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Apr 9, 2009
  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy
ok... my problem is this I just beat Aqua's story and since I completed all three it should mean that I get the last episode right? or do I have to beat every story on proud mode just to unlock it? my sister started my Ventus file on normal and I thought I would be able to get the final episode right just because I cleared it


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Oct 22, 2010
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As far as I remember you need all the Xehanort Reports in order to unlock the Final Episode, so if you still missing one that may be the explanation.


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Jan 7, 2015
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I was lead to believe that to unlock all this sort of stuff and Such, you have to have all three characters stories on the same level. I have some personal experience with this okay so at the moment I'm busy with KHII and then I'll move onto BBS on 2.5 but I remember vividly when I played BBS on my PSP that I played as Aqua on Proud and Terra and Ven on Standard. Once I finished all three stories and finished the Final Episode (I was so excited to beat the Final Episode since I knew I was going to unlock Blank Points until.....) and then nothing happened and I was puzzled as I thought I should've gotten the Secret Ending but that was not the case. What stopped me in my tracks in order to get it was my save files and how all three characters levels did not match up. I found out all stories should be on the same level. And believe me my reaction is exactly what you said, "I don't want to do Terra's and Ven's story all over again on proud, too much tie :(." It was too late for me....... to undo my mistakes (<----- aww this actually reminded me of Xion in her final moment ;_; but that's besides the point) So I disregarded that idea and now I will undo my mistakes in BBS:FM in 2.5 :D Yay!

Okay well idk if this will help but..... it was one of my responses to another thread similar to this.

What I did to get the Final Episode is to collect all Xehanort reports and then to get the Secret Episode, beat the Final Episode.