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Essence of Elegy

How long shall you delve into time?
Oct 17, 2007
What if your conscience was much more than the scales of right and wrong?

What if it transcended the very capacity of mortal mind itself?

What if it were to speak, and suddenly take control? This is the world of:


In the metropolis world of Retalia, humans live constantly with their closest companions, their Doppelgangers, a conscience that has far exceeded and evolved past any aspect of the mind. These “alter egos” are born slaves to their physical vessels, their masters, and though they may sometimes form a deep friendships with their human hosts, in the core of every Doppelganger is the desire to break free and take control, no matter how deeply hidden that craving may be.

There came then to be a group of people who decided to use their Doppelgangers to advance the human race. This group was known as the psyorists, founders of the Academy of Entropy. These psyorists allowed their Doppelgangers a partial takeover of the body, leaving only the soul untainted. The Doppelgangers produced extraordinary powers beyond anything mundane. Some are now used as sources of power. Others guard the cities of Retalia, wielding powerful fluxes of energy.

Three thousand years have gone by. But only now have things gone wrong.

The Division of Deep Arts, a subdepartment of the Academy of Entropy, has had its eight star pupils dismembered from the institute, for tampering in forbidden experiments. These eight proceeded to allowing their Doppelgangers a complete and irreversible takeover, which eventually drove them incredibly mad. Naming themselves the Jesters, they now seek to destroy the very foundations of civilization, wielding the powers of what man would name a “demigod”.

And then across the sea on the islet of Gerea, storms gather as the true gods prepare to play their hand…

So who are you in this world? Will you remain at the Academy to further your training and protect what is old and good? Or will you commit yourself to a life of treason and hate, and line up with the ranks of the Jesters? It’s up to you. Or your other half…

Template for students

Welcome to the census bureau of the academy of entropy. Current students and new students alike must fill out the following form:

Age: (years of schooling are first to thirteenth, starting from twelve years old to twenty-five. Older pupils are either teachers or Advanced Psyorists).
Personality: (if your behavior is less than tolerable, then disciplinary measures may apply)
Appearance: (a picture will suffice)
Doppelganger Name:
Doppelganger Power(s): (older students generally have more advanced powers. It is advised that you take no instruction other than what is provided at this Academy; there are freelancing psyorists who delve too deep into the darker arts).
Weapon(s): (some Doppelgangers channel their energy through a weapon of sorts. Please do be restrictive).
Doppelganger Personality: (please keep in mind that with partial takeover, your Doppelganger’s personality may also take control. This is only the case with those of weaker will. )
Doppelganger Appearance: (it is not uncommon for a partial takeover to change your appearance. How does your Doppelganger change your appearance once it takes control?)
Doppelganger Limit: (every Doppelganger has a limit. They range from one hour to twenty-four hours. Please also list the cooling time it takes after reverting to your normal self, which also share the same time range).
Year: (year of study, or other title)
Division: (strand of studies include the Divisions of Defense, Healing, Energy Displacement, Robotics and Machinery, Weaponry, Alchemy, Nature, Spirituality, and the Deeper Arts (the old magics and divine secrets)


Freelancers and Jesters use the same template, except the Year and Division should be merged into one category called “Specialty/Knowledge Base”. Oh, and also, Jesters are absolutely INSANE, and completely defy the rules of logic. So go crazy with those.


1. No godmodding PLEASE
2. No powerplaying.
3. No machinegun posting
4. Generaly RP rules apply
5. Romance is cool.
6. Censored cussing is cool.
7. In case you’re wondering, technological era in Retalia is equivalent to what you’d expect in the recent FF games.


will edit post with more info.
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