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Fanfiction ► Darkness before Dawn...

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Jul 31, 2005
Hi ya! I'm li'lwitch8251! this is my first, so yeah. I'll go right into it, enjoy!

Chapter 1) The Lost Two

Sora stared blankly at the tan hued parchment, reading the over the bellicose words for the 5,000th time.

Dear Sora, Riku, and Kairi,

It's you friend King Mickey. We really need your help!
You see, there is a "Keyblade War" going on, and I
don't know how long we'll be able to keep these
creatures and knights at bay.

With all do respect,

King Mickey

Kairi just looked at the setting sun, tinting the majestic waters oranges, red, pink, and purples. The tropical breeze hung in the air, "So what should we do? We can't just sit here, and not help King Mickey." said Sora folding the paper and placing it in one of his pockets. "I think we should stay," whispered Kairi. Riku and Sora looked at her in wonder of the words she uttered from her mouth. "Your right Sora, we should go and try to help." agreed Riku giving Sora a pat on the shoulder. Then Kairi looked back at them from the sunset. "What? You guys are gonna leave me again? Here! Waiting for and not knowing if you'll get hur? I waited for you two to come home...and you didn't." she said with a tear steaming from her left blue eye. "You can come with us, you know you can come with us Kairi." said Sora smiling at her. Kairi wiped her cheek of the tear and turned back to look at the sunset. "Well, majority wins. So, when do we leave?"

Off in a land very far away, a large group of heartless slashed at two people in guard armor from head to toe. The armor was a bronze, gold, and silver, in the setting sun. The surrounding area was but a bare place, where few grasses flourishes from the cracked landscape. Immense sand mountains were in the distance, in layers of purple, and brown. The persons slashed back at the enemies, but the heartless just grew more and more. The clouds above them were dark gray, a contrast to the dry looking place. "I don't know how long we'll be able to fight these creature anymore!," yelled one of the armored people to the other. The person had two keyblades, one was navy blue with small markings of golden stars. The handle was a four cornered star, and had the keychain of a star and moon insync. The other keyblade, was an all black kingdom key, with a keychain at the bottom of circle with an X in the middle and had small spikes around the circle. "Hold on!" yelled the other. "Destararda!". And just like that the heartess disappeared in a smoke of blue and black. The two people stepped beside another, "What took you?". "Watch your tongue." A small figure walked from behind them in a black hood, with a golden kingdom key gleaming in the low sun. "Somebody's coming," they both turned in unison. "Hello your highnest." said one of them. And as the person came up it was a young woman in a mid-thigh red plaid skirt, and black boots. She had a red hoodie shirt with a large pocket over her stomach, she had shoulder length blond hair that was down at her chin. She had an attractive face with blue eyes. "Hello King Mickey," said the other armoured person with a smooth femine voice. Then with a click of the heels, the person was wearing a long red skirt, and a red tank top. Her hair was long and slight wavy and blonde like the other girl, but this girl had green eyes. "Hello Aiko, hello Aya. I have sent a letter to my acquaintances and told them to come here." the small king squeaked. "Here? Here? Yes, I finally have somelse to talk to! What are there names? Nevermind, I'll know their names in a few days!" the girl with blue eyes jumping and clapping her hands once. "Well Aya, their names are Sora, Kairi, and Riku." said the King again.

Sora, Riku, and Kairi were infront of a large mechanic ruins. An eerie chill ran down Kairi's spine every step she took as dust was shifted into the dry air. "Doesn't this place scare you a little?," she asked Riku and Sora. "No. Hey Sora, are you sure you read that map correctly?" Sora continued to study the map more, " I'm pretty sure I have it right. According to the compass we're here," he said picking up the compass out of his pocket again. Riku took a glance at the map again and pulled it infront of the machines. "Hey! Riku! I was looking at that!," said Sora as he reached for the map. Then Riku looked back at him, "Well genius, you turned the map the wrong way." Then Riku turned it the right way and pulled it down for him to see, Kairi looked away from them to the far away mountains and saw a glow of white in a femine body and another right next to it except it had a more masculine form. When he pulled it down Riku stared into the eyes of another person, a girl with blue eyes and shoulder length brown hair. As the girl stepped toward them she said, "You know you guys shouldn't be out here for very long, otherwise the Heartless will come after you..." Sora looked up from the paper to the girls in red.

Well, there it was! I hope that the people that read it have enjoyed it. Tell me what you think of it
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