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Dec 20, 2018
Well, you're not wrong. Being playable during her training (which the game, more specifically the journal entries, treat as ineffective anyway) doesn't make Kairi's performance or use in the story any better. It doesn't suddenly make her more capable, or help round out her "arc", so what would be the point?

I'd imagine it's just catharsis for a lot of people who've really been rooting for Kairi to be playable. While it doesn't exactly give her more agency, or undue her treatment in this game by itself, it does at least allow for people who may still be on the fence about Kairi to get some level of interest in seeing her as a future playable protagonist.
I get that. Heck, I was rooting for Kairi too going into this game. It's just now that KH3 has come and gone, I'm ready to forget KH3 Kairi and hope (perhaps foolishly) that KH4 Kairi will have a redemption arc where she can truly shine. Putting more time on KH3 Kairi would just leave me feeling more disappointed. No other character got screwed over more then Kairi but making a playable segment of her training won't fix her problems given one happens. As said the only real way to fix Kairi in KH3 would be to rewrite the game's story. I personally feel it was a mistake putting her in the Saix fight and not the Riku Replica one, since the latter involved her goal of saving Namine, but that's a discussion for another topic.


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Yeah. If not a cameo, then some level of an explanation for their absence is definitely in order. I find it hard to believe they would just... leave the castle empty/unguarded, or just hand it over to the newly restored apprentices, considering what they've done in the past. Weren't they essentially the ones leading RG in AtW's absence?
They were.

And what gets me the most about this is it'd take very little time to explain. Just having Ienzo talk about the restoration, the committee, and, say, he heard they left for the mainland (that road we see in BBS has to go somewhere) before the apprentices returned. All of that can easily be done in under a minute.

Honestly, that's a whole discussion all on it's own, but is all the more reason they really shouldn't have been entirely absent from KH3. Regardless of how Nomura feels about there being "too many" characters in the game as it is (even if most of them were barely in it, barely said anything, didn't do anything, or in some cases didn't even say anything), it damages the believability of the story if you just go cutting out entire important groups of people without a trace like that. I doubt he fully thought out how such a decision would affect the story, so much as he just looked at the numbers and went like: "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don't we have enough already?! Besides, the fans care more about the original characters anyway, right?" Gotta work smarter and not harder I guess..
I wish Nomura could see that how many plotlines/characters there are doesn't equate to how much time those things actually take to address.

An extended interaction between Riku and the apprentices would definitely be in order too. This might also give an opportunity for Dolan

and Aeleus to speak and actually voice their own thoughts for once in the game. I'll never get over how they kept entirely mute, despite clearly being in emotional shock at their Master's return. Aeleus' Nobody may be the "Silent Hero," but he's not so closed he doesn't speak when spoken too, or when prompted. Even moreso with Dilan.
Then it pans to Aeleus like he's gonna say something but Ienzo speaks and I'm just like "kid, I know it's you. Your Aeleus impression is horrible."

What's kinda funny specifically about Dilan is Nomura could have just left him sleeping throughout KH3. He was unstable and resting in DDD, so Nomura had an excuse ready if he really didn't want to use him. I'd rather him wake up during the credits confused over all he missed.

Also, Lexeaus knocking Riku out cold is one of the most brutal moments in the series, and is probably the only time I legitimately thought a character might've gotten their bones shattered, lol. I wonder.. is it even possible for Riku to forget something like that? :unsure:
Riku did pass out from hitting the ceiling, so it's possible he could legit not remember it happening.

I still don't even fully understand what a worldline is in it's most basic definition, so I hope that's not shoved into KH3, lest it's narrative become more cluttered with nonsense than it already is. I'm not expecting much at this point, but if nothing else, please just let it be some sort of rewrite.
Ugh, I know... Nomura just introduces a new term that could mean who knows what to the plot, and it's infuriating. :mad:

When I hear the word "worldline" my mind immediately jumps to parallel/branched timelines shenanigans and I'm so not down with that.

The best case scenario would be Nomura's being a dick with terms and "worldline" actually just means different eras.
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Oct 26, 2008
My DLC dream for just the extra episode would have the coliseum area of olympus being unlocked and giving you 5 tournaments to complete

1. with donald and goofy vs heartless enemies and suped up dark riku as semi final and suped up ansem for final

2.with axel and mickey vs nobodies and suped up larxene and marley as sub boss and suped up xemnas as final

3. With aqua and ventus unversed enemies and terranort as sub boss and vanitas and young xehanort as final

4.riku and kairi all enemies 50 rounds R10- saix axel r20-luxord r30 xigbar marley larxene r40 terranort aquanort vanitas r50 roxas axel mickey xion aqua ventus.

Reward for completing 1. Oathkeeper secret file 2.donald weapon secret file 2 3.goofy weapon secret file 3 4.oblivion secret file 4

Unlocks 5th tournament a solo run where you work throuh the first three tournaments as one. Reward master keeper secret file 5

All files unlocks - scene showing where ava is in current time teasing her appearance in the next title.

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Apr 9, 2007
Flashback data battles with Disney bosses Sora faced. I wish we could get a Jafar Genie fight that isn't so easy (and we actually hit him). I think it's doable especially with the underwater mechanics for Ursula.