonder what had befallen the Goddess Life, those with questions look for the hidden cult Hayat, an alias for the for those who still worshipped the Dream Giver, Life. Dreams have continued for the people but only because Life was still secretly worshipped by many whom feared the loss of dreams. The worshippers of Life on occasion experience the dreams their parents had before them, only now the faces of the people who kill the king are shown more clearly.

A young priestess of Hayat begs the head priestess to allow them to seek out these people and ask of them to leave the kingdom before they commit the act of treason. She is ignored by all. In desperation the priestess prays to Life for help. No reply. The priestess gives up and returns to her daily schedule, her spirits depleted.

Life never replied, but did she hear that plea from a young girl who worried about people she'd never met? Several people across the kingdom start having dreams of meeting a beautiful woman who instructs them to find each other and meet at Lyrias in an inn called Dreams, once there; they must choose a leader and end king Alastor's reign. The means of killing is of their own choosing, be it a revolt or a silent assassination is up to them. Each dreamer is granted a weapon, be it a power, a weapon or some form of forbidden magic to help them succeed. Before she leaves she warns them of another immortal as powerful as she who wants nothing more than for them to fail. His name, Chaos, he is the god of his own religion, a religion of darkness, bloodshed and war. His followers are ruthless who sacrifice life to please him; those who seek power follow this religion as the faithful are granted weapons of great power. Alastor is among his followers and Chaos will stop at nothing to prevent his murder.



You are either going to be the people from the dreams or among the people who try to oppose them.

The people from the dreams are ordinary people, they don’t know that they're chosen until they get the dream from Life so please no people who've been trained from the day they where born to lead the world.

The people who oppose them are followers of Chaos.


Okay now that's done here are a few guidelines:

Mystical is the name of the kingdom, its capital is Ahlam. Lyrias is a city near the capital.
It contains many different terrains and the time setting is medieval so no guns and stuff like that.
Your characters can be any race you choose it to be, but please no weird hybrids.
I'll need some bad guy as well so please don’t all be the people from the dreams.

I'll need someone from the rp to play these characters; if you want you can have your own character and play one of these.

Name: Chaos
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: God
Appearance: ((You choose))
Bio: Not much is known about him, apart from his plans on preventing the death of Alastor. ((This character recruits others and leads them in preventing the Dreamers from succeeding, also he not allowed to directly engage in combat with mortals))

Name: Alastor Rokoa
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Race: Human
Appearance: ((whoever's playing him may choose the appearance they want))
Bio: Is the current king of Mystical. ((The rest you guys can make up))

Name: Life -- ((Please look to Kari'heart's template for further details.))
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Race: Goddess
Appearance: ((You choose))
Bio: Goddess of the temple of Dreams who mysteriously disappeared and strange dreams started plaguing the people of the kingdom. ((Is not allowed to directly interfere with mortals or engage in combat with them))

Name: Damian Delias
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Race: Demon
Appearance: ((Your choice.))
Bio: Bodyguard to the king and one of his close friends.


Post "I believe in angels" as the subject of your pm.

Please keep OOC's to a minimum; I don’t want this rp to be filled with spam.

No godmoding or powerplaying, I know some people have the habit of doing this at times. If I see any powerplaying or godmoding you'll be given a warning, anymore than three warning and you're out.

A minimum of two to three paragraphs per posts and please make it understandable. I know my grammar isn’t perfect but I at least try to make my posts readable.

Send me your templates (PM me) if you want to join or if you want to use any of the playable characters.

Romance is fine, just don’t turn this into a romance rp and keep it PG13 please.

Swearing is to be kept to a minimum please.

If you post here asking to join you will be automatically rejected.

Any questions you have on the rp please pm them to me.

If you've read all the rules I've written then you now know to post "Nothing is really skin deep" At the end of your pm along with "I love sugar" as the subject of your pm.


Side: ((Dreamer, follower of Chaos or Others (for other please explain))
Race: ((Human, Demon, Siren, Seraph. Whatever race, but if it's something different please provide a description as to what.))
Weapons and/or Magic:
Weapon given by Goddess: ((I assign them))
Appearance: ((Pictures or descriptions, although I prefer descriptions, I believe I've forgotten to stress the fact that this is based on medieval times so please alter appearances to suit the era. Thanks))
Bio: ((At least a paragraph that contains three lines))
Theme Song: ((Optional))
Battle Theme: ((Optional))
Other: ((Anything extra about your character you'd like to add tattoos, an odd obsession with cats or some weird phobia? This is also optional))

Characters Accepted so far:

Nia & Life - Kari'Heart.
Stavros - Stavros
Lycian - Lycianwerewolf13
Thor/Merek - Chosen Again
Kodimo- captain js
Morrigan - obliviongirl13
Nova & Vanyel Ashkevron- Eikre
Chaos, Alastor and Damian - Morpheaus.
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"Approved by DP"

Name: Nia

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Side: Dreamer

Race: Human

Weapons and/or Magic: Magic

Weapon given by Goddess:

Empath: The power to feel what others feel and make them feel what you want them to feel

Appearance: She has dark red hair that goes down to her shoulders. Her skin tone is a soft gentle color, but it's not too pail. She wears a heart shaped chocker around her neck that was given to her by her brother, her eyes are midnight blue. Nia's cat ears and tail are a soft white. (<- Her mom with the cat ears and tail) Her outfit is that of a dark blue gown, she doesn't like wearing the hat that is suppose to go with her clothes. A lot like this girl: http://www.costumesgalore.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/rmedrengrnmaiden.jpg, she doesn't wear any shoes.

Bio: Nia doesn't like how he's ruling over the kingdom so she is planning at no matter if it costs her...her life she will fight him Nia has gotten in trouble with the guards a few times here and there. She isn't the kind of girl Alastor wants in his kingdom, not really caring what he thinks about her she is trying to figure out the best way to take him down.

The king had some of his guards attack her family when she wasn't around, she is only fifteen but they attacked when she was only nine and kidnapped her parents; feeling even more anger towards the king she wants to give him a piece of her mind on what she thinks about him but has stayed quiet for the past few years.

Personality: A shy and softspoken kind of girl, a dreamer big time she is normally in her own little world. I guess you can say she's kind of a romantic, she is a real fragile teen, but watch out when she gets mad because she is like a wild fire, she is the really quiet type you can see her lost in her thoughts.

Theme Song: "Missing" by Evanescence

Battle Theme: "I won't say I'm in love"

Other: She hides in the twilight,
never showing her true emotions.
She has lost her temper a few times,
but then again everyone does once in a while.
Never getting the answers she seeks,
she knows that sooner or later she'll get them.
But the question is,
when will she get the answers?
He trys to help her through,
but he knows that there is so much he can do.
She knows that she has to find the answers,
but will she like what she finds out?

Name: Life

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Race: Goddess

Appearance: She has midback gold hair, blue-gold eyes; her skin is a soft gentle tone of white but she's not too pail. Her gown is that of a baby-blue silk that goes down to her ankles, she doesn't wear any shoes; if she does where any it's sandles. Her arms are bare except for an arm braclet that's on her right arm, she wears a heart shaped necklace to helps her remember the past.

Bio: Goddess of the temple of Dreams who mysteriously disappeared and strange dreams started plaguing the people of the kingdom. One time when she was walking around the town before she disappeared, she met a human that she feel in love with him; the two went out for some thing to drink from time to time but she began to wonder if it would ever work out when she began to over hear him talking about someone he works with...they never tied the knot they were just hanging out together.

She headed out to find out why he stopped coming, only to find that he was seeing another women heartbroken inside she left; this was one of the many reasons she stopped execpting the offers she was give. She would always tell herself that he would come around and come and see her once more, but she soon found out that he was killed in battle this caused her already broken to shatter into a thousand pieces.

She had a single child but kept her hidden from the world, not wanting anyone to take her daughter away from her as well; every since her heart was shattered she hasn't interfered or engaged with them she watched over her daughter although she doesn't remember her other then she would she her in her dreams. She also kept a close watch on Nia and Alastor, she knew that the past was going to repeat it's self.

Personality: A heartbroken women, so 'cause of this she is stand offish and proimses herself that she will never fall in love again. She is the queen of dreams as her friends call her, she may seem cold-hearted towards guys but that's only because she is heartbroken. She has a warm, sunny, loving and caring sort of personality.

Theme Song: "I'm Already There" by Lonestar

Battle Theme: "Straight Tequila Night" by John Anderson

Other: Quote: I hate how I always have to pretend I'm happy, when really my heart is shattered into 1,000 pieces and there's no one to pick them up.

Dreaming of a new world​
Dreaming, falling through water.
I look to see you standing through, you're not the same.
I cry out your name, begging you to come back to me.
We're surrounded but by what I don't know,
your fading away form me leaving me in the past.
I yell and scream begging you to stay with me,
away form the darkness stay in the light.
But reguardless of my screaming and pleading,
you lose yourself, I'm dreaming of a new world.
Dreaming of a new world?
Is that even possible?
It doesn't matter I don't want to lose you,
I won't let you lose yourself.
You have to fight this you have to win,
so that way we can both dream of a world together.
Dreaming of a new world for you and me.
That seems to be what I do lately,
we may not be really brother and sister but we act like it.
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Jun 3, 2005
Back from the Dead
*Approved by DP*

Name: Stavros Marlei

Gender: Male

Age: (Yeah I added it) 17

Side: Dreamer, but hasn’t had the dreams yet

Race: Demon

He's a demon. He looks like a normal human except for his blue/red eyes(I’ll explain) and some other features at certain times.

Weapons and/or Magic: Right now all he has is a short sword, dagger, and some low level demon magic. . .stuff. . .lol. . .

Weapon given by Goddess: ((I assign them)) Yeah. . .

Appearance: Stavros is about 6’ 4”. He has icy blue eyes(When he looks human) and blood red eyes(When he looks like a demon), dull brown hair that curls a little, but straightens as it goes down, which is about to his shoulders. He wears a black cloak with a dark green shirt underneath and dark brown(almost black) pants.

Demon – He sprouts large black wings and grows about half a foot bigger, he is more muscular and claws rip out of his flesh. Also his eyes are red and spines come out of his spine. This only happens on a full moon or under specific circumstances. He can’t control it either. He gets an almost uncontrollable bloodlust and wants to kill anything in his path.

Bio: Stavros grew up on the outskirts of a village, by outskirts he means about five miles away from any civilization of any kind. He lived with his "dad".An old man took him in when he was a child.He grew up protecting the small farm they lived on from whatever threatened it, be that a wolf or a bandit. He never hears much about the outside world because his dad always sheltered him from it, he was probably afraid of losing Stavros to an angry mob or whatnot. Stavros isn’t really trained in the art of the sword, he is more self-taught. He’s lived on the farm for as long as he could remember, and he’s wanted to leave for a while.
Personality: Stavros is cold, he hasn’t had much contact with anyone in his life and it shows.
Theme Song Lonely Day (just came on WMP. . .lol.. . .) ~ SOAD
Battle Theme: ((Optional))
Other: He has an odd obsession with cats(Kidding). . .
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Miss Murder

"Approved by DP"

Name: Lycian Zarius
Gender: Female
Side: Follower of Chaos
Race: Demon
Age: Seems to be about 20, but is much older, since she is a demon.
Weapons and/or Magic: A spiked chain which Lycian can use as a whip, and which also has something like a scythe's blade attached to one end with which Lycian can use by itself as a sword with the rest of the chain wrapped along her arm. Attached to the other end of the chain is something that looks like an enlarged spike with two sides of it spiking off. ((It looks something like the nobody symbol, if that helps any))Also, Lycian has fire magic that she uses fairly often, but not in too large of ammounts ((See other, below)), and dark magic that she also uses often.
Appearance: Lycian has eyes that can range from light grey to silver to a inky black. She is fairly tall and also of a light build and is attractively skinny. Still, Lycian can defend herself and attack ferociously. She has white claws that aren't very long but are extreamely sharp, and her canines and back teeth are also very sharp, but pure white, and she can also hide them if she needs to.

She has silvery hair with black dyed bangs, and a length of it that hangs in her face, covering most of that side of her face, and her hair is a little longer than shoulder-length. Her ears are also slightly pointed, which can give her away ((for some reason)) as a demon.

Lycian sometimes wears a silvery and black gown, one whose sleeves hang down and the back trails behind her for a while, but Lycian only wears this on special occasions. Normally, Lycian wears a black skirt, and a black and red corset, with black boots. She also sometimes wears a black jacket over this, and/or a black and silver or black and red cape.
Bio: Lycian was born a demon, into a family of demons who also followed Chaos. In that way, Lycian was raised as she is today, a Demon Chaos follower. But her life doesn't run all that smoothly. When Lycian was still very young, her dwelling - her home - was burned to the ground by "angry villigers" who hated Demons for all they were worth. This fire killed Lycian's parents, but luckily enough Lycian was able to get out alive, with only a burn in the shape of a teardrop on her shoulder as a marking of that awful night.

Lycian could only watch the fire burn down her home and listen to her family's screams as they burned alive, since that was one of their one weaknesses. She was only 8 at this time. Lycian was different in this way, since she did indeed have a family, and she was indeed a Demon. But, never-the-less, that event in her life turned Lycian emotionless, except for hatred for the mortals who so foolishly killed the only people Lycian would ever care about.

Still, this fire also brought two things to Lycian. 1: A fear of burning alive. and 2: Fire magic. Magic that burns in her eyes as she burns her foes with the rememberance of that fateful night.

Lycian ran away after that, and when she was 13, she sought out Chaos to be his own personal follower and "soldier" in a way. She did become this, and has been loyal ever since. . .so it seems. She would like nothing more than to slaughter these "Dreamers" and prevent the king's death. . .and she knows nothing more than death and succession.
Personality: Extreamely dark personality, and slightly sadistic. She can be overcome by the bloodlust fairly easily, but still she has control. Her eyes go against this firey personality though, since they always remain calm and haunting, taunting Lycian's foes to an unending realization of defeat and destruction.
Theme Song: In the End - Linkin' Park
Battle Theme: Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace
Other: Like I said earlier, Lycian has a fear of burning alive, but this is her only fear. Depite this, she has fire magic that is a reflector of both her past and her "soul". . .If you want to go that deep, that is.
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"Approved by DP"

Name: Thor/ Merak


Gender: Male

Side: Other ((Because of his dual personalities he does not sleep however he supports the Dreamers))

Race: Shadow (A race that is best known for their split personalities, during the day they are one person, during the night another. Their eyes change from normal to white at night.)

Weapons and/or Magic: Thor: An Axe, Little magic is known (a few
weak healing spells) Merak: Lots of powerfull magic, and a shortsword.

Weapon From Goddess:

Appearence: Is slim and muscular, has unkempt brown hair and wears a cloak around his face at daytime so no one recognizes him for the dark deeds he's done as Merak. Light blue eyes. Has a scar across his face. His eyes give the impression of sadness. He has several other scars that mar his body, there are none that are disfiguring but they criss-cross allover his chest. He wears a Necklace that has the emblem of a sun turning into a moon. Merak seems to have an inherent cruelty. His eyes analyze the people walking on the street to see how he can manipulate them. Still Merak is a person and does have feelings, he is a fool for a pretty woman. And aside from being cruel, Narcissistic, and selfish, he is a hopeless romantic. However he somehow never seems to hit it off with any women.

Bio: Thor is always haunted by his actions in the dead of night. Merak has been a shadow over his life since he was born. Raised by his parents to be a kind and loving person Thor went into the world literally only to help others. However he soon found that most of the trouble he was fixing was caused by Merak. Merak raised by Thor parent's alternate identities to be an intelligent young man, tends to care much, much less about other's well-being. He is skilled in magic, everything from Necromancy to the dark unyeilding flames of the Fires of Hell, a book that tells how to use all flame, even all warmth as a weapon. He is inept at healing. "Merak" is wanted in many places, for everything from murder to petty theft.
At a young age he was thrown from his village for causing a fire that killed twenty. Thor then learned that he could not trust Merak, and took desperate measures to stop him. Up to attempted suicide. However in the end Thor could not take his own life, and Merak continues to make Thor's life miserable.
Thor after traveling the world, found a way to suppress Merak, but it could very well drive him insane as well and he has yet to feel the courage to do it. He keeps it in a bag that he wears around his neck. Thor , having trained hard, for his initial ambition was to be a warrior, is amazing a wielding his axe and can use most types of blade and is fair with a long staff.
Merak plays several instruments, dances, and is deadly with a bow when required, his main ambition is to become one of those rich noble types. Dancing and drinking the night away with the finest women and the finest wine. He has pursued this ambition and has been recently doing “jobs” for corrupt officials, killing those that needed killing and whatnot.

Personality: Warm and giving Thor is a kind, if detached soul who cares deeply for all of mankind. Selfish, and unrelenting Merak will get what he wants at all costs. It must be clear that Merak does not do what he does only to make others suffer, he is selfish but not quite cruel however he is cold and logical, and will do anything he thinks will benefit him.

Theme Song: Heaven Help Us- My Chemical Romance

Battle Theme: Instrumentals for Back in Black ~ ACDC
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Aug 24, 2004
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OOC- Here's my template guys, I think we'll be able to start this hopefully in two or three day's time. I'm just waiting for a few more people to post thier templates.
Also I forgot to mention the fact that everyone should alter thier clothings to suit the medieval era this rp is based on... Sorry for making you guys edit your posts so many times >.<.

Name: Laila Midnight

Age: 21

Side: Dreamer

Gender: Female

Race: Siren

Weapon and/or magic:
Weapon: Qatr el nada ((Dew drops in English)): A curved blade about 90cm long, the hilt is studded with Aquamarine gems and other precious stones. The blade is made up of an alloy of Silver, steel and another unknown element found in the depths of the ocean. This mixture of metals allows the blade to be almost unbreakable and naturally enhance the user's spell casting ability focusing mainly on water based spells.
Laila is also very knowledgeable in underwater herbs, poisons and sedatives.

Magic: Water based spells such as Waterga and water based shields are her preferred type of magic usage.
At times she also resorts to sleeping spells and blinding ones.

Weapons given by Goddess: Photokenesis : The power to manipulate light in all its forms. ((Thank You Morpheaus for the ideas on powers))

Appearance: At a glance Laila is eye catching, her race making her appealing to members of the opposite sex. She's naturally beautiful as being beautiful is a requirement for people of her race.
Laila is about 165cm tall. Her skin is tanned from spending so much time in the sun. She is of small build and slim.
Laila's face is slightly basically oval in shape, her lips are full with a slight reddish tinge to them. Her canines one of the few features distinguishing her from humans are sharp. Her eyes are a deep blue with flecks of green in them. Hair is a very dark blue almost black.
When diving under water gills appear at the sides of her neck, they are normally concealed while on the surface as to avoid unwanted attention.

Clothes- Laila's preferred clothes are in light shades such as white, are flattering to her figure and bring out her best features which to her are her eyes. The clothes she wears normally consists of some variation from a white ankle long skirt which she likes to hitch up until her knees using the soft knee high leather boots for stuffing the skirt into. A white blouse, the sleeves reach just past her elbows it's normally unbuttoned to just below her collar bone. She's recently taken to wearing a black shapeless cloak that conceals the leather belt that supports her blade.

Laila's parents are Sirens of noble blood and naturally respected by others. The king has given them the honor of leaving them alone, more out of fear of being poisoned than respect.
As a child Laila was trained in all the right manners of etiquette, flower arrangement and other stifling hobbies and such that all women of class are supposed to go through. Laila listened to her tutors but rebelled and befriended a human boy, Damian. Damian was the child of a former soldier crippled by battle and his father liked to entertain himself by teaching the two of them how to fight properly.

As Laila grew older her powers as a Siren began to surface and her mother took it upon herself to train her daughter on the proper forms of seduction, spell casting and to increase her knowledge on herbs and how best to use them.

Her Siren powers weren’t the only thing that had began to surface, she also noticed the strange way in which Damian acted around her. He treated her differently like a fragile glass, once during a training session between the two of them, Laila finally irritated at him holding back confronted him. Damian's reply was a silence, after Laila doggedly pursuing him on the matter he confessed his thoughts and emotions. Laila surprised, didn’t reply. Damian understanding Laila's silence took his leave and bid her farewell before asking her to stop visiting him. Laila filled with hurt and bewilderment returned home and after that stopped visiting him, she made no attempt to speak to him again and returned to lessons with her mother filled with a new found determination to be more powerful and never again to be underestimated just because she was a woman.

Laila is 21 now, her thoughts at times return to that fateful day a year ago but she feels no regret for the friend who'd forsaken her. Laila's feelings towards men are normally suspicious, she speaks to them normally, flirts and treats them with the same warmth she does everyone but deep down she's urging them to make a mistake and betray her trust just so they can enforce her
image of betrayal she'd already constructed from her experience with Damian.

Laila no longer lives at home with her parents, as midway through her 17th year King Alastor worried by the support her parents had gained from the locals had them eliminated as he feared a revolt. Laila escaped the house during the chaos of the raid and took her father's blade, a family heirloom along with enough gold and jewelry to last her a long time. She's constantly on the run, pausing only at secluded villages so that to avoid being found by Alastor as a bounty has been placed upon her head.

Personality: Laila is playful by nature and enjoys the company of others, on the surface one would expect her to be a typical pampered teenager of noble blood but underneath the surface she conceals personality of a calculating seductress with only her best interests in mind. Although circumstances have caused her to avoid contact with too many people she still maintains her cheerful and playful nature.

Theme Song: City Of Delusion- Muse

Battle Theme- Riot- Three Days Grace

Other- Loves shiny objects… ((yeah I am serious…))
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Approved by DP

Name: Kodimo

Gender: Male

Age: looks to be 25, but is really 3500 years old.

Side: Chaos follower

Race: Demon

Weapons and/or Magic: Dual-wields between a dagger and a sword. The dagger and sword are both made by himself. Engraved on the weapons are what look to be markings of fire. His magical power consists of fire and darkness.

Weapon given by Goddess: ((I assign them))

Appearance: A demon who can take the form of a human. In
demononic form, he is pitch black with red streaks along his body. In human form, He is tall with long black hair. Also, in human form, he wears long black pants and a tattered white shirt. There is a suit of armor he wears, but, he only chooses to wear the part covering his torso.

Bio: Kodimo is what is known as a Shapeshifting Demon. Though, the only other form he can take is that of a human, though he is truely not human. He was sent to the depths of the Underworld in Ancient Roman times, but, has arisen during Medevil Times to seek revenge on a world he once lurked with the fiery combination of fire and darkness.

Personality: Ambitious and short-tempered.

Theme Song: Unforgiven by Metallica

Battle Theme: Riot by Three Days Grace

Other: Along the side of his face, there is a large scar in the shape of a flame. There is also weird spikes coming down his spine, which he uses to defend himself.

To add, there is a black tattoe along his whole left arms. It seems to look like black flaming thorns. His True self appears if it starts to glow.

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Feb 14, 2005
Aproved by DP.

Name: James Vineyard
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Side: Dreamer
Race: Pyrovenademon ((see magic)) firedemon who is half human ((hence vena))
Weapons and/or Magic:
Weapons: Dagger
Magic: Controlling and creating fire.
Weapon given by Goddess: I believe in you o goddess of sadism ^.^
Appearance: ((if you could help me out on this one, I don't have a clue what he is wearing)) http://blog.shikiryu.com/wp-content/...1105332117.jpg
Bio: Born in a poor family, James was forced to go in to the criminal world. Whilst his family came by, getting scraps here and there, James was well fed by his new family as he did missions to gain money. Slowly he climbed his way tot he top, stepping on a road paved by bodies he created. In the end he was on the top of his game. Until he was so high, that all those below stabbed him in the back with a dagger. On the first night of his life back down below, James had gotten the dream. The dream that would change his life forever.
Personality: Sadistic and loyal to his family. 'I don't rat on nobody' Is his motto, if you stay a part of his family.
Theme Song: Weird Al Yankovich -White and Nerdy
Battle Theme: Linkin Park - Numb
Other: A shield tattood between his thumb and index finger.

Miss Murder

Lol, but yeah that would be a good idea at this point. If she doesn't. . .then should one of us? No, I doubt it. . .that isn't how things work, but still.
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