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Digimon Frontier: X Saga

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Storyline: In the beginning there was nothing. Null ruled, but out of nothing came something. Twelve beings came from the null. They were the Celestials. None knew from whence they came, not even they knew from where they came from. All they knew was that they looked around them and saw a tragedy of nothingness. The twelve each had a special attribute to them. The two most powerful were Kyoui of Courage and Hiun of Justice.

Next to them in power were the Founders Hikari of Light and Shenlong of Darkness. Yuubou of Hope was the third in strength and below him were the other seven guardians, Dokyou of Courage, Ravu of Love, Chishiki of Knowledge, Kouyou of Friendship, Espion of power, Albel of Justice, Tonkou of Sincerity, Shunin of trust, Ashema of life, and Kankou of Kindness.

The twelve worked together to build a world. They made plans to use the energy of close parallel worlds to create a world from discarded fragments of one of template worlds and giving those fragments life with the powers of the other worlds. It was a difficult task and one that seemed impossible. The world they created would not stay together and it collapsed.

The Celestials were dismayed by their creation’s instability and collapse, but two of the Founders devised a way to hold their precious world together. The Founders then took one fragment after another of the world that collapsed and pieced them together to create a brand new world. The Founders then started then came across world completely engulfed in darkness; no light, without form ,It was a world of darkness. On the first day the gods gave the world light.

The space gods dubbed this form of living as good or dawn. The Celestials then divided it from the darkness also known as night. The second day they used their wisdom to give the spirit of law to the world which was that no being would be able to violate the laws of physics. Land was then created, seperated from the water.

On the final day they expended the totality of their energies to stabilize the world and build bridges between their world and the two worlds they used as a template, the Human World and the World of Dreams. The Human World was called Earth and the World of Dreams: "The Digital World". All Twelve Celestials took it upon them to create the denizens of each world. Shenlong called the people of Earth Mankind and Hikari called her people Digimon.

Although different in nature and appearance the Celestials still allowed them to live allowed them to live. However, many of the other Founders were against this idea and thought that both the Digimon and Mankind could not coexist one another. For the Celestials fear that both worlds would go to war. However, the words of Hikari of light and Shenlong of darkness were final. In order prevent any contact come between both of worlds the Celestials created a barrier to keep any lifeforms from crossing over. With their work completed the Celestials then sealed themselve inside small crest spread through out the Digital world.

Two worlds. Seperate and yet not too far apart or different from the other. Although in 1970 there was a gate that divided both worlds, a group of humans managed to discover the world and broke the seal that seperated them both. The digimon took this action as an invasion and lead an army against the expedition group. However, the group managed to come a truce before the violence could escalate any further. But the peace between the two did not last any longer when one of the humans opened fire against a Digimon child. This then caused a war between both of the opposing forces.

It was the great called " The great Digital War". Although the digimon asked for a truce to the war the humans continued with the campaign. The war went into a complete full-scaled genocide.

40 years later.....

Memories of "The great Digital war" has been long forgotten and peace and tranquility. It is the year 2010. In Tokyo, Japan The digital world has become non-existant with travel from the Human World to the Digital World impossible. Since then Digimon has become a franchise,composed of Card games,and other products. Because of the many products that were made of their mortal enemy this sparked controversy with many of soldiers who fought in the war against the Digimon.

Amongst the most popular Digimon products a virtual reality MMORPG called "Digimon online" which fans spend most of their time immersing themselves in the game. The game managed to get 12 millions users online and was worshipped as one of best games of the new generation.

After a worldwide internet virus infected computers all across Japan more then 500,00 users worldwide were reported as M.I.A. The public intrigued by this incident lead to a expedition conducted in Anartica where source of problems was confirmed. There a beam of light where a new being was discovered.Soon, everyone died,the last words of scientist were heard, "No..It can't be No! Dig..gi..mon" the connection then died,panic shook everyone in the japanese goverment.

The Japanese goverment concerned for the safety of people worldwide begin panicking as the news at the dissappearance of 500,000 people. All of them being users of the game "Digimon Online". A secret goverment agency known as Biovolt who moniter any Network disturbances and eleminate any Digital anomalies from entering Earth. Lead by Azuma Shinohara: the chief of Biovolt who wishes for nothing but the complete and utter anihilation of all Digital lifeforms.

A select group of special children have been chosen for this adventure and will meet destruction. Will they face? Can they defeat it? What will happened in the end when It's all over?

(1. No godmodding or power-playing
(2.No spamming or onelining
(3.No asking too many questions
(4.Be literate (Non-literacy will not be tolerated)
(5. Swearing and Romance is Pg-13
(6. 2 Paragraphs bio and post
(7.No killing other rp'ers (Unless permission given)
(8.Follow the rules above or you,ll be kicked out
(9. Put some emotion into this rp
(10. No machine gun posting
(11.Follow Morpheaus's regulation
(12. Let us know when your leaving (Gone for more then two days and your out)
(13 Once again..no too many questions me brains will go kablooey.
(14.Have fun!


Courage (Taken by me)

Spirit type/Element
Fire (Taken by me)

D-tector color:
Spirit type: (What element your Digimon is)
Digimon forms:

Name: Satoshi Kinomiya
Gender: Male

D-Tector Color: Black and Red
Spirit type: Fire
Digimon forms:

Rookie: Flamedramon

Burning greymon
Mega: EmperorGreymon

Mega Ultimate: Magnamon

Virtue: Courage
Personality: A hot-head and a very kind young man. Satoshi has a strong sense of justice, and always acts without thinking. He is very energetic and truly athletic. Satoshi is determined and is always willing stick up for what he believes is right.

A little bit scatterbrained, a little bit inconsiderate, and totally lovable, Satoshi Kinomiya is just about everybody's friend. Unless someone makes a particular effort to get in his way or antagonize him, Satoshi will make them like him whether they want to or not. He's unswervingly loyal and dedicated to his cause, and sometimes seems more like a force of nature than a mere human. Because he's also hotheaded and reluctant to takes things too seriously, he often winds up getting in trouble with his superiors, but he doesn't ever let it get him down: optimism is another part of his nature.

Bio: Satoshi is, in short, a popular kind of guy. Confident, impulsive, happy-go-lucky but often hot-tempered, stubborn, and never afraid to say what's on his mind. He acts predominantly on feelings and emotions and is always ready to do anything for his friends.

Satoshi's family is descended from the legendary Kinomiya clan. A group that rebelled against the Tokugawa Shogunate and one of the greatest threats during the Bakumatsu. Satoshi's mother died when he was still a baby and his wild-life Archaeologis father, has dissappeared ever since his mothers death. Despite such traumatic events, Mr. Kinomiya is often on expeditions doing research, much to his son's dismay. Ryo has relatives on his father's side of the family, but has never met them: their personal convictions are disliked by Mr. Sanada.

He is a little insensitive, and though he is sometimes afraid he covers for it by hiding behind arrogance. His honest character sometimes makes him enemies. He doesn't understand much of the intellectual aspect, but when he actually uses what he learns he memorizes much quickly than most of the others.

While his father his away Satoshi takes care of the house, along with his grandpa. Both of them are in charge of a dojo and try to enlist students. He is embarrassed of his Grandpa, and loves to eat. He can be extremely lucky when it comes to a game., even though he's sometimes blind to the most obvious things. Satoshi is also a street fighter and loves going around picking fights with people. So he claims Satoshi is No.1 Street fighter in Furikan High school. He is also fond of Basketball and Soccer and loves playing them.
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