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[Dark Road Theory] Xehanort being one of the vessels of the True 13 Darknesses.

Aug 25, 2021
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This actually gives me another question, what happened to the darkness that helped Maleficent and the one who interacted with Luxu, what if I told you it made its way into the future and possessed Xehanort. However, I'm not actually going to say that Darkness will fully possessed Xehanort. MoM did tell him this in KH3 ReMind:

"If you truly possess great power, the darkness can't control you. You won't need a silly old coat to keep you safe. In fact, you'll be the one controlling the darkness instead".

In other words, Xehanort will trap the Darkness inside his heart so that the Darkness can't possess him. Instead, he'll control the darkness and will become a part of him, since MoM did say "Darkness hates who have strong hearts". Luxu and Darkness also refer Xehanort as the chosen one:

"Somewhere in this cyclical history of bequeathings, a chosen one will appear and reenact the Keyblade War. When this scapegoat arrives and takes my Keyblade in hand, that will be the time to take the stage and finish my role".

-Luxu's Secret Report 12 from KH3

"To accompany the chosen one into the future, so I can lay claim to worlds not yet created".

-Darkness that interacted with Luxu

There are 2 Darknesses that made their way out into the data world

  • One is inside Ventus and will gain a physical form (named Vanitas)
  • One will made its way into Xehanort
  • While the other 4 were trapped inside the data world by the Player.
Does that mean when we killed Xehanort in KH3, do you think we also killed the darkness inside his heart? Maybe it is, that means we defeated the 6 darknesses. That remains 7, and we already know who will be the possible members of the 7 Darknesses.

We don't know what happened to the Darkness that escaped in the data world. The thing here is, Darkness will also body hopped to any other people to gain a physical form but none of them are not enough to be possessed. Darkness would need to find a vessel, a vessel strong enough to trap him inside a heart and that could be Xehanort. Maybe there's a moment where a Darkness possessed Xehanort out of nowhere, since Darkness wants to find a worthy vessel.

What do you guys think? Do you think this will happen in KH Dark Road, and will finally explain how Xehanort goes into the dark path? Let me know your thoughts and opinions.