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CYBORG: Post-Apocalyptic Oblivion

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Mar 10, 2005
"First there was the collapse of a civilization, anarchy, genocide, and starvation. Then when things seemed like it couldn't get any worse, we got the plague. The living death, quickly closing its fists on the entire planet. And then we heard the rumors, that the last scientists were working on a cure, that would end the plague, and restore the world. Restore it?..Why?! I like the death, I like the misery, I LIKE THIS WORLD!!"
- Fender Tremolo

Sometime in the 21st century in a post-apocalyptic near future, a plague that's threatening to wipe out the entire population of Earth sweeps across a civilization already in ruin. A small group of the last surviving scientists and doctors—located in California, Los Angeles work on a cure to try and save what’s left of humanity. They require information stored on a computer system in New York City to complete their work, and through surgery, they created a group of cyborgs known as HOPE who will attempt the treacherous journey there to download the data and courier it back.

These cyborgs have been alive at one point, who were Slingers(Mercenarys) who provided protection against Marauder attacks. but died with varying circumstances. They were revived back with technology, to serve there purpose.

A brutal gang of terrorists called Marauders, who are led by Fender Tremolo, revel in the misery and suffering, and are reshaping the world into their own version of hell. Doing whatever they can to perpetuate and exacerbate it. Fender—whose incredible strength, and icy blue eyes hidden under dark glasses. Has heard about the scientists plans to use the Cyborgs, and wants to own the cure alone and exploit people with. He is in pursuit of these cyborgs to find out the location of the scientists and deliver him the cure.

The world has become very dangerous, where starvation and disease are plaguing the few remaining inhabitants of Earth, a cybernetic group go in a desperate mission to try to gain information needed for the cure, along the way attempting to avoid Fender and his gang, or anything that threatens their mission on their path.

*Fender Tremolo is also available as a character*

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