Could Sora have become stronger?



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Mar 25, 2016
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I was playing KH:BBS trying to platinum it on the PS3. After a course of about 3 days or so I did and decided to try and platinum some other games from the KH series. Looking at all the games that I have (KH 1.5/2.5, Re:Coded and 358/2 Days) what would be the next step in my journey. So I decided on KH Re:CoM because I like the game where others don't and for my first playthroughs was close to 100%'ing it.
Question Starts Here
I'm only about Lvl 75 on Sora and he knows some abilities that Aqua and Terra knew in the series.(Ex: Raging Storm From Aqua~ Raging Storm - Kingdom Hearts Wiki, the Kingdom Hearts encyclopedia and a smaller version of Quake From Terra~ Quake - Kingdom Hearts Wiki, the Kingdom Hearts encyclopedia) Point is that they are around 18 year old and worked to become a master for a good part of their lives. Sora is only 14 in Chain of Memories and has only had the key for a short time. Me and my friend started to discuss why Sora could have displayed such styles for being so young and how.
My Theory
I don't quite understand why he would have the ability of using these seemingly high level moves. I understand why he could cast high level moves performed by Ventus but how by Aqua and Terra? The only slight relation he might have is if one day Ventus watched them perform it, but then he only has a memory of how they looked; not even performed them himself. So how could have Sora had any way to the knowledge about such moves unless he made them up HIMSELF.
My Friends Theory
Let's just call my friend Joe. Joe thinks that because he's in Castle Oblivion and under Namine's spell that maybe it messed with his head a little. Allowing him to use abilities from others like Ventus and allow him to master them.

This is where we disagree because the most that could have happened at least I think was Ven only watched the advanced moves but never executed them himself. Therefore never really knowing about them. This also brought around another hole in his theory of shared styles through memories. If Sora did learn by Vens memories does this mean that he could have possibly seen and copied Master Eraqus?
Real Question Is asked
It's no doubt that after Chain of Memories that Sora lost all memories of Castle Oblivion. To restore his rightful memories to normal. If he didn't lose his memories he still would have been the youngest to preform such high level abilities. ​IMAGINE IF HE PERFORMED THE MASTERY TEST WITH THIS KNOWLEDGE AND A YEAR LATER! At that rate of learning(<Me) or expansion on the styles (<Joe) He would basicly godlike.

I've been bouncing ideas around with other people too but most are missing the story line of KH: CoM and BBS to really know what I mean. So it was really just me and Joe that could talk about it so I decided to throw this out there. Hoping others can make ideas based on these thoughts or make new theories all together.


Jan 5, 2017
Given the way the memory system in the castle, he would have lossed the skills he had at the end of kh1 and regained them by the last level of the castle. So he should be at the same level of strength he was in the first game.