Destiny Isles RP (Open/Accepting)



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May 5, 2014
-Takes place after kh2-

Sora, Riku, and Kairi are back on the islands, but they live on their favorite island now. They use a boat to get back to the main island if they need to. After defeating Xemnas, the group returned home to meet with King Mickey, Goofy, Donald, and Kairi. Shortly after, the king and his subjects had to depart. Sora, Riku, and Kairi all agreed to live on "their" island.

Riku ran across the beach up to Sora's door and began knocking repeatedly. "Sora! Lets go!" He yelled, still knocking. The two of them were going to spend the day sparring with their keyblades. 'I can't believe he's taking so long, we haven't sparred in ages!' Riku thought. He thought back to all the times that he and Sora spent together. As children they were best friends and always rivaled eachother, especially once Kairi showed up. They were like brothers, inseparable. Even when Riku was taken over by the darkness, Sora had told Riku that he knew that they'd be friends again. All this, and Riku still couldn't shake the darkness from his heart.

Riku broke his concentration, he saw a few fish flop onto the pier and back into the water. It was perfect, their world. They had everything they could ever want; memories, adventure, and, most importantly, eachother. Riku reached forwards and to his surprise the Keyblade of People's Hearts materialized in his grasp. He hadn't been able to use it since the darkness left him.

"Sora!" Riku yelled as he pounded the door once more.
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Re: Destiny Isles RP

The shock of sensation struck Avanos like a thunderclap.

For an instant, the peppering of dust against his armored skin felt like needles until nerves long-unused recalibrated themselves after untold years of dormancy. Even as he fell out of the doorway, he knew the world felt different. Smaller, compartmentalised. A tiny fragment of the all-encompassing realm he had grown up and fought in - fought for, to protect the unified world from the fate it had befallen.

He had failed. In those last moments of the Keyblade War that shattered the One World, he'd been at the fulcrum about which it all revolved. He and his comrades mounted their last stand at the precipice between the corporeal world, and the breach through which Kingdom Hearts presented itself. When the One World broke, he was thrown to the in-between void, dotted with paper-thin gates that sat between a world's keyhole and its heart, so infinitesimally slim as to never be noticed unless one knew what to look for.

And something had let him out, or at the very least allowed him to escape.

His weapon materialised in his grasp and he halted his fall with it, the hewn dragon tooth's descent halting with a rumble that shook the small cave around him. Off to one side, a wall was decorated with chalk scrawlings, and from a small tunnel ahead issued the sound of the ocean.

Before he was even able to right himself - though the ceiling's lacking height would have prevented him reaching his full stature - his mind was racing: Was his escape purposeful, or accidental? Was it localised or had others, trapped like him, suddenly found themselves free?

And, most importantly, in the fractured present, did they have the power to reverse their failed defence of the One World - could they bring it all back together?