Could Young Xehanort have been referring to "this" plot point in KH3?


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May 1, 2017
Hey everyone! So, after watching the new gameplay and cut scenes that were recently for KH3, I am, without question, ecstatic for the games release. However, there was one particular treat we got that I wasn't expecting, and that was the full scene of Young Xehanort and Sora's interaction in the Toy Box world(excellent dialogue by the way). This legitimately caught me off guard, especially since I was already curious about that one scene in particular since it's reveal. To put it simply, I always had a strong hunch as to who this "darkness" YX mentioned could be (assuming he was talking about a person to begin with) and the rest of the scene definitely seems to support my thought process. It's going to sound a little far fetched at first, heck I'm still pretty dubious about the idea, but my gut keeps pointing me to this conclusion, so please bare with me while I share it with you guys.
First let's look at Young Xehanort's dialogue.

1) "I can make it move for you."

2) "I'm so honored you remember me."

3) "One hearts shadows fill the emptiness of another."

4) "See how they bring him to life?"

5) "Like Heartless and Nobodies, they fit together."

6) "There's a darkness we are missing and must reclaim."

7) "The way hearts connect in this world can provide us with a clue."

8) "So we made a copy of the world, and then pulled those hearts apart."

9) "I wonder how you'll handle the strain."

10) "Don't let me down."

Alright, now let's break this down line by line.

1) This first line here isn't quite important, but if we assume that most of Young Xehanort's dialogue is an allusion to something important (given how cryptic he always is), then we can associate this line with reanimation/ bringing something back to life (more on this later).

2) This next line is also rather unimportant much like the first, if not more so, mainly because it's YX responding directly to what Sora says to him prior in the scene(though ironically, this factor is very important for line 9).

3) This line references the darkness from one's heart fill in the emptiness of another. This is important because of how it connects to the next few lines, but it's also important to note that this line by itself begins to narrow the list (of those Young Xehanort could be referring to) down by a shocking amount (more on this later).

4) Much like the first line, this one references the same general concept, but it is slightly more specific. He directly uses the words "bring him to life" in both the dub and sub if I'm not mistaken, so we can pretty strongly assume that he's alluding to a resurrection of some kind.

5) This references two entities that fit together like Heartless and Nobodies. This line narrows down list the even further since there aren't many pairs of characters that fit that description.

6) This line tells us outright that whom ever Young Xehanort is referring to, was once in their (Xehanort's/ the organization's) possession but is currently out of their reach. It also shows that he's actively seeking this person in some way.

7) This line reveals the Young Xehanort hoped to obtain a clue by observing how hearts connect to each other. If we take this as another allusion(hint), this most likely means whatever person he's looking for is connected to someone else's heart, and he most likely intends to use whatever clues he finds in order to follow that link and "reclaim" this person (assuming it's a person).

8) Young Xehanort then reveals that he made a copy of the world, and then pulled the hearts within them apart. If my hunch is correct, then this is extremely clever foreshadowing, especially when looking at the next line.

9) As I said in line 2, it's important to note that Young Xehanort is specifically referring to Sora in this line.

10) Finally, this line reveals Xehanort's expectations for Sora, and he hopes that he'll do something in the future.

Alright, got all that? Now, take EVERYTHING I just said in my breakdown and try to see which character it best applies to as a whole. If you had the same thought process as me, you've probably been able to narrow it down only to AT MOST a few possibilities.
The one I'm referring to, however, is Roxas. Almost ALL of Young Xehanorts dialogue in this scene seems to strongly support this idea. Here, let me show you what I mean.

First Young Xehanort specifically refers to resurrection and the act of re-obtaining/reclaiming someone or something. Roxas, Xion, and Namine are the only possible people he could be referring to since they are all currently lost (no longer physically exist) and were once in the hands of the Organization at on point or another. We can also exclude Vanitas since he was already confirmed to be a seeker... somehow. YX's third line however narrows this list down even further. Recall the ending of Dream Drop Distance where the data version of Ansem the Wise states where all the hearts of those who are connected to Sora lay. At one point he states, "whether they sleep in the darkness of Sora's heart," specifically in reference Roxas and not Xion or Namine. When applying that line of thinking to Young Xehanort's third piece of dialogue in his Toy Box scene, things suddenly begin to make much more sense. Not only that, we can also perfectly apply his (Young Xehanort's) fourth piece of dialogue to this idea since we already know Sora will eventually be going out to resurrect Roxas later in the game, or at the very least tries to. If Young Xehanort is in any way seeking for Sora to bring Roxas back, then that would explain his seventh line, as well as why Xemnas and Ansem were, not only going out of their way to question Sora about this, but actively trying to influence his method of choice (which clearly takes him[Sora] off guard). Furthermore, they mention him(Roxas) and him alone by name in that scene, and the ONLY other people who got that kind of attention from Xehanort were Terra in BBS, Riku in KH1, & Ventus in 0.2 . But what truly seals the deal for me are Young Xehanort's last three lines. If we apply this line of thinking to Young Xehanort's eighth line, then we can see that it is a clear metaphor/foreshadowing for Sora creating new vessels for Roxas & Xion, and how their hearts will eventually be pulled apart from his own. Young Xehanort then specifically asks Sora if he can handle the strain, most likely referring to the repercussions of being separated once again (especially if he does it in the way Xemnas suggest). He then makes his exit with the expectation that Sora will do exactly as he hopes and tells him not to "let me down."

So in summary, I believe Young Xehanort appeared in that scene for the sole purpose of subtly laying seeds of doubt within Sora in an effort to manipulate his actions. These thoughts probably become to much for Sora to handle and, eventually, lead him to actively seek out a way to bring Roxas back despite it not being necessary at this particular time (at least not at first). Eventually, in Twilight Town he is intercepted by a swarm of dusk and shadows (something we see in an earlier trailer). Once they're all defeated, Xemnas and Ansem appear and pressure Sora. Questioning how he intends to bring Roxas back when "he never should have existed in the first place" (notice how he subtly tries to guilt Sora into taking his advice, planting more seeds of doubt and desperation), and then ask him if he's willing to attempt using the same the method he had unintentionally used once before (stabbing himself in the first game). This forces the keyblade wielder in a catch 22, since, even if he does manage to succeed, both will potentially be vulnerable to Xehanort's attacks (though Sora much more so at that point) and there's no guarantee Kairi could even save him from becoming a heartless (or whatever other side effects may a occur) a second time. Sora then noticeably recoils from that toward the end of that shot(when Xemnas points his finger), showing how little he actual thought his decision through. Note that up until now, despite admitting that he wants Roxas to be his own person, Sora never went out of his way to bring him back, most likely because he was aware of the risk and what that would mean, even if he never said it. If Sora is only now starting to attempt this, then he's either extremely guilty or so desperate for help that he simply can't let himself wait any longer (ya know, till after Xehanort's delt with), or he's found some alternate means to achieve his goal (chip & dale, remember?). That's the worst and best case scenario respectively. That about concludes my thoughts on this subject.

What are your thoughts on this idea? Do you think it was way off, or was I spot on? Perhaps you have your own interpretation of the dialogue? I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts!
Edit: Also, this is my 13th post! Woohoo!
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Apr 27, 2018
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Wow, great theory. I actually had thoughts on this dialogue too, but my first thought of whom YX might be trying to bring back was Xion. The reason I thought of this was in the context of the whole "toys" theme. Toys and puppets seem to go kind of hand in hand. And the comment that "one heart's shadows fill the emptiness of another" made me think of how Xion was sort of a hollow shell until she absorbed some of Sora's memories. But I also agree that Roxas is equally as likely to be who YX is talking about, if not moreso. Xion's story arc has kind of ended, and while they could feasibly bring her back, they don't really have to, so I can't say either way.
Feb 10, 2018
This is a very well constructed theory! You've put a lot of thought and effort into this. I think it's definitely a likely possibility. It certainly makes a lot of sense. We'll just have to wait and see, but you might be spot on about this. I look forward to seeing how it does play out in Kingdom Hearts III, and you never know: we might all be surprised when we actually play the game. Still, I can see the theory you have come up with being very accurate.