Destino - A Disney Film Short



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Jun 4, 2009
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As much as I love Disney, I dislike "new Disney" much the same, but this film short made me reminisce of such Disney classics as Fantasia, Make Mine Music, and Melody Time. Well, that's what it reminds me of anyway. Nonetheless, I have seen those films and did enjoy watching them growing up which is why I'd like some of you to see this short. Though it obviously has more of a modern style of animation with CGI incorperated, the music and backgrounds blend nicely to make something beautiful and make me love what I do most about Disney again:

YouTube - Disney & Dalí - Destino

The back story of this film dates back in the year 1946 during World War II. Two esteemed artists started collaboration on a short film named "Destino". Their names were, Salvador Dali, a Spanish surrealist painter, and of course, Walt Disney, an incredibly well-known animator, director, and so on. However, due to trouble with finances, the project was indefinitely put on hiatus with only 18 seconds of footage produced, doomed to never see the light of day. That was until 1999, when Roy E. Disney discovered it and put the project back in motion and released it on a limited basis in 2003.

So, go ahead. Discuss it. What symbolism did you find? What do you think the story is? Did you like it? Did you hate it? What did you think about it?