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Fanfiction ► Desparations Of An Outcast (Roxas one shot)

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Apr 14, 2006
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Palm Coast, Florida
Desperations Of An Outcast.

Fire was everywhere, even the floor was covered in hot molten rocks, but it didn’t matter to him. The feel of victory was close, but the feel of truth behind his existence was too far away. The man attacked, flying out of the fire with his weapons forward, unleashing all of his remaining strength. He was ready for anything. Some sort of strange waves were surging through his chest. If he knew it, he would call it anger. A dash backwards and a jump later, and he was delivering a crushing blow to finally defeat the controller of the flames. He jumped back and watched as the flames went down, revealing again a squared blue room. He took a few steps back, away from his beaten opponent. He did not wish to fight, did not want to resolute the conflict like this, but destiny left him no other choice. Darkness started to pour around his opponent, making him fade away in the steam of the dark energy.
“Lets… meet again in the next life…” – his voice was most friendly and touching, despite the intensely heated battle earlier.
He nodded his head, shaking his perfectly curled blonde hair, “Yea… I’ll be waiting…”
Darkness started to increase around his opponent, dancing around him livelier.
Despite the darkness, his opponent smiled, “Funny, just because you have a next life…” – and stopped not wishing to continue, due to a new and extreme sensation he was experiencing. If he knew what to call it, it would be sorrow.
“We will meet… I am sure of it, just believe.” Darkness covered his opponent whole, blocking the view completely.
He turned around, and was ready to walk out, when he heard an echo that unlocked something hidden far away inside his body, unsettling him completely, “Just remember… Before you decide, please, remember it all… Roxas…”

Something inside him wanted to tear. A wave of sorrow rushed onto his soul like the wave of an ocean, as blue as his eyes, on a forgotten beach. Forgotten, like he was right now. He walked through a doorway, mindlessly. He saw empty pods, standing by the walls of the blue corridor. Two of them were occupied.
“Donald… Goofy…” – he never knew them, never met them face to face in his life.
“Strange thing dreams can be…” – he whispered to himself. He felt like he knew them perfectly, like he and them were best friends. Although he perfectly knew they never were, he had a short illusion of them going through a lot of things side by side, like best friends.
“Best friends…” – he could not bear it, as another wave rushed down his soul, like a huge waterfall washing it and taking away all other things he thought he could feel, leaving only those words and the image that came with them. The image of the spike red-haired man, who he did not know. Might be that he did, because he felt so greatly attached to him, like he knew him his whole life also. But his head was too jumbled up to know. Know anything. As those thoughts circled his mind, he walked through another door of the unfamiliar mansion, which felt like it was haunted by his own memories, whether illusive flashbacks or real ones.

He walked inside a blindingly white room, he didn’t know why did he want to enter the room so much, but ever since he walked into the mansion he felt a sudden strong pull to this room. That man was standing in front of him, wrapped in red and black clothes that even hid away his face. The sensation that went through his body was not pleasant at all.
“Finally you’ve come, to reunite with Sora, to complete what was not supposed to happen. To give back Sora’s heart.”
“My heart belongs to me!” – he yelled in overflowing anger. The man laughed.
“What’s so funny?” – Roxas yelled and charged after him. He could bare it anymore, his hands wanted to rip him to shreds like wet paper. He slashed over and over with his keyblade, despite the realization that DiZ was not real. Every slash made him lose his confidence, his would be anger slowly turned into complete loss of everything.
“ A useless effort. …You are nothing without Sora, Roxas…” – and disappeared.

Roxas stood on the same place, watching as the pod in which Sora was in slowly opened. He had nothing to say, nothing else to do. He watched, as it slowly opened, like a blooming flower, with Sora’s body hanging in the middle.
“I am… just a nothing, a nobody… never was supposed to exist… then why did I exist?” – Roxas thought to himself. He didn’t have a heart, but right now, somewhere deep down inside of his being, something unexplainable was tightening him up, squeezing out his last remains of hope and destroying everything he fought for, or remembered he fought for. Only the image of Axel was in his mind that still kept the last pieces of him together. He felt himself drifting off, losing his conscience and control of himself giving it all off to Sora.
“Sora, you’re lucky… looks like my summer vacation… is…” The writings in the books of destiny were all proven wrong, in just one moment. The things that they worked so hard for were lost, disappearing into his actions. The breeze coming from the door was the last knock of reality on his fading mind. The last chance... The last chance to break away Roxas did remember, remember it all and one decision to break away from the hands of destiny. Roxas ran, he did not know to where, but he knew he wanted to go to where his heart was. His footsteps disappeared as Sora finally opened his eyes…

...without Roxas...

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