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Fanfiction ► Could you really?

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Jun 8, 2005
Where are you now?...I can't see your face anymore
Did you ever feel so tiny?
When you saw them,
Those dolls with paint for make up,
And short skirts for dresses

Did you ever feel so sad?
When they pointed and laughed at you?
Like you were a freak show,
Their remarks a dozen broken records,
Heard so many times,
Playing over and over.

Did you ever wish to yourself
They’d heard your silent words?
Screaming for them to leave,
Or if you could leave them,

Do you ever look back,
And wonder to yourself?
What was so wrong with you?
To make them dislike you?
When you liked being you

Do you think you would smile?
When you saw those dolls again?
Their make up dried and cracked,
Their dresses worn and ripped,

Do you think when you turned away?
There’d be a skip in your step?
Now they were in the shoes you once wore?
Alone and alien to the world.

Could you really walk away?
Feeling no regret or pity?
For those dolls in rags?
Now that they were the freak show?

I don't know...

A poem i wrote some time ago ^^' i needed to write it up. Anyway it's about the girls who were in my classes when i went to school, they really picked on me and made me feel so different and i hated them for it (^_^ but my friends Emma and Hazel got me through it)
The whole point with how the poem ended, is because i heard recently from Emma that the ones who picked on me neither got fat or have becomes total cows and aren't coping well with the real world...so....THANK YOU WORLD ^______________^

P.S this poem isn't on the ones who are now good people, i'm happy they've changed for the better ^^
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Dark Kitty

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Apr 19, 2007
Florida! I like to see it as Destiny Islands thoug
Very nice. I like writing poetry, but I seem to have forgotten how the paragraphs are to be written.
I can somewhat relate to this poem, but I got over it almost as soon as it started, and in the end when everyone else ended up like me, I turned around and helped them.

One of them quoted "Hurt you once, shame on me...Hurt you twice.." when I started helping them =P
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