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Do you write?? (poetry and short stories)



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Jul 30, 2006
Where I live isnt important. Wat is important "Do
Ok, This is my first thread but I wanted to make a place for people who write poems and short stories to be able to post their work and get feedback. So I will post one or two of my own first. Then all of you can comment on it or post what you have written. Just have fun with it. Here's my first......
The One

The one your supposed to love
Becomes your enemy
The one who’s supposed to care
Strikes without a thought
The one you live with
Is your one fear
The one who carried you
Sits and watches
The one who says its good for you
Laughs while you cry
The one who drinks uncontrollably
Tells you that your wrong
The one who made you beg for mercy
Now rots six feet under
The one who pushed on you pain
Layed at your feet instead
The one you once loved
Is the reason your behind bars
The one who now lays murdered cold blood
Hears from you “It’s for your own good son….”​

For your information and a little explanation No this isn't about me. It is about child abuse not to me or anyone I know. I got my inspiration from a book I read.