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DIZ/Ansem the wise's role in kh3 and connection to the MoM and the black box

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Jan 8, 2014
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So this theory spawned from me trying to figure out what was in the box and I will be working out a theory for this In the next month or two I need to purchase 2.5 and replay it.

Going off what Nomura said an astute player would know what's in the black box Luxu is tasked with guarding. I have an idea of the subject but not assuredly the direct contents.
Starting from the title, This is about DIZ he seemed like a very obscure character in KHI KhII brought some closure while still shrouding him in mystery finally we got BBS which cleared his past but left even more obscurity about his motivations leading back to his presence in KhII. And we know he still has some part to play as he is seen to be one of the people Sora is supposed to save alongside aqua. He was a man who wanted to do good with his research and extremely intelligent man betrayed by all his protege. What we never get to understand is what led him onto the path of researching the heart I don't think he ceased his research as soon as we believe I believe he was researching for years because he stumbled upon a secret well kept from ancient times. The MoM's research he may know Luxu or He may have found the black box abandoned I am going with the former Luxu was tasked with bringing the box to an intellectual who would continue the master's research into X-Super long after he was gone someone smart enough but also strong of heart.

The black box had the MoM's research notes into whatever X-Super. Back to DIZ and Luxu I believe Luxu was the only person the master considered even close to his intelligence so he decided to give Luxu the task of finding someone who could outsmart him this winds up being Ansem and Luxu tasks him with completing the research. I believe X-Super to be one of two things A. Research into the origins of keyblades and the location of the foreteller"'s keyblades or B. A way to revive MoM himself to continue on the job of forming new keyblades from people's hearts to combat darkness.

I believe his role in Kh3 will be to shed light on this research and possibly more on the current state of the foretellers keyblades.
Or in general whatever X-Super is

Sorry if this theory seems a bit all over the place it was planned out like my theories typically are
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