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Creation for Cirque

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Davy Jones

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Oct 21, 2006
1 Police Plaza, Major Case Squad Room
So, in my fan fic, Cirque du Mort, there is going to be some super giant coliseum games thing. Your task as upstanding members of this forum is to give the author a hand and create a character who will fight in the games. All credit will be given in the story to the characters I choose to include. Thank you all for your ideas.

-Crashkid77, your friendly neighborhood Davy Jones fanatic.

List of Competitors:
*My Creations
1) Helios
2) Treble
3) Sidrix
4) Tryllya
5) Iod
6) Jors
7) Qell-Hadr
8) Trisn
9) Nestor
10) Laocoon
11) Ajax
12) Dirst
13) Nire
14) Harmony
15) Juggernaut (heartless)
16) Thorn Skater (heartless)
17) Requiem

*Your Creations:
18) Xeo- Tanhony43
19) Bruce- pk para
20) Ajedel- giuocob
21) Lapux- Sir Meta Knight
22) Alpha Beta- R0ad H0g
23) Naetes- Aqua
24) Takeshi Uior- wae416
25) War- Sir Meta Knight
26) The Virus (Heartless)- Pinky Rose
27) Tsunayoshi Hightes - wae416
28) Aiduramer- Aqua
29) Carcaroth, The Warg Knight- Jub Jub376
30) Volnar Balrung- Sir Meta Knight
31) Dartanian Cryoliz- Frozen Fate
32) Victor Xylek Winn- R0ad H0g
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pk para

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Jan 18, 2007
I know I'm somewhere around...

You should have seen me coming crash =P.
Anyways (I'm pretty sure you've read it already):

Name ~ Bruce

Appearance ~ Bruce has golden brown eyes and silver hair. He wears a thick shirt of fine chain mail that is surprisingly light. Diagonally across this shirt and over his shoulder is the strap (about 1.5 inches thick and the same material, leather, as the rest of the item) of a nap-sack that rests on his hips. On his back, over this strap, is his travel pack. On Bruce’s belt rests many pouches and the beginning of the sheaths carrying his blades. Below this is his armored, leather pants. Under these pants and protecting his feet are leathered boots.

Age ~ 17, judging by his looks

History ~ Bruce keeps many secrets, but we know that he came from a planet covered entirely by a great city. This city was filled with guilds, each finding their place in the chaos that was his home. Two things made life bearable among his evil, twisted kin. First was that he was part of the assassin’s guild, silencing those that were making too much noise, and the closest thing that Bruce could ever have considered a friend was the leader of that guild. With that ‘friendship’, he never had to kill the innocent (this friend allowing him to choose targets among the long list). Second was that almost all of the people living on that world were evil, so he didn’t even have to worry about killing innocent in the first place. After the leader to the guild was assassinated, Bruce left the planet, fearing for his life (with his friend died his immunity to the attempts at his life) he left his world, traveling around. For much the rest of his life, he wandered the galaxy doing jobs where it seemed someone of his talents was needed, living happily (for the most part). {insert something about the arena here =P}

Weapon ~ Bruce's blade(s, he dual wields the same blade, which looks something like this, except with a different hilt.) can slowly siphon the life force out of an enemy, healing himself and giving an energy boost in the process, but only if Bruce is able to cut the enemy first. He also carries among him throwing daggers and a myriad of other items to aid him in battle. He is also trained in some minor magics of stealth and battle. He has the ability to manipulate his own energy. Bruce can create new compunds if the elements are there, change one element into another, and reshape those already in place. He can also impart energy on projectiles, create a sheild that reflects all incoming objects but consumes the same amount of energy those objects already posess, among other nifty tricks. At first this power was useful for nothing but amusement, because every single one of the things he did consumed massives amounts of energy. As of late, though, Bruce is able to actualy make use of it because of his incredible stamina.

Personality ~ While in the presence of friends, Bruce is carefree and happy, sharing in the mirth. In a group of strangers, however, he stays detached and withdrawn from the group. While in battle, he hides in the shadows, not making a whisper, stalking his target. Not many can match his speed or strength in battle, and even then he usually enters a battle with surprise on his side (after all, Bruce doesn’t need shadows to go by unnoticed). Whenever fighting skilled groups of more than 3, Bruce’s only hope is to flee back into the shadows in the direction of least resistance, but in groups of weaklings, he survives easily, finishing them by siphoning their strength.

Homeworld ~ in the history

Sorry for it being so long, but you've read it before =P


New member
Feb 21, 2007
Name: Xeo
Appearance: Long white hair. Handsome face. Wears chaser-ish armour. Usually wears a helmet so only a tuft of his hair sticks out.
Age: 22
History: Xeo was once a great warrior who lived in the kingdom of Selaisus. During this time he beared the name Neox. He led an army against a great tyrant amed Lithium. One day he was riding through the battlefield, towards Lithium. His amry perished, but he did not. He quickly used the abilities his grandfather had taught him and glided up at Lithium. An intense sword fight ensued. Neox was near death, but used his final technique. He merged himself with Lithium. They became one. Neox was no more. And Xeo was born. He flew into the sky and was not seen for years. Hundreds of years. Thousands. Millions. But he did not age a day. One day, a meteor fell ffrom the sky. Beings born from true darkness, the ultimate darkness. The darkness he had flown from the sky to grasp. These creatures were the dreaded heartless. They destroyed the kingdom and Xeo set off to destroy all worlds. One day, another million years later, he stood on a cliff, looking at Cirque De Morte.
"All fate is connected." He muttered. Fate has been waiting a long time...
Weapon: A single sword with the word fate imbedded in it.
Personality: Tends to ramble on about fate right before a battle, he is agressive and merciless. And just a bit insane.
Home world: Selaisus.


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Nov 3, 2006
Cincinnati, OH
You can use the guy from The Realm of Shadows, Ajedel.

Name: Ajedel
Appearance: He wears a long, white labcoat and has grey hair. He's very tall, about 6'6".
Age: 35
History- doesn't need to be too long: In the fanfiction, he used to work in partnership with Ansem the Wise (I know it doesn't make sense in the timeframe of your fiction, so you can ignore this part); he has spent all his time since wandering around the universe in his ship, researching the nature of Heartless and collecting other knowledge. He also learned to be a very talented swordsman.
Weapon (if he/she wields one): A long, sharp, silvery rod called the cadmium accelerator. As well as functioning as a sword, this invention of his produces specially modified gamma rays that causes the element cadmium (found in Heartless bodies) to undergo nuclear fission, effectively destroying all Heartless around. However, he can only use this a limited number of times before recharging it.
Personality: Very erratic. He can change from cheery or gloomy to fierce or angry with little or no warning. However, he is very amiable when he is around his friends.
Home world: Hollow Bastion


Mar 27, 2007
I will very soonz. :D

Previous Order XIII Name: Lapux
Previous Order XIII Nickname: The Chancy Chap
Real Name: Paul
Race: Human
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Hair Color: Light brown
Eye Color: Dark brown
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 134 lbs
Born: The average side of Traverse Town. A community where the neighbors all knew each other and stuck up for each other. He went to Ragnarok High before becoming a Nobody.

Appearance: Lapux is donned in a robe similar to that of the Organization XIII members; however, it is one colored in a manner similar to that of Xemnas' Nobody one. This tells people that Lapux is an ascended being of sorts, and in touch with the Omniverse. He carries a very charismatic demeanor, and although he himself is short, his strides are long and tall.

Weapon: A ring on his finger that allows him to summon multiple weapons, depending on how many times he turns the top of it. He does not know how many weapons he can summon, but the ones he currently can summon to his aid consist of:

1. A mace that makes his even more charismatic than he usually is. This mace is a deep black, but not a black that looks evil or cruel; it is the sort of darkness two lovers would cuddle up in on a dark and stormy night. This mace is HUGE, about as wide as Lapux's arms, and it looks similar to the one Sauron uses, but without as many cruel edges. It grants Lapux superhuman strength and the control of the earth. He takes a stance similar to Leaxeus when he uses it, slinging it over his shoulder and crouching downwards.

2. Two swords that can shoot fire out of their tips, and make an identical duplicate of Lapux, but who can only wield these two swords. Lapux's duplicate is under the real Lapux's command; however, it can act on its own and has intelligence similar to that of Lapux. The swords give him control over fire, magma and heat. It has a ruby hilt, surrounded by magical gold, and he sheathes them within two brown, buckskin cases. He takes a stance similar to Roxas' when you fight against him on those stain-glass windows when he wields these weapons.

3. Two whips, which once they hit an opponent they stick to that opponent, and send an electrical charge through the opponent. These whips are dark-greenish, and allow Lapux to control electricity as well as conjure it to his aid. They span a length of ten feet, and are poisonly tipped at the edges. He pulls himself upright and leaves the whip dangling beside him when he uses it.

4. A fan able to create and unleash wind blasts and make him fly. It also gives him complete control of the air and the gases that accompany it, to complete such actions as sucking all the oxygen away from a person and transforming the air particles into particles of various gases. No words mark the steel fan but Greek letters thaat spell out the words "pagos" and "thirios". The fan is decorated with art of a Titan causing an awesome wind to blow over the earth.

5. An odd, alien sort of gun, which fires entangling nets at the opponent that absorb many energy and kinetic attacks. It also can bring up a shield that prevents Lapux from being harmed by physical attacks - but this shield has a sweet spot, which takes the form of a dark green dot that moves rapidly around. Hit this dot and the shield falls, stunning Lapux for a moment.

6. A spear that can fly through water as if it were air, and that allows him to teleport at will. This gives him the ability to control water and ice, allowing him to send massive blasts of water at his foes, turn the ground into a slippery rink of ice and duck behind water clones and ice shields. He can also create water and ice. Lapux uses the spear in his right hand, and croutches down while having the spear in that hand when he uses it.

7. The final weapon, this takes the form of the ring itself. The ring increases Lapux's power ten-fold, and enhances his abilities to the level of some Manifests. He cannot take this form on forever, however - but when he does, his opponent usually falls to his power. Lapux floats a few inches above the ground during this stage, and can teleport rapidly across the battlefield.

Abilities: Lapux wields the following abilities -

LUCK: Lapux has the ability to wield chance and luck to his advantage. This takes the form of Lapux slightly altering the strands of reality to create an effect in his favor, i.e., having the ground under the opponent break if it was mad of rotting wood, or the opponent tripping and falling into a chasm of spikes he himself originally set up. He usually uses his power subtly, but can occasionally cause impossible things to happen with it, such as a portal ripping into the astral plane right behind him just as the enemy attacks, and having that portal rip right behind the enemy who threw that attack at Lapux, etc.

LUMIA: This element is one similar to that of Umbra, except it has a variety of differences. First of all, the element radiates a positive glow - one of life and luck, happiness and joy. The second thing is that it is pure white in color - similar to the whiteness of various marble temples in ancient Greece. Third of all, Lumia will only exist while positive energies in the Omniverse exist - if all positive energies fall, then it will not supply power to Lapux. This element can take the form of a solid, liquid, gas, or an energy beam of intense power. Lapux can shape it into various different forms, including that of weapons, shields and objects. It can take various textures and colors, including that of human skin. Lapux can create identical clones of himself with this, but they will only be able to wield two Lumia energy swords similar to what Xemnas wields.

Personality: The annoying thing about Lapux is that he can almost never be made angry. He laughs everything off, even direct insults at his character. He is kind and gentle, allowing people to have their space if they need it. Although he is short, anyone who ever tries to intimidate him with their size will be met by a twinkle in Lapux's eye and a gentlemanly retort that most likely very clever. One of his weaknesses is that he trusts people far too much, and is a gentleman, keeping his word and allowing even if his opponent. He is very shy sometimes, especially around girls. He is also very curious. His Sicilian heritage gives him fiery emotions over importants issues about right and wrong - he drops his gentlemanly manner here and speaks out, either harshly or with much praise.

Previous Order XII Number: 222

History: Paul was a normal child, with a normal life, nothing that good or that bad, for a long while. About 15 years and 11 months, to be exact. Until one day he found a ring. A beautiful ring. This ring was crafted from the finest gold Lapux could even imagine, with a fiery red ruby on its tip, and Paul was very interested in it. Very interested in that small, strange little ring. He decided to pick it up and try it on; although at first it was far too big for his hand, magically, right in front of his eyes, it shrunk in size to fit his hand. Amazed but also tired, Paul ran off to do his homework and then jog around for track.

The morning after, his whole life changed.

He was suddenly better at everything. Chance was always with him; he ran faster sometimes in track, or other people tripped up more than they used to. In school, his test questions were easier, and sometimes the book's answers were wrong. Suddenly, he was getting wealthier, and everyone wanted to be his friend. He also was a little bit more social than he had used to be before picking up the ring. But only a little bit more social. Was it a twist of fate that gave him this luck? That made him, an average 15-year old with a few friends, average money, average looks and an average athlete, become a friend-magnet, chick-magnet, filthy rich and an extremely good athlete? Or was he just having some good days? Either way, he didn't know.

His old self never would.

As he was walking home from school on that very day, a man threw a rock from the bushes beside him at an inhuman speed, hitting him on the head and making him black out. Two men in black coats walked out of the bushes, grabbed him, and warped away to a strange white castle. They dragged him to a machine that was pumping white steam out of the sides and that looked like a massive boiler. One of them nodded, and they put Paul in a bed inside the machine. This machine then separated Paul's heart from his body, turning him into a Nobody.

When Paul awoke who-knows how long later, he was in a pure-white room, the same room they had just used to operate on his heart. And when he tried to think about it, he couldn't remember his past. He had amnesia. Paul then realized a man was talking to him, adorned in a strange black robe; this man explained that he was Xemnas. Xemnas told Paul that he desperately needed new members of a group called Organization XIII because the rest were getting killed off by a boy named Sora, and he also said that Paul would done the name of Lapux and that he had to pick a nickname and number for himself until more positions in this "Organization" were open, and that if he didn't, the man would kill him. Paul agreed, because Xemnas had just conjured a pair of sizzling hot red light blades and pointed them at his throat, and really, not following the orders of a man who could do that was suicidal. He donned the robe of an Organization member, taking the name Lapux, the nickname, "The Chancy Chap" and the number 222. Xemnas then explained that his ring, when the ruby on the top of it was turned, allowed him to summon weapons that had various effects. It also gave him extreme luck, even if the ruby was never turned in the user's whole life. Xemnas only had time to show Lapux two weapons, because after that the door behind was broken down by another man in a black coat. Xemnas quickly warped Lapux to another place, a world of unending darkness.

Paul was trapped in the neverending darkness world for a month, his sanity only held together by practicing and practicing with the two weapons he was shown. Traveling a Dark Corridor unknowingly on his 16th birthday, he appeared in Twilight Town for a short while, then set off, exploring the Dark Corridors and seeing where they would lead him. He eventually came upon his homeworld, Traverse Town. But it had destroyed in a massive attack by Heartless, and all the residents had fled to the new Hollow Bastion. The area was overrun by Heartless, but Lapux fought through them until he reached his old home. Inside of his house was a note, addressed to him. Curious, Lapux picked it up and read what it had to say.

Dear Lapux,

Some help from an unknown friend: spin your ring more than three times to gain some weapons. Some powers, too. You'll meet me soon enough...because it's destiny that we do so.


Oddly disturbed by this note, and wondering how this being knew his name, he spun his ring seven times. In doing so, he unleashed the power of Lumia within him - and he rose into the air, shaking with all the power of that element inside of him. A blast of light spread across the world, and as Lapux floated downwards, he felt whole again - his heart had been given back to him. His newfound powers growing day by day, he began to travel the Omniverse, in search of the secrets it hid from him.

He has come to this tournament for a challenge, one that could grant him a good fight.

R0ad H0g

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Nov 8, 2006
Cirque du Mort
Name: AlphaBeta
Gender: Male
Appearance: AlphaBeta is 7'1 has blood-red slicked back hair, light blue-white eyes and wears a tux.
Age: 10 years
History: AlphaBeta is an android created specifically for battling in the Cirque du Mort by the Xylek Robotics company.

Main Weapon: Energy Scythe(the blade is made of a electrified alloy)
Secondary Weapons:
Shotguns(two strapped onto his backmaking an "X")
AlphaBeta's hands double as titanium claws
Grenade belt
Two longswords

Personality: Quiet and calm most of the time, but can be insane at times. Has multiple personalities due to bad circuitry.

Home world: The Xylek Satelite which is currently orbiting the Cirque du Mort.
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Mar 27, 2007
lol. I could include Ljosaskipti in here...but he would SMOKE everyone. You'd have to power him down for this immensely...I'll find someone eventually. Must think, however...A HA! I know the perfect person!

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May 10, 2007
Here is my character.

Name: Naetes

Appearance: He looks like an older child. Parts of his skin are extremely pale, while others are extremely dark. His hair is short and grey, and his wears grey, white, and black armor. His eyes are yellow.

Age: 65

History- doesn't need to be too long: Naetes was a child in Twilight Town, and he lost his heart one day during an attack by nobodies. He was divided, his heart becoming a heartless and his soul and body going to form a nobody, but not a human form nobody. His heart was freed from the heartless containing it by Sora’s keyblade, but unfortunately for Naetus, his heart was one of those pulled into Ansem the Wise’s machine. Right before the machine exploded, his nobody was also destroyed in the World That Never Was. The explosion of the machine freed his heart; and since his heart, body, and soul were now free and in close proximity to one another, his somebody was formed again. Yet, it was not complete. His heart was damaged in the machine’s explosion, and his soul and body began to waste away as a non-human Nobody. So, although he had all that was needed to form a whole person, none of those parts were completely whole. As a result, he was left as an incomplete merge of a heartless and a nobody, displaying the characteristics of each. His body did not age as human body should, and because of his unique nature, he can affect the bonds between body, heart, and soul of other beings. His life continues, but without any form of balance or wholeness. He can not figure out exactly what is missing, especially since he has all that should be necessary to be complete; and he will do anything it takes to become normal again.

Weapon (if he/she wields one): No physical connection, but can manipulate the bonds between body, heart, and soul within a person. He can not break these bonds to create Heartless and Nobodies, but he can practically disable a person by making him/her feel as if he/she is about to fall apart.

Personality: Sometimes completely devoid of emotion, sometimes overcome with rage. Switches between those extremes.

Home world: Twilight Town
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