DIZ might be one of the most powerful characters money-wise *SPOILERS*



May 14, 2017
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As of this morning (roughly 12:00 EST) I have successfully platinumed Re:chain of memories *cue final fantasy victory theme* and have thus moved on to kingdom hearts 2 to platinum that. Before I begin, SPOILER ALERT, you've been warned. Okay, so I was playing through the dreadfully long Roxas tutorial on critical mode, and on the second day, after delivering countless letters for only 50 munny for the 2000 needed only for it to be stolen, I got to thinking. When the munny pouch is brought before him, DIZ mentions that "objects from the digital world shouldn't be in the real world" advising his hooded companion to delete the 5000 munny pouch. This means that he can not only fabricate people into the digital twilight town, but also items of monetary value. I forget whether or not that money is used in the game, but I digress. If Diz is able to manipulate the people in the town, then he could have probably just rewound the events of the second day infinitely if not for the time limit posed upon him. Thus, he would be delivered a constant flow of 5,000 munny every day, HPO and Roxas mindlessly working towards going to a beach they'll never go to. Diz would be the ultimate master of this digital world, and the inhabitants? his slaves! As for the real Twilight Town, he could probably accumulate enough money to give scrooge mcduck a run for his money (pun intended) within 2 months!

So that leads to my question, do we physically get to use the 5,000 bootleg munny? or does it remain in that small sack for the rest of eternity? Would Diz have become a wealthy man if not for the time limit placed upon him? or would all of the copied cash become as effective as him later in the game (borderline useless in a fight, overwhelmed by the weakest dusk).
What do you think?