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Deathly Crusade



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Apr 26, 2006
Across the Universe

In the land of Feralas it once was peaceful until there was once a great war between all races. Each race chose a side for reasons that might help them, to live, or other reasons that they could think of. The war caused destruction everywhere it wiped out the towns from races and killed many. After some time both sides lost to many people and the leaders had finally noticed it but sadly it seemed that it was too late to do anything. They made a treaty and swore to never break it for the safety of all races and it had actually made things better in Feralas.

Even though they would not have as many people as they use to they stopped the war and lived in peace. Everything had seemed to be going right since they had almost recreated the things that were destroyed except for parts of the world that were unfixable. After thinking they decided to make a portal where outside of it could go in but things inside the portal could not come out.

In the portal things started to form which were horrible they were monsters that no one had seen before and they had been stronger than anything else you could imagine. Some people tried to stop it but over time continued to get killed. The things inside the portal tried to break free and destroy the portal and the people in Feralas started to worry. The leaders of Feralas knew that it would break in a matter of time but most of them tried to ignore it. The races started to wonder over sometime if the leaders would do anything about it and if the monsters and other things in the portal should have freedom.

Then a few races started to think that they didn’t have the same treatment as other races since it seemed they didn’t have as much food or land. The other races began to argue and denied that they did since they thought they didn’t. Luckily all races stuck to treaty and did not battle. The few races started to think it wasn’t fair to keep the monsters in the portal since in the treaty it stated all races should be treated equally. Then one child was born from the few races and agreed with its family so they finally rebelled. Some races went inside the portal and joined the monsters.

The only thing they didn’t think of was that they could not get out of the portal until they destroyed it. While the few races and monsters were inside the portal all the other races outside of the portal started to get ready. As more time passed people of different races started to go inside the portal and join them. The leaders had been ashamed of what they had done but got over what happened so they could assure the safety for their races. Finally the people outside the portal had been ready for them now and it had been perfect timing.

It had been a whole year but they had destroyed the portal and the leader of them was that child born years ago. The war had started a couple days after they arrived. Some people do not fight they stay in their cities for safety. The races who had always been outside the portal called themselves Justice and the other group had called themselves Legions. Justice had driven back the Legions and for the safety of Feralas Justice created an area where they could battle and fight and would not ruin the world again. The war is still going on but luckily they got an area far away from the cities of the Justice. Now all races fight in the war and are choosing sides again and it is almost like the war before. They do not fight everyday so there is still some peace in the cities but sadly sometimes they will raid the town or city if they feel it is necessary. Now what will happen and who will win?


Full Biography (At least 2 paragraphs, more are always welcomed.)

Literacy is a must. Use spell check if necessary.

No God Modding or Powerplaying

You must post at least two paragraphs when you post

Keep Romance PG-13

No spamming

You are allowed to curse

No one is perfect

You will be allowed to have your own personal comment on whatever post/action/etc will be displayed in front of you.

No flaming or machine gun posting please

If you have any other questions about the RP just ask please

Also you can't kill in surprise and then stab them unless you ask.

Any other KHI RP rules

Some Classes










You can also create you own class just describe it

If you need a description of any of them just ask

Some Races










If you want to make one up just give a describe how it looks or give me a link of a picture









Side :( Justice or Legion)



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Mar 3, 2006
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Trace, the only thing that gets to me about your writing is that you don't use imagry enough. It makes everything you write seem dull and boring, when in reality it is actually a pretty decent plot line. Just giving some constructive critism, and if you'd like to work on it then you know you can just hit me on PM. Also, if you're gonna list Races/Casses you should probably add a short summary/description of each.

Anyway, I like this so I'll probably join. School starts back soon, and I always RP better during the school year.

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May 10, 2006
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I'll join..............this looks interesting.

Name: Corbinek Xenkonis

Age: 29

Class: Ryousha Seisei(This is a person with a very mysterious background, but they seem to use the power that both creates and destroys , along with paranormal, psionic strong magickal and celestial ability.)

Race: Human????

Personality: Corbinek has a very cold and malicious persona. He was never this way in his past years, but over time power has indeed corrupted him. He doesn't say much and destroying and seeing his power reign are some of the only things that interest him these days..................he is a rather mysterious person and nobody really knows much about him at all, even those who he is "close" to.

Appearance: Appearance: Corbinek wears simple slacks and and a tank top, with suspenders. His clothes show off his obviously muscular body, that he worked hard to get. His lean body and dark skin are perfection........he wears no shoes


(Alpha)- This is a long scythe, composed entirely out of ambient energy that is held together by Corbinek's will alone. The blade is not actually physical in nature, but it is capable of striking anything and causing damage regardless of what it is composed of. The blade also has magickal properties due to the fact that it is made of ambient energy of all forms and so this weapon will work fine against creatures of any and all realms............the blade's length and width can be increased, or decreased at any time and these transformations can be quite extensive.

The scythe can only be wielded by Corbinek, because his power alone keeps it together, but if another person were to wield it, Alpha would cease to be a powerful weapon and shift itself into another form, such as a simple broad sword, or dagger.............also Alpha's color varies upon usage, but usually it is mostly invisible and can only be seen upon close inspection as a distortion in the air that the blade is touching at the time............Alpha represents time.

(Gamma)- A weapon of deadly power. This is actually a morpher that has been installed into Corbinek' arm. Upon activation, his arm warps into a large blaster, that can fire an array of horrible types of energy; magic to water. Each blast that is fired has a chance to shoot a beam called, "Deject Ray", that has the ability to blast the surrounding area into oblivion, and quite literally. Though the blaster is in reality inside Corbineks arm, it is also possible to transfer this blaster to his chest cavity, where it sticks out from a cage of bone that forms between his ribs. When here the shots are more powerful, but take almost triple time to fire.............Gamma represents space.

(Rho)- Another weapon of awesome power. This is weapon has a striking appearance to the "Henskie" in a sense, but while the "Henskie" is five separate blades of elemental incarnation, Rho is eight blades that float slightly behind Corbinek in a similar fashion. The blades are bright pink, or orange in color, and are made of a very odd substance, that is purely spiritual in nature. The don't need to be touched to use, and can be manipulated to attack foes, and cause terrible non physical damage. If sliced, or hurt by one of the blades, the body's ability to use magick and ability fueled by spirit can be slowed down, or rendered useless depending on how much damage is caused............Rho represents spirit

(Lambda)- The last weapon that Corbinek wields that is not actually on his person. my calling upon a simple rite of power, Lambda can be summoned to Corbinek's aid. It manifests as a large white bow, with silver plating on it, though silver in color and not substance. The bow fires arrows that don't need to be kept on hand. There arrows are a construct of anti existence so to speak, so they literally take away matter if they damage an enemy, meaning that if the arrow isn't stopped an area of something can be erased forever. Matter isn't actually able to be destroyed, so it is sent to an unknown location............Lambda represents matter.

Side :Legion

Biography: Not much is known on Corbinek Xenkonis, but it is assumed that for some reason he isn't even from this world. His energy levels and bodily structure point to a more sinister and unknown race, possibly from another race in the galaxy, but how he arrived on Ferelas(inside the portal) is unknown. After mysteriously showing up however, Corbinek rapidly progressed in both popularity and power with the people and his speeches were enough for him to easily make his way to the top. His status got higher and higher, but of course others didn't like him and so there were numerous attempts on his life, though each one failed. His age had gone largely unknown, as he appeared to already be a man in his twenty's, but it was later revealed that he was actually a 15 year old.

When he was 20, there was a huge battle after the portal had been broken and the legions were nearly wiped out by the opposing Justice. Normally, Corbinek wouldn't interfere with such matters, but he lead the rest of the army, after the leader had been incapacitated, and annihilated the opposition present, ultimately gaining even more fame and respect, yet he did stay for long. Mere months later with a show of otherworldly power, he built Cubia Beta: A large floating fortress thousands of feet in the sky, that supposedly housed a weapon know as Omega. He made it known that he was in possession of Alpha,Gamma, Rho, and Lambda, some of the supposed lost weapons of the world.

It has been close to 8 years since then and periodically with moving Cubia Beta around and massacring Justice and Legion for fun, Corbinek has had his hands quite full. Along with his hidden agenda...........but he shows his face once more. With the way things have been going there is talk about the enormous land mass that has appeared in Cubia Beta's place, and people talk about it a lot this new area is the size of an entire continent.......................and is a haven to all who fight fear, seek to escape the war and everything above and in between, but what is Corbinek's role in all of this??
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Apr 26, 2006
Across the Universe
I will edit rest soon

Name: Avin Ruela

Age: 20

Class: Consul (uses all types of magic but also uses melee (close range) attacks and ranged attacks. They are good at all types of attacks and Consuls may sometimes be mysterious.)

Race: Human/Elf

Personality: Avin will sometimes get a little of a temper but is mostly calm. His words will sometimes hurt feelings. He doesn't care about a lot and won't care for just anyone. Avin will sometimes think he is the leader but might not be. If he puts his mind to something he will do whatever it takes to do it. Avin is mostly a nice person and will always think something out instead of doing something random. He always tries to push himself harder and tries to get perfect at everything he does. Avin can be lazy and unwilling to do something at certain times. He can become a nice person but may seem a little aggressive or rough if you don’t know him. Avin may joke around a little with you put that may only be if you if he knows you. . Avin may joke around a little with you put that may only be if you if he knows you. He can be smart when he wants to but doesn’t always show it. He is never in the same mood for awhile and even though Avin is cocky at times he will always think before doing something and always has a strategy.

Appearance: You can see both of his eyes though. Avin
Hair: Dark Blond
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: White but had alittle tan
Height: 5'10

He wears black jeans which are a little baggy so he can run in them but don't drop. He wears a red plain shirt which is a little baggy with no writing on it and a black jacket that may be zipped or unzipped over his plain shirt. Then over that he wears the black jacket in his picture.

Weapon(s): He had two of these weapons he holds one on each hand - Weapons

Side: He is on both sides so no one knows yet


Avin was born after the first war and most of his family had died in it. His father, Rurik had met his mother, Luna while in the war. His father had been a human and his mother had been an elf. When his father had gotten injured he was sent to a city to be treated and the person that took care of his father and after some time they fell in love. A year later they had gotten married and then had Avin almost another year later. When Avin was born the war had finished and since his father had been a high ranking and also one of the people who was there when they signed the treaty he was made one of the leaders in Feralas. When Avin had turned five his father and mother had taught him to fight and also to nurse or care.

Avin tried to learn but over time got bored of it and didn’t want to and finally stopped. He finally had started to become a Consul and became more mysterious but also stronger. Then when races started to fight over how they were treated Avin didn’t know which side to be on. He chose to be with his father and the Justice but after saw that Legion or Justice was bad they were fighting for their reasons which didn’t make them bad. Then finally he chose to be with the Legion and his father had been completely upset with what happened so he went inside the portal. Luckily he was only inside there for a month and out of site from anyone. Sadly a weird creature had attacked him and Avin did not know what to do and the creature had done something to Avin’s eyes. Avin will sometimes be blind or can see just fine. From then on Avin would wear goggles.

When Avin returned home his father and mother had started to worry about Avin. The war had finally started and on that point Avin had killed people on Justice and Legion but no one ever knew who he was so his father or mother did not ban him. Sadly when a group of people raided his city and his mother had gotten killed from then on Avin’s anger had showed more. He left his city with his father knowing he became somewhat of an outcast but talked to people on both sides. He trained and would visit his father when he had a chance. While traveling he trained more than he usually would. He has fought in many of the wars but sometimes like to just relax. Avin still hasn’t decided which side to be on so in many cases he might kill anyone. His father is still a leader of Feralas but has gotten part of his arm cut off.


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Feb 23, 2007
Name: Baec

Age: 27

Class: hunter

Race: human

Personality: Baec was something of a black sheep growing up. He has a very inquisitive nature and enjoyed playing pranks on others and getting in all sorts of mischief. Baec longs to go on adventures as a boy. A joker and prankster, he is handy with women and people of authority when he wants to be. Baec is also fond of drinking and gambling, and is prone to frequent profanity.

Appearance: Baec has a wiry body and brown eyes. He is about 5'11" or 6' and about 180 pounds

Weapon(s): his pet wolf named Luca, a long bow and musket (just the musket not the elf in link), and a machete

Side : Justice

Biography: When Baec was only two years old, his father was killed while pursuing Orcs. Baec was afterwards fostered in Andor by Galvin, his uncle. At the request of his mother Galvin was to educate Baec in the ways of the hunter. Later Galvin presented Baec with a wolf cub to raise and call his own. Baec named the wolf cub Luca, and the two became inseparable from that point onward. However, Galvin withheld Baec’s fathers Elfin Bow from him until Baec came of the right age to possess them.
Baec thereafter assumed his proper role as the sixteenth Chieftain of the Dúnedain, the Hunters of the North, and went into the wild, where lived the remnants of his people, whose kingdom had been destroyed through civil and regional wars centuries before. He became known among the peoples just outside the wild as the Shadow.
In the wilderness Baec came across Krieg the Dwarf, and they quickly became close friends. Upon saving Krieg’s life from a band of trolls, the dwarf presented Baec with a gift. It was a warn musket that Krieg had possessed for years, although the gift was not much it was heartfelt and the weapon has greatly aided Baec in his adventures.
Baec undertook great journeys, serving in the armies of King Thengel of Dalmasca, and Steward Ecthelion II of Nalbinha. Many of his tasks helped to raise morale in the West and counter the growing threat of the Legion. Baec served his lords in disguise and his name in Dalmasca and Nalbinha during that time was Thorongil (Eagle of the Star). After the victory at Umbar, "Thorongil" left the field and to the dismay of his comrads, went eastward back into the wild.
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