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Fanfiction ► Crossing Over~The story of a boy.

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Dec 12, 2005
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Whew! It's been a while! I missed the good ol' forums. Haven't been here for a while, since Fenneh and Pickle decided my writing needed work, so I'm giving it another go? Ready guys? I hope so, remember to Read and Review!
And so we go.

Chapter one; Journal one: ~~IVALICE~~

Zeke Train stepped out of his small farm home and onto the snowy plains of his hometown. Regiin was it’s name, and it was about to careen onto the verge of complete destruction. But we best not get into that now. Zeke ran swiftly, expertly in the deep snows, moving so fast that he did not sink down into the solid white below. He lunged toward a tree, catching a branch and swinging up onto it, standing completely straight up. He looked over the field he’d just passed, shifting his wait onto his right foot and slinging his left around the tree. He maneuvered around it to another branch on the opposite side, swiftly hoping to another tree, and launching him self onto the second field, where he took off running again.

He jolted across the field, stepping onto the once frequently used train tracks and bolting down them, lightning speed. He jumped off of them and into a wooded trail next to them, and took off that way, running for a few moments before entering the town. You see, the town was completely normal, save the large dome that arced over the top, which protected the city from the all year round snowfall. He opened the large vaulted shut door, discarding his over-clothes at the door. It was fairly warm under the dome, and outsiders were highly encouraged to discard coats and such things. Unless they’d rather sweat to death.

Normally he’d enjoy a trip to the city, but he was here on business. He sped off down the main street and into the barber’s store. He ascended the stairs to his grandfather’s fortune hut, sitting down on his respective mat. His grandfather was peering out the window, his usual glare embracing his face. And this reminded him of how much he hated this man. Zeke’s grandfather had trained him physically, and was the one who taught him to run so quickly, and to make his reflexes so sharp. Zeke stood sharply, firing a dirty look at the back of his grandfather’s head.

“What do you want?!” He screamed, shattering the silence.

“It’s time, grandson. Time to leave.”

The chocolate haired boy exited the flume grinning. The note on the wall to the side of the flume made him chuckle. It told him to turn around, and that Saint Dane wasn’t here. Normally he’d curse and turn round quickly. IF that was what he was looking for. He changed his clothes quickly, putting on a pair of denim jeans and a t-shirt and a jacket, headband, scarf and gloves. Then he turned and took off across the snowy field into town.

Zeke ran after his Grandfather, trailing down the road. He’d asked his grandpa what was going on, but had been shushed, or given a, “I’ll explain later.” He hadn’t had a choice except to follow after, for the sake of curiosity. He was surprised when his Grandfather began to run towards the city exit. Zeke followed, his curiosity bubble about to burst. They an and exited the town, or would’ve if they hadn’t come face to face with…

Sora Hikari; the Traveler from Destiny Islands.

. . .

Bobby Pendragon paced the room, mind racing wildly, infuriated.

“Why the HELL didn’t he stay here! Why can’t he follow orders?!” He screamed, to no one in particular.

“Pendragon,” Loor, the Traveler from Zadaa said soothingly, “What is he went to pick up the other Traveler? You know, the old one?”

“Pray that he does Loor, because if he doesn’t return with that geezer I’m gonna shove my foot up his snoddy little a-“

“Pendragon, enough.”

. . .

“Oh no…” Simon Train, Zeke’s grandfather sighed.

“What?” The chocolate haired teen spouted in a disrespectful tone, “Not happy to see me?”

“Why isn’t Pendragon here!” Simon yelled, ignoring the question.

“He was a tad tangled up on Veelox. So I’m here to bring both of you.”

Veelox? Zeke thought, What’s Veelox?

“Listen Simon, I know that you think I’m irresponsible, but just give me a chance. Bobby really needs your help.”

Simon looked troubled, staring ahead out at the white snow. He redirected his glance to Zeke, who, if not under a curiosity attack, might have flinched.

“Fine Hikari. Let’s go.”

They ran across the fields together, to an isolated cave, located in the middle of the wood. A large door was at the end of the tunnel, and Sora stepped up to it, turning back to them.

“Simon, is he-“

“I’ll tell you later. Just go.”

“Fine,” Sora replied, turning back to the door, “VEELOX!”

The tunnel sprang alive, the walls covering themselves in a sheet of pure clear crystal, musical notes growing louder and louder. He turned to Simon and smiled.

“See you on the other side,” He said, grinning, “Hobey-ho!”

A light flashed and he was gone a moment later. Simon stepped forward, turning back to Zeke with a grimace. He could tell this wasn’t supposed to be happening.

“Listen Zeke, I’m asking you a favor now. You can choose what to do. Yo ucan either come after me when I leave and find out what’s going on, or you can run home and hide. Whatever you do, you’ll have to choose quickly, seeing as how people on the territories are in grave danger.”

He turned and shouted “VEELOX”, just as Sora had before, and then turned back to Zeke.

“Hobey-ho, my boy. Choose wisely.”

Then the light snagged him, and he was gone as well. Now Zeke stood alone in the deserted cave with a decision to make. His common sense told him to turn and run as fast as he could away from here, but something else told him to go through that door. It was like he suddenly lost control. The word “VEELOX” crawled out of his throat, and he stepped into the crystal tunnel. And by the time he’d realized what he’d been doing, the flume sucked him in, and he wsa floating through space at a rapid speed.

He was flung out into a sci-fi world, where Simon and Sora sat, waiting for him. They laughed, and Zeke stood up, brushing off.

“I knew you’d come.” Simon responded, “You’ve never been one to back down.”

“And so?” Zeke shouted, angry now, “Where are we Gramps? Where the hell is this!”

“I guess we have time to explain,” Sora nodded to Simon, who nodded back.

“Now listen close Zeke, you were born to hear this.”
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