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Fanfiction ► Doctor Who: Tales of a Human Timelord

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Apr 30, 2009
In the world of Change.
Gallifrey. My parents home planet, and home to one of the oldest living species in the galaxy. The Time Lords. Though I would never know what it was like. They told me stories of how the Time War had destroyed their home.

Most of it was quiet gruesome but the only thing that I liked was the story of a single man. How he ran, in a blue box and never looked back. My mother and father told me he was called the Doctor. The man who fixed everything.

Even though I was young when they told me these stories I loved them so much. Especially since they were my culture that was long lost. Though I'm not really sad that I live in the U.K. Earth was a good planet to live but, even though I knew this I didn't really know it. But everything changed when I finally met the Doctor, for good....and bad.


I should start from the beginning, my name is the Teller. It's not my real name, since my name is Time Lord, but its a tradition that a nickname be given to every Time Lord or Lady when they are born. It wasn't that bad of a name either, since anyone asked me a question I could tell them the correct answer.

Still it wasn't a name I used around the humans. My parents knew better than to do that. So I was called Jonathan Gratson. Dunno how my parents had come up with it but it suited everything from School to teachers.

Though I wouldn't say my life was a walk in the park. My life was filled with bullies tormenting me due to my small nature. When I was eight, I was four foot five inches, had brown hair, hazel eyes. I had a small nose, rounded nostrils and slightly puffed cheeks.

My body was average, my legs not very long. My feet size five at that age. Guess even Time Lords can't have perfect bodies. Though this meant torment from the larger human males of my grade.

I never understood human behavior, though I can't really say much about that since I was the type of kid to sit quietly and do my work, though in this case I was the kid who was done with everything by the time everyone had sat down to actually start.

As I grew up, my parents began to teach me things, they had learned back on Gallifrey, certain technology and how to build things. I think the first thing my father taught me how to build was the Sonic Screwdriver. It wasn't that complicated though getting the parts was.

After years of getting the parts, we finally finished it by my sixteenth birthday. My father had done so without me knowing, and had added a DNA sync to it so only I and anyone of my blood could use it. Now if you wish to know what a Sonic Screwdriver is, in simple terms its a Screwdriver that sends a pulse of Sonic energy to anything I point at. Though not really a weapon it was useful when you get locked out of a building.

The only real time I can remember using it without thinking was when I got feed up with a bully in that same year. He had called me a name that was so infuriating it felt like a giant flame had appeared inside of me. I use to carry my Screwdriver everywhere, it was useful when opening my locker and opening other students when they knew I could.

So after being called that name, I took out my Sonic Screwdriver and aimed it at his face. A glare that could close Black holes on my face.
"Whatchu going to do with that gizmo? Point my eye out?" He said laughing at my Screwdriver.

I smirked, thinking how simple minded this human was.
"No, but I will make your ears bleed." I said pointing it upwards and plugging my ears and turning away. I then pressed a button, releasing the Sonic Energy into the air, causing a loud noise worse than finger nails on a chalk board. I then let go of the button and turned to see that the bully was on the ground clenching his ears. I stood over him, a triumphant look on my face as I walked away.

I think that was the last time I was bullied. By then, I had grown to six feet and was going through a phase where I liked participating in sports. So much so that I joined most of the school teams and was the leading player. Though that phase ended as soon as High School ended.

During that time, where normal kids go to college or get jobs, my parents who had both been busy with their jobs since my sixteenth birthday, told me it was okay to move out. My father who was an actual medical Doctor and my mother who was a Computer techie, both were the type of Time Lord and Lady to not let an infant Time Lord out into the human world.

But they knew that if I were to grow up I had to see things myself. So After my nineteenth birthday I moved out into the city of London. Life was good. I began a career as a Scientist. It seemed fitting that I, a Time Lord, would help the human's in their science.

Sadly it seemed the idea's of an infant Time Lord who was human was not tolerated, and I was sacked after a year of research. That's when I first met the Doctor, without even knowing who he was.

It was at an empty Soccer Stadium, a week after I had been sacked. I had taken to going there everyday to just think about all the different things going through my mind. Imagine the knowledge of almost all of human history floating through your mind. Would make anyone go mad or bonkers.

Anyway, I was siting at the top row of chairs, when I saw a man enter into the Stadium. I didn't really pay any attention to what he was doing but, he seemed like he was looking for something. He soon spotted me and came dashing over. Though at this moment I was muttering the entire List of Roman emperors by first name alphabetically.

"Excuse me, might I ask you what time it is and what the date is?" The strange fellow said coming up behind me. I had stopped to pause at Caesar's name, when I turned to see this man. He was wearing black army boots, a brown jacket and overalls underneath the jacket. He wore a white and red striped shirt with black pants. A strange outfit indeed but I was no judge of fashion.

I had been wearing a blue suit with a red tie. But that's besides the point. I looked up at his face and nodded my head.
"It's eight am in the morn and it be tenth year of this millennium." I said turning back to my repeating of the Roman Emperors.

"So its eight am, and it's two thousand ten? Interesting?" The man said a bit intrigued like he had been gone somewhere or in a coma for a long time. I think that's when he noticed I was saying the Roman Emperors by first name.

"Are...you saying the names of the Roman Emperors by first name?" He asked curiously walking in front of me and looking at my face. I looked up at him a strange look on my face.
"Yeah, what's it to ya mate?" I said slightly angry that he had stopped me from continuing my list. At this time he had a hand on his chin like he was thinking, a hand in his pocket. At that time I didn't know he had carried his own Sonic Screwdriver with him.

"Oy, why don'tchu go and leave me alone eh?" I said starting to get irritated that this man was staring at me strangely. He closed his eyes and stood up.
"All right. Well, I'm off then!" He said cheerfully as he walked away from me.

"Yeah you and Gallifrey both." I muttered still irritated that he had bothered me. After he left I gave up on naming off the Roman Emperors. It just seemed a waste of time. Going home, I noticed a blue police box, and thought nothing of it. Though it seemed that blue box would be following me for the next few weeks.


Master of the ECKKK
Apr 30, 2009
In the world of Change.
The next few days after that first encounter were what my parents would say, a bit odd. Starting off, I began to see that Police Box that I had only barely noticed the day before in a different spot. Me being how I was, I payed no mind.

But that wasn't as bad as when I found out I was to be hired by an Organization called Torchwood. It wasn't til much much later, when I had regenerated for the first time that I knew what Torchwood was really about. Anyway I was hired by this company because my former employer had spoken about my idea's and how ludicrous they had seemed.

Still it was nice that this company thought it wise of them to hire this human being with amazing idea's. Though the people who hired me were nice I always felt odd around them, like they were trying to see me and know more about me.


Now I should describe what the rebuilt Torchwood building looked like. It wasn't a huge skyscraper like it was last time. Just a very large single storie building. It had the name Torchwood in Brown letters, above the entrance. The entire frame of the building was white except for those letters.

The architecture was even more strange, since on the outside it looked like a large storage facility. In fact the inside was a lot different than what you might expect. The entire interior reminded me of American architecture, what with sliding doors and keypads, and finger scanners.

Still it was a pleasant looking interior. The walls were black and at the front desk was this lovely lass that was so sweet to me...But like I said before it wasn't til my first regeneration when I found out the truth about everyone.

The rest of the front desk consisted the secretary, a small area where guests could wait, and down a bit a break room/Lunch area for the employee's. Further down, you could find all the suits, the CEO's the developers, etc. The place where I worked was down below all this, in fact it was only open to scientist, and the only way to get in was through a elevator that needed a specific password.

I worked there for a month before quitting. I couldn't take the atmosphere that had been created over that month. My research seemed like it was being misused for something I had no control over. My research consisted of the use of Sonic Energy, something I had mention in my first job. I had been trying to see if I could obtain the same results from my sonic screwdriver with human technology but it seemed futile.

Not to mention the uses it could be used for. A weapon, not a tool was all I could imagine the human race using it for. So I quit not letting anyone have my research, though I did eventually lose that when Torchwood sued me for taking their quote, "property." Bloody rubbish.

Still if it weren't for Torchwood I don't think I would of ever formally met the Doctor. It was the day before I quit, that as I walked out the front door I met him. We actually bumped into each other, me focusing on what I was about to write to my superiors.

"Ooof!" I said as I bumped into him. He just stood there bewildered that we had bumped into each other.
"Oy watch where..." I couldn't finish that sentence when I remembered his face. A look of shock on my face he soon picked up on my reaction.

"Oh! Joly good! It's the man who told me the time and was saying the Roman emperors names!" He said slightly excited he had bumped into me. I was still bewildered that this man was standing before me. He extended his hand out, and instinctively I took it. Though I did forgot about something me dad told me when I was young.

"Whenever two Time Lords or Ladies touch, a spark occurs. For a brief second a flood of information will appear in your and the other Time Lords head before disappearing."
"Dad why does that happen?" I asked curious as to why such a thing would occur.

"Well we Time Lords exchange information when we shake hands. It's something that only happens once. So after you touched me and your mother you forgot it ever happened. But say if you were to touch the Doctor, you would see something that was in his head at that time. At the same time he will see something in yours."

So when I took his hand, a shock happened, and a flood of information appeared in my head. I saw millions of images and then a single thing. A women and a man at a wedding. The woman was a red head and the man had brown. Before I could even think, it was gone. I stood up and he had a weird expression on his face.

"Well that was strange." He and I both muttered. We turned to each other and laughed nervously. After that awkward moment I introduced myself as my human name.
"So what's yours mate?" I asked crossing my arms smiling a bit.
"John Smith." He said formally. I laughed.
"Well nice ta meetcha John." I said slightly laughing again.
"The pleasure's mine. But I do have to hurry. I need to find someone." He said hurriedly walking away.

"Say John," I yelled out to him, not really thinking. He turned around for a moment.
"Meet me here tomorrow! We'll go out for drinks!" I asked in a non formal way. Actually I sorta forced him to come in that little speech. He laughed and continued walking away waving his hand goodbye.

I took that as a yes. So the next day, after quitting my job, I saw him step out of a blue police box. The same one that I had seen the past few days. I stopped for just a moment before continuing on. I walked up to him, smiling and calling out his name.

"John! Glad you came!" I said happy that I had at least someone to talk to. He looked concerned for a brief moment before making a happy looking face.
"Wouldn't miss it." He said before noticing the small amount of stuff I had put under my arm.
"What's that stuff there?" He asked puzzled at what it was. I looked down at it and nervously laughed and scratched my head.
"Just my research. I quit today. I felt like my research was being used improperly." I said before returning to my normal self.

"Anyway, up for that drink? All we have to do is stop by my place before heading to the bar." I said heading towards my car. He still stood there and noticing he wasn't following me I turned around.
"Well the thing is," He said nervously like he was planning on doing something else.
"What?" I asked a questioning look on my face. He stared at me before shaking his head.
"Nothing. I would enjoy the company." He said walking slowly towards me and my car.

When we reached my rinky dink of a car, I put my research into the back seat, making sure that none of the Sonic Energy equipment was in any danger of being released into the car's small area. Once we reached the bar, after me putting my stuff away, we began to discuss things.

It seemed that both me and this John fella had similar idea's about certain things. I thought that there was a lot more than this planet out there and John agreed, so much so that he started to explain about the other galaxies and how there were an almost infinite number of species that could be out there.

Still when I finally began to talk about my sonic energy equipment he seemed even more intrigued by me. Apparently Sonic energy was hard to discover, and I told him the basic principles of Sonic energy. Though he nodded his head, it seemed to me that he already knew this stuff.

We didn't drink that much, I was never much of a drinker but I think that's when I knew something was off about him.
"So tell me did ya find those two you were looking for?" I asked sipping my beer. He looked at me like I had caught him off guard.

"I don't remember telling you I was looking for two people." He said in a suspicious tone. I shrugged and after taking another sip began to speak.
"You said you were looking for someone, so I just guessed." I lied. The image had stayed with me when I went to bed the night before. He stared at me for a moment before he began to ask me questions.

"Tell me something...when we shook hands yesterday...did you feel..." He was interrupted by the waitress who gave us our bill. I smiled politely as I took out my wallet. I paid the bill and looked back at him.
"What were you saying?" I asked. He shook his head and looked out the window as if he was trying to forget. But I know something was up so I took a giant leap.

"John....have you ever heard of Time Lords?" I asked looking away from him. I could feel him staring at me.
"Well?" I asked still looking away from him. I could tell from the way he said the next word that he was lying.
"No...I've never heard of them." He said.
"Well what if I told you I..." But I was cut off by a loud sound. It was like a school's fire alarm but blasted on a speaker at full blast.

I recognized that sound. It was the Torchwood alarm. It was only used if something escaped or an accident took place. I hurriedly got up and began to ran out the door. The Doctor right behind me. As I look back, I think that was the moment that I knew that this man was a friend. Someone I could trust. In the end of everything that I witnessed over my life...I can honestly say he was, and always will be.

We ran, all the way to the Torchwood building. A large hole in the wall next to the Torchwood sign. I looked at it in horror. What could of done something like that? Nothing I knew, since I was always cooped up in my own research. Had Torchwood been doing something that was endangering humanity?

In my gut I felt a burning anger in me, like it was my duty to stop whatever made that hole. I looked over at John, and he seemed completely intrigued by the hole itself.
"Thats pure diamond wall infused with meteorite stone. That's not an easy wall to burn through." He muttered getting a closer inspection by walking closer to it.

He seemed like he knew what he was doing. That's when he pulled it out. His sonic screwdriver. It emitted a different sound than mine but, it still made that sound. I looked at him my mouth agape. He was using it to get a reading off of the hole from below it.

"Strange...radiation, but not the same type found in those bombs." He muttered as the thing opened up and glowed a bright green. I think that's when he also knew something was wrong. He looked over at me and looked down at his screwdriver.

"Oh! Um...." For a man of many words, I think that those two words were all the things he could think of. I walked up to him knowing what he was.
"My god! Your....your the...the Doctor..." Tears started forming in my eyes before I hugged him. Not surprisingly, this shocked him.

"How...do you?" He managed to get out through my hug. I backed off slightly embarrassed that I hugged the man who survived the Time War.
"Well the thing is...I'm also a Time Lord." As I said the last part I took out my own sonic screwdriver.

"How is that possible?" He muttered. I smiled tears still in my eye.
"My parents were stranded here twenty one years ago. They had left the planet before the Time War, so they were sparred. They then had me and well....I grew up to become a human Time Lord! They told me stories about you. Though I now don't know how. They must of known you before you regenerated." I said slightly crying and trying to get myself under control.

"So your parents were banished?" He said looking at the hole before looking back at me.
"I don't know. But I'm just happy I get to meet you..." I then stopped realizing something.
"Wait....you travel in a blue box...the TARDIS right?" I said my tears suddenly stopping. He stood there quiet.

"This last month...you were watching me! Ever since that time thing! You were watching me!" I exclaimed a bit upset that he was spying on me.
"I did it because I wanted to know why a person was repeating the Roman Emperors names alphabetically." He said a look in his eye filled with age. My anger had dispersed, I had thought of that before.

"So what now? What do you think made that hole?" I began to pocket my screwdriver as he began to analyze his own.
"Well its a creature not from this planet. Maybe from the Gilga Galaxy? No...they shouldn't even be around here now. Not in this time period...So what could it be?" He all said this as if he was talking to himself.

I stood there wondering what was going through his mind, so much idea's and thoughts flowing through that head. It made the thoughts in my own simple children fantasies. Though as we continued looking for this beast, I would come to know how powerful a Time Lord could be with just words.
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