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Nov 26, 2013
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Who am I. Who was he. Who was her? Who is anybody. I think that's the most delicate and tiny thing about us that absolutely lets us know the difference between two people. Have you ever thought about someone's past and think they had suffered or enjoyed something? For me, this is what I love seeing when I read books, watch tv, or any form uve' media. You could have the douchiest person in the world, and I'll be here sitting thinking. Why are they like that? Did something happen to them? Instead uve' oh their just supposed to be the douche in the story. Thats a little mean man. Uve' course people could say he or she got that from their mum or dad. Well obviously, but not literally. Monkey see, monkey do right? They only acted like that because they thought that was right thing in their own eyes. I probably lost you there, but let's take a step back.

Let's take a popular character. Spider-Man. Yay bonus points for Noel! <3. Ahem. Before the Peter Parker had been bitten by the radioactive spider, he had already had an identity, well at least somewhat. He went through a path without having parents, I know some uve' us can't imagine that, but I bet you can relate when you felt like no one was there for you. Without Peter having his mum and dad, he felt empty but carved an idea in mind. I wanted to be the smartest person in the world, maybe once I accomplish that, then just maybe i can find out what really happened to my parents. He became well, nerdy Peter Parker which we love, almost.

When he had gotten bitten, and found out he had gotten other worldly powers, I bet you he was feeling like he was going insane for the first moments uve' realizing his newly obtained powers. He felt like he wasn't human, he felt different. He had this idea that he didn't belong with the world. He lost his identity again. Who was Peter Parker now?The world would think that he was just some disgusting freak. I'm sure we had that feeling before when we had that very disgusting pimple on your chin. Oh god. Please pop it after you read this. AWAY from the screen please.

Later throughout his origin story, this one is a bit minor, but still plays a major role overall is that he once he felt like he had the power to get back at the people who had been cruel to him. In this case. Flash Thompson. He had his identity again. A person who could get revenge for those who bad things, like a vendetta. Somewhat cool but after Uncle Ben had passed away, Peter was broken for a while. He lost someone in his life, and that is the most difficult type uve' loss I'd hate for anyone to have happen. When you lose someone, you feel as if a harsh record skip when through your emotions. Tearing apart what was important you. Losing your sense uve' purpose. Losing your place in the world. Again losing who Peter Parker was.

All uve' us has probably know what goes on later, cause I believe you can feel someones emotions when you know their story. However I just want to ask you for something. When you look at someone or character, have it be cartoon, stage play, anime, a book. Ask your self why are they like this. Did they lose something? I know there's something I can do for them. Will knowing what was in their past help me understand them? Were they always like this? Could uve' they been something different if they had the opportunity? Well uve' course.

Unless they are a total douche.

Some final words. If you guys get the chance to watch Coffee Town, please please please please watch it. There was something about watching it, that help me realize something that I could never realize on my own, and for that. I'm thankful for that. Now, I honestly believe no one is entirely bad, they just feel like what their doing is was right for them, or the world. When Authors have the antagonist where their ideal is to make a radical goal just for a better world. You can, or at least I can feel the pain they must uve' felt when they decided that that idea was the most absolute. They lost themselves and became the villain they are in the story,

and, that's just saddening. They could uve' been someone else. Maybe a Hero, if they were truly themselves.
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I really like your way of thinking, Noel. A lot of times, people try to relate to a fictional character. I'm not sure how many of us ever thought about how some of them ended up the way they did. I haven't heard of Coffee Town before, but I'll try to watch it sometime soon. :3 The way you describe things makes me think of how the world isn't all black and white. How there's gray in the middle. Or how there are three sides to a story. Two sides coming from two different people and then the truth. Overall, I thought some of this was amusing, because of obvious reasons. You're so silly, Noel.