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Dragon In Our Midst

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Mar 11, 2006
For anyone who loves a deep story with good descriptions should check it out. It is about two kids, each have a certain power of a dragon. The first kid: Billy Bannister, has the power of fire breath. The secon kid, Bonnie Silver, has the power of flight. Together, they must attempt to stop an ancheint order that has existed since the age of Camelot, the Dragon Slayers. Their leader, Morgan LaFeye, is attampting to bring the Dragon Slayers back to power by releasing the Watchers from the Pit of Tartarus, a deep, and inescapable pit that traps all who die with sin in their hearts and minds. The Watchers are demonic beings that are able to unbalance the natural order of things.

Billy is struggling to overcome the fact that his father is over one thoudand years old, and a dragon to boot. He has been living a lie for thirteen (I think) years.

Bonnie has been from foster family to foster family to foster family. She first learned of her dragon heritage at a young age when her mother, a dragon in human form named Hartanna, explains it to her. Hartanna is murdered by Dr.Whittier, the school principal who is really a Dragonslayer, when Bonnie is young. In a strange twist, the two are in the same school! Together, they unfold the plot of the Dragon Slayers when Dr.Whittier and an accomplace attempt to take Bonnie away. When Billy tries to stop them, the Dr. lets out the phrase "Demon Witch!" Which is what the Slayers call the female dragons.

If you want to find out more about this great book series, check this place out:

Dragons In Our Midst
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