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On this earth Goku and the other Z-fighters don't exist and they never have. Across the universe there are many races and many different goals and ideas spread throughout them that either harbor the future with good intentions or for those who only care about destruction and chaos; seed the future in a dark place ruled by fear.

For a long time the earth and the galaxy had been working together fairly well any animosity spread evenly through the races and whatever reasons for such hate and emotion, none of it has ever blown out of proportion or not been settled in due time if it did.

A change in the way people felt about one another in the last year changed things for the worse of two sides of a coin, where prosperity was attainable, now chaos runs abundant throughout the galaxies and the safety of the races is waning on an extreme.

The legend of the dragon balls and Shenron was of course no legend and held truth. Two saiyan brothers whom had fused summoned the dragon and spread chaos using their wish. Fighting has become and every day issue simply for survival but currently nobody even knows where the fused brothers are or what their name is.

The road to everyone's path lies ahead its up to them which way to go and how to achieve greatness and what will become of the universe. In a short period of time things could get increasingly more dangerous than they were before with nobody making choices to do anything but sit and wait for destruction...

Spoiler Spoiler Show

Spoiler Spoiler Show

1. I don't feel like putting a long list of rules here. Do what you should and try not to get yourself banned kayy??

2. Only 2 characters are allowed so things don't get too messy.

3. Post regularly and fluently please.

4. Kick some ass DBZ style...​
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Name: Kurrat

Race: Saiyan/Android

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Persona: Explain how your character thinks and don't be lazy

Appearance: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/010/7/5/dragonball_z_oc_zain_by_khaosx4-d4abnyt.jpg


Memory Base -

Super Computer -

Unlimited Ki -


Mukei Kaihou - Also known as Spiritual Release, this skill releases inner spirit which enhances your overall power for a short period of time. W

SSJ 1 -

Techniques: (5)

1. Hell's Lace - Kurrat raises two fingers, and crackling orange ki surrounds his forearm, charging the attack until he points straight ahead at the target and recites the words (Heaven's Lace), sending forth a giant beam from his two fingers at the target, enveloping them in a wide beam of golden orange energy. The beam itself is more so meant to pierce the target, ripping a hole through them but, if the target resists then it'll only deal concussive damage.

2. Purgatory Rain - Kurrat holds his hand (right or left) to the side and charges a large orange energy ball in his hand, then launches it into the air. at that point, the ball devides into ten smaller energy balls, which fall to the ground and chase the desired target until they hit the target or the ground. Upon impact, the balls are highly explosive and have a wide radius. They also have a secondary function that on command, the balls will attach the body of it's raget before exploding all together.

3. Android Barrier -

4. Using both hands, the user forms a special ki into each of their hands.
The ki color is a translucent white around one hand, and black around the
other. The two energies spiral around and up the users hands and arm. After the ki is concentrated enough, the user cups his hands and fuses the ki, which will become a brilliant teal color. The spiraling energy is then released as the user incants the spirit energy, shouting "Spirit Kamehameha." The energy released is an explosive beam of ki that can destroy anything in its path.


Ultimate Technique: Your character's most powerful technique. Have fun...NO SPIRIT BOMB MOVES!!!

History: What you reveal is up to you, this rp is about the future, not the past.
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