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[Crack Theory] One-Eyed Wally from Amphibia is one of Luxu's vessels



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Aug 25, 2021
DISCLAIMER: I know some of you guys won't take this post seriously but the reason why I made this post is because I just found out that these characters both shared the same voice actor. Only Amphibia and KH fans will only get this joke, so please enjoy the skit.

Luxu writing a letter from the Master

Dear Master

I know it's been a hundred years but don't worry I'm still doing the same role that you gave to me at that time. Still protecting the Black Box, but as for now I'm going to take a break for now against this war from the Darkness. I know you are desperate to destroy the 13 darknesses but Master please give me a break. I'll be having a vacation in this place for a while to clear my head about this role.

I've been body-hopping for centuries, but I never expected to body-hop with this weird one-eyed amphibian, met some strange people in this place and guess what? All of them are frogs! I did meet some nice people around here like that human named "Anne". I hope you forgive me Master, don't worry I'm not slacking and I'm still protecting this Black Box that you gave me. And I have to admit it's not cool when you and the Foretellers are not around here because this place that I visited kinda reminds me of the home that we live in Daybreak Town.


Wally (aka Luxu)

If you guys haven't watched the show Amphibia go watch it first and if you guys don't know Kingdom Hearts just watch the cutscenes and gameplay on YT. However, If you're a fan of both KH and Amphibia then you're welcome here in this post :)

And no this theory is just for funsies, I just found out that both of these characters have one eye and share the same voice actor so don't take this post seriously. I hope you guys enjoy this post and I'll see you guys later :).